Deciding Where To Go? (Kansas City, MO – ???) “DAY 188” – 1/8/11

January 10, 2010 - 11:45 am - (MO-???) “DAY 188” - Week 27 - State 26

When I woke up this morning at 11 am, I knew had to figure some stuff out.  For starters, I had to be out of my room now and on top of that... I didn’t know where I was going (which state or city) and even if I figure that out... I still don’t know where I’m staying.  Ahhh, back to the grind! 😉

Since I had to be out of my room right now, I called the front desk and got a late check-out (12:30 pm), nice!  I wish I had more time but at least I have an hour and half to figure some stuff out, shower, pack my things, and check out of my room.

Finding A Place To Stay

Now, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go yet.  Do I... 1.) Stay in KC and find a room somewhere (will cost $$$). 2.) Travel to Oklahoma where I know nobody and rooms are over $100 a night for Saturday.  Or, 3.) Get in touch with my old college friend (WVU) Spaulding who lives in Arkansas and stay with him for the week.

Obviously, the Spaulding option is my best one, but he doesn’t expect me for another week. (We have talked about me coming to stay with him but I told him I’b be there on 1/16 or so.)  So, I can only hope he’s around, answers his phone, and then is cool with me coming to his place a week early.

Talking To Spalding
Luckily for me, Spaulding answered his phone and was not only OK with me coming down today... but he was happy about it! 🙂  I know that because he told me. 😉  Seriously though, this week worked out better for him schedule wise, so it was a win-win!

F.Y.I. - Spaulding’s real name is Kevin Kurucz, he was nicknamed Spaulding in college by our friend Wulf and it has stuck ever since.  Something to do with Spaulding from “Caddyshack” (the judge’s grandson) drinking floaters at that country club party. 😉

Leaving Harrah’s (checking out)
I’m pretty sure I mentioned this yesterday during my financial update for the week but when I checked out today, I had to pay for my room for the past 5 days plus internet each day. (My room about $35 a day and internet access was $11 per.)

At the front desk was Cleet and another lady.  I met Cleet when I checked in, I met her again when I switched rooms on Tuesday, and again on Thursday, so by now... me and Cleet are friends. 🙂

Anyway, before I left, I asked her and the lady working next to her to get ready for a picture and get closer together.  I only tell you all this because the picture is funny.  I took it early (by accident) and look at their expressions as they are deciding whether or not to get closer.  LOL 🙂

Traveling From Kansas City, MO - Fayetteville, AR

The ride from KC to Fayetteville isn’t that far (at least for me) as it’s just under a 4 hour drive directly south.  No bad. 🙂  Anyway, this part of the country is very flat (which I like) but the flip side is... it also makes for a very boring drive.

Still, it doesn’t bother me at all because it’s a part of the country I have never seen before and now... I know that the drive form Missouri to Arkansas is a flat, boring, no scenery type of journey.

About 3 hours into my ride, I crossed state lines and was now in my 26th state!  That is something, I’m not only more than half way done but I’m on the downslide.  Woo Hoo!

Arriving At Spaulding’s (Kevin’s)

I pulled up to Spaulding’s place around 4 pm (half-time of the Saints vs. Seahawks play-off game) and when I got to the downstairs area (lives on the 3rd floor of a condo type building), he and his friend Doug were waiting for me in the hallway with a Captain and Coke.  Oh no, it’s already on! 😉

Meeting Doug & Catching Up With Kevin
As you could imagine, the sight of a friendly face on this trip (that I already know) is always such a relieving feeling.  It takes so much pressure off! 🙂  I already told you a little bit about Spaulding but here’s a little more info.

Currently, Spaulding is engaged to a a real cool girl (Dayna) and she has a 4 year old daughter.   Also, as I was soon to find out... he has done real well for himself since we left WVU.  He has a real good job at AT&T and that’s why he’s in Fayetteville.

Anyway, about Doug.  Doug is born and raised in Arkansas and he’s a country boy through and through.  Now, people may have there pre-conceived notions about this part of the country but I always go into meeting anybody with an open mind.

I tell you all this because Doug asked me not to immediately think that all Arkansans are dumb sister banging rednecks and for real... I never would.  If that was my attitude on this trip, I wouldn’t have even left NJ.  Not to mention, all the cool people I would have missed out on meeting.

Spaulding’s Place
Moving on, after getting all my things from the car, the three of us headed up to Spaulding’s place where their girls (Dayna, Nancey) were waiting at the dining room table to meet me. (Doug is married to Nancey, Spaulding is engaged to Dayna, they are in the picture to the left but it's cut of in the thumbnail size.) 😉

The four of them must have been having a little get together because they had a real nice meat spread on the table with crackers and obviously... they were all drinking.  I know because I was handed a drink while I was still carrying my bags in. 😉

Doug Gives Me A Present
After some brief conversations about what I’m doing (telling a few stories etc...), Doug pulled me aside and gave me a present.  Are you kidding me!?  People are just so awesome!

