Damn Wi-Fi, Poker, & The Wild Horse Saloon! (KS) “DAY 178” – 12/29/10 – Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010 - 1:00 pm - (KS) “DAY 178” - Week 26 - State 24

I woke up this morning at 8 am and knew I had to get some writing/posting done. (I’m already a few days behind.) 🙁   So, I grabbed my laptop and wrote in my room for 3 hours straight but I couldn’t post it because there isn’t Wi-Fi available in the room.

Finding Wi-Fi
Supposedly, there is free Wi-Fi on the 2nd floor in some common area but for some reason... Mac’s have had problems connecting in the hotel.  I found this out after an hour of head-aches! (I went to the front desk and found a Tech guy for the Hotel.) Ahhh!  During this time, I met Jamie (left), she was super cool and tried to help but it was to no avail.  Thanks anyway! 🙂

Now, here’s my other problem, there is nothing with-in 15 miles of the place so now I have a 20 minute drive just to get to somewhere where there is Wi-Fi and obviously... a minute drive back.  I know McDonald’s has free Wi-Fi so headed to nearest one (15.8 miles away).

I arrived at McDonald’s around 1 pm and didn’t leave until 5 pm!  Ahhh!  This was because the internet connection was slow and it took me anywhere from 1-5 minutes to upload each picture I put up in my Sunday post (Bronco game, Nugget game).  Ahhhh!  This sucks so bad! 🙁

F.Y.I. - My original plan was for the day was to write and be done by noon.  Then, I was gonna drive to Lawrence, KS to see a KU Jawhawk’s basketball game. (Which should have happened if the internet worked properly.)

Back To The Casino
Anyway, by the time I got back to Prairie Band it was 6 pm.  What a long day already. And... I’m in a bad mood from all the extra work/time I had to put in just to get my post up.  Really frustrating!

Poker Room
Last night there wasn’t any poker going on although they have a poker room and tonight well... was totally different.  The room was not only full, but there was a long list.  What’s going on here? 😉  So, I put my name on the list and waited for a seat.

About a half hour later, I was finally sat in 2-5 NL game with a capped buy-in of just $200.  Huh?  That’s weird for a 2-5 game.  I bought in for $140 and sat down really to play or so I thought I did.

I say that because I only played for about 30 minutes before I went bust and I didn’t buy back in.  (I lost with trip Queen’s to a 9’s full of Queens.)  I was now even more frustrated at myself because I shouldn’t have even playing poker in a bad mood, I never win that way.

2 For 1 Buffet
I had really eaten all day except for a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, so I went over to the buffet to eat like an animal! 😉  But, when I got there, it was 2 for 1 and I was by myself.  Damn!

I had met a guy in the poker, so I asked him if he wanted to eat and he said yes, but he never showed up to meet me.  I guess the poker the itch was much for him to leave the table.  I get it, I’ve been there.

So there I was, standing in front of the buffet entrance looking for any group of 3 or a single person to walk up.  Then, 3 guys walked up to line.  I asked them if they were all eating and they said yes.  I told them about the 2 for 1 and worked it out where the extra dude and me would split the meal.  Nice!

Eating The Buffet
Since I paid with the guys I just met (Ryan, Alex, Brian), I sat with them too. (They didn’t mind, they were the ones who suggested it.)  Really cool!  While we were eating, I was telling them about my journey and whatnot.  I wasn’t really enthusiastic  because I was still in a bad mood from a bad day. 🙁

None-the-less, the guys were interested and asked me a bunch of questions about the trip.  Again, I told them a few stories but not with a lot of passion, so I gave them each a card and told them to look me up so they could get a better idea of the madness! (Right: our waitress, Happy New year!)

Back To My Room
I got back to my room around 9 pm and started writing again (I gotta catch up).  I was almost done with a post when I noticed my phone was ringing on the table (it was on vibrate).  (Right: Ryan and Jake -I think)

I answered the phone and it was Ryan, one of the guy’s I just met at the buffet.  He said, they were going to a cool bar in Topeka (20 miles away) and that I should join them for the night.  I told him it sounded good but I didn’t want to drive back 20 miles after being at bar all night.

Ryan responded, don’t worry about it Rooster, I’ll pay for your cab ride home.  You drive down with us and I’ll get you home (back to the casino).  Well, with an offer like that, how could I say no.?  So I headed down to the lobby to met up with the guys.

Driving To Topeka With My New Friends
When I got downstairs, they were waiting for me by their truck (Ryan’s), so I hopped in and got ready for a night out on the town in Topeka.  The drive wasn’t that long and we got to the bar in about 30 minutes.

Wild Horse Saloon
Now, I wasn’t sure what kind of place we were going to but they did tell me it was $1 drink night (well, wine and draft), so how bad could it be.? 😉   We got to the door and Ryan paid for my cover charge.  So f&$king cool! 🙂  People everywhere are awesome! 🙂

The bar inside was real big and I soon found out I was in a huge country bar where they do all the line dancing and whatnot.  The weird thing was... it was a country bar but in-between country line dances they played hip-hop songs.  Really wild combo!  LOL

Anyway, it didn’t matter to me because everybody I met was cool and the guys that brought me out introduced to me everybody they knew in the bar, so I had a lot to do.

Meeting A Hot Kansas Blonde
I was there about an hour when I spotted a hot blonde (Tara) sitting by herself at the bar.  So...I went over to talk to her.  She had a great personality and for a brief bar meeting... I think it went pretty well.  (She gave me her number.) 🙂

The Rest Of The Night
For the whole night I had great time but with it being a dark bar, I didn’t get that many great pictures.  But to sum up the evening in a few sentences, I had a couple of drinks, hung out with a bunch of cool people, and watched everybody there line dance in a circle.

We stayed until the bar closed (2 am) and then when I thought I would have to take a cab back to the casino, Ryan told me not to worry about and drove me back there himself.  Well, Alex drove Ryan’s truck (Alex didn’t drink). 😉

Prairie Band Casino
We arrived at the casino sometime near 3 am and when we got there, Ryan decided he wanted to go in and gamble a little more.  So, I hung out with him while he played blackjack.  This lasted for about 30 minutes until he went bust.  Blackjack sucks! 🙁

Anyway, I said good-bye to the guys and headed back up to my room for the night.  I had another great day especially after most of my day was a disaster!  For that... I have Ryan to thank!  If he didn’t call and invite me out, I would have had my worst day in a long while!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Ryan, Alex & Brian, you guys rock!!!!!!!

  2. Mark McCain says:

    Jersey what no love for partying it up with country boys!!! What your doing is bad ass!
    Good luck man!!!!!!
    I’m the drunk passed out next to you on the couch at smiths

  3. dave says:

    Thanks Mark! I finally put up the posts with you guys in it. Happy New Year bro!

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