The Beginning of the End, Maybe… Damn Blackjack! (WV) “DAY 16” – 7/20/10

July 21, 2010 - 1:08 am - (Wheeling, WV) “Day 16”

This will be the hardest post I have had to write yet.  Why you ask?  Because I finally lost money in the casino today.  AND for the most part, I lost most of it playing BLACKJACK!!!  I’m so angry and frustrated right now, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Let me tell you about my day before I lost my mind and played Blackjack.


I woke up in Pittsburgh at Jen’s house around 9am.  After writing “Day 15’s” post, I went into Jen’s bathroom to check my weight.  The scale was an old school model so I couldn’t tell exactly... but it looked like I was 203 lbs.  Nice! I lost another 3 lbs.

Leaving Pitsburgh

I'm in heaven!

Then, Jen and I went to the mall to grab lunch.  What I didn’t know was not only were we getting lunch but Jen was gonna do some shopping too.  Now, for all those who don’t me know to well, I hate shopping!  I don’t even shop for myself.  Yeah, I buy food and stuff but when it comes to cloths, jewelry, shoes, cars, etc... I have no interest.  Even if I was millionaire, I still wouldn’t shop.  It’s just not my thing.

Jen on the other hand was in all her glory.  She was getting make-up, (trying every thing), looking at shoes, and whatever store she could get me to walk into.  We finally made it across the mall and decided to have lunch at Houlihan’s.

Jen and Me "Rooster"

We had a nice lunch with good conversation.  When the check came... Jen even paid, thanks Sweetie! 🙂 I tried walking out of the mall with her but I had to leave and she just couldn’t pass up shopping.  Hey, she was in her element, I get it :).

After I left Jen, I was going to stop in Wheeling ,WV (which is on the way to Columbus, Ohio) to see another old college (WVU) friend ,Bub.  Bub is a wild dude but a real solid friend.  I haven’t seen Bub in years... I’m sure he’s the same old guy.


I arrived in Wheeling around 3:30pm.  Bub gave me an address to meet him at and he showed up right on time, nice!   After we exchanged hello’s, we went to a bar right down the street that a friend of his owned.

It wasn’t even open yet but we showed up with the bartender and unlocked the place.  The bar was brand new and nice.  The crazy thing was... it was in the middle of the woods.   The road we took to get there was out of “Deliverance”.  If I wasn’t with such a good friend, I would have turned my car around before I even seen the bar. 🙂

The Bar

Bub and had a few drinks while we reminissed about the old days.  He is still Bub alright!  It was about 6pm and he offered to let me stay at his place for the night.  Thge problem was... he didn’t know where that was.  Bub and his girl were fighting and he said he wasn’t going home. Option B,  his parents live down the street and maybe we could stay there.  Both options sounded shadey.

Bub and Me "Rooster"

I didn’t want to be in the middle of fight at his place and how do I walk into his parents house (who I don’t know), at god know what time with a trashed Bub.  He was already bombed at 5pm... you do the math. 😉

So I told Bub, I was going to the Casino right down the street (Wheeling Island).  Then, we discussed that I would call him around 9 pm to see where he was at and check on my possible sleeping situation.  He said, that was fine and he’d be waiting for my call/text.


I arrived at Wheeling Island Casino and walked right to the poker room.  It was a nice room but it was dead.  There was only 3 tables going.  A big difference from the other poker rooms I have just played in.

I got a seat immediately in 1-2 NL game (Texas Hold’em) and bought in for $200.  My first hand, I limped in with 8, 9 off suit and folded after the flop.  I lost $2.  A few hands later, I lost a big pot with trip A’s (three of them).  The guy who beat me had a full house, 6’s full of A’s (6,6,6,A,A).  I lost $130.

Then, I made a comeback and I when I got off the table at 7pm I was only down $20. I stopped playing because I entered my first poker tournament of the trip!  The problem was... there always is... only 17 people entered in it.  A small turn out. 🙁

If I knew that, I would have stayed in the cash game.  The tourny cost $70 and first place paid $450.  I played solid poker but you only started with 3,000 in tournament chips so it can be a quick exit if you take a bad beat (a hand you lose with when the odd are greatly in your favor to win).

I didn’t take a bad beat per se, but a guy slow played a pocket pair of A’s (A, A) and took most of my chips.  The blinds came around and my tournament was over.  I placed 11th.

I’m now down $105 bucks for the night (I got a $15 massage while I played).  It was around 9 pm so I decided to take a break and call Bub.  I got no answer.... I tried again, no answer, I finally received a text message from him.

Here’s what it said “Cops on way to my place nebr cald”.  Exactly!  I don’t know what that means either except for the police were involved somehow.  I waited for another message but never got one.  I hope Bub is OK, I still don’t know what happened.

Now I had to make a decision, go to Columbus, Ohio right now or get a cheap room down the street in Wheeling and keep playing?  You know this answer.  I got a room and kept playing.

I found a Motel 5 miles down the street from the Casino for $52 a night.  I took it.  I settled into my room and then went back to the casino around 10pm.

I b-lined for the poker room and again played in a 1-2 NL game.  This time I bought in for $153.  I played for 2 hours and didn’t see much action.  I lost one big hand where I chased a nut flush (I had A , 4 of diamonds), I obviously didn’t catch and lost about $80 in that hand.

Blackjack - Oh No!

I left the table with a few chips but instead of going to the cashier’s window... I went to the blackjack tables!  Dun...Dun...Dun...I had about $40 in chips on me and another $200 in my wallet.  Basically it’s everything I am currently up on my trip so far.

I played with $40 but had to double down on a hand and broke into one of the $100 bills I had.  Long story short... I left the casino in 20 minutes with nothing but lint in my wallet.  The only silver lining (if any) is that I didn’t go to the ATM and lose it all, cause I would have. 🙁

What I’m Thinking

Right now I’m sitting in my motel room and can’t wait to leave in the morning.  All I wanna do is forget about this whole night.  The most important thing for me right now, is to get my mind right!  I have to put my stupid degenerate mistake behind me, learn from it, and move on with a positive attitude.

What I just wrote looks good on paper but I’m still red hot and can only hope I follow my own advice!

I will definitely be in Ohio tomorrow, it’s like I’m starting from the beginning again.  I have $2,007 in the bank and 50 states to go!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. JDoran says:

    Not to say I told you so, but if there was one piece of advice I gave you at Harrington, it was, “Stay away from the blackjack tables!” I watched you play, it ain’t your game! Stay strong….

  2. NICK JAMES says:

    blackjack is the devils business!! back to scratch isnt so bad dude…keep it up

  3. Gene Montemore says:

    Classic text! A trip highlight, LMFAO!!!!

  4. Winona says:

    You are bound to have a losing day baby. You’ll do fine 🙂 Better than fine in the end. Keeping doing what your doing and maybe take Jake’s advice 🙂 love you

  5. dave says:

    Thanks Nick. Poker is my game… Blackjack is the devil! That must be my mantra!


  6. dave says:

    I know… I know.. Thanks for the reminder Snake!

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