Now, the present that Doug gave me became more special to me as the night went on because I began to understand the significance of it.  Are you wondering what it was yet??? OK, he gave me a real nice (and sharp) pocket knife.

When he first gave it to me, I was just amazed that somebody I didn’t know would be so kind as to just hand me something out of there pocket as a welcoming gift.  Now, I’m not the outdoor’s man type, but even I could tell this was a nice knife. 🙂

But the significance of it was even cooler.  Ya see, as I soon found out through stories Doug told, everybody in Arkansas carries a pocket knife.  So, since I had just gotten to this state, he wanted me to feel welcome and gave me something that every man walking around Arkansas has in his pocket.  F&$king awesome! 🙂

Heading To The Bars
The plan was to head to a sports bar for the rest of the early NFL game (Seahawks won, unreal!) and then after that, we’re going to the Electric Cowboy (a local nightclub/cowboy bar).

The first bar we got to was a nice sports bar and after settling in, we ordered a few drinks and dinner.  Almost all of the food was real good except for the wings I ordered!  Ahh!  I ordered 10 hot & spicy wings and they came out dry (in a rub) rather then wet (with sauce). 🙁

It wasn’t that big of a deal because we were all sharing the food we ordered, so I still got to eat a little but it sucked that I ordered the only thing that was bad.  After we finished eating, the 1st game was over, so we paid the tab and headed out to the Electric Cowboy.

F.Y.I. - Spaulding and Doug paid everything all night and wouldn’t let me reach into my pocket for anything.  I tried to pay for a round and they immediately stopped me and said, “Rooster, we got you the whole night, don’t worry about it.”  Unreal!  People are so kind!  (Spaulding pulled me aside later and told me not worry for the whole week.)  Thank you!

Electric Cowboy
We arrived at the Electric Cowboy (by cab) around 8 pm. (We were there early as this place doesn’t get busy until 10 pm or later.)  SInce the place was empty, we got a real good table with a great view of the Jets/Colts game (Jets won).  Sweet!

Now, I haven’t been in this bar before but I was just in a bar just like this when I was in Kansas called the Wildhorse Saloon.  Really, it was the same bar on the inside except this bar had Arkansas written on the wall and a Razorback table in the corner.

To set the scene, when we got there, we were all pretty tuned up, so as the night went on... we all got really trashed (except for Nancey).  It was funny because as I looked through the pictures of our night, they got progressively worse. 😉

For instance, when I met everybody at Spalding’s... we could all talk in full sentences,  we had enough motor functions to keep our eyes open, and when we had to use the bathroom... we did it in doors.

As the night went on, speaking became a problem, keeping “One Eye” open was doable, and well... the bathroom was wherever you had to take a piss! 😉

Other than all that, I met a few more really cool people while I was there.  One, was a girl named Tasha who was 22 with 2 kids already.  She was really cool but she was out with her friends so we just did a shot or two together.  The other cool people I talked with were Doug’s friends Thad and Anita.  Nice meeting you all! 🙂

Back To Spaulding’s
Even though it was relatively early for a Saturday night (before midnight), the 5 of us had already done a weekend’s worth of partying so we got back into a cab and went back to Kevin’s to finish off the night.

At this point in the night, the 4 of us (Nancey excluded) were a bunch of drunk monkey’s trying to carry on conversations.  It was actually really funny. 🙂  At one point, Doug read us a real cool (comical) poem he wrote spoofing the night before X-Mas and after that, well... the night kinda goes blank. 😉

My Room For The Week
This is actually really funny but sweet at the same time.  The room I’m staying in for the my time here is Dayna’s daughter’s room.  The funny thing is... it’s a pink room with butterflies everywhere and well... I’m a grown man from NJ.  The picture explains it all! 😉

Like I said, I was pretty drunk and I was tired from all the traveling I did today, so I called it night, as did everybody else sometime around 2 am and passed out cold in my butterfly paradise!  You da man Spaulding!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Now I know why I didn’t hear from you since you arrived in Arkansas. Sounds like a great party.
    Bill & Hill are from Arkansas. Who could think people from Arkansas are hicks? Not Monica Lewinski !!!!
    Talk to you tomorrow.

  2. Hey Rooster, WHEN you watch the Seahawks beat the Bears this Sunday, I want a shout-out, haha!

    Even though I don’t comment much, just want you to know I follow your travels on a daily basis. I gotta get ya to a Devils game when you’re back in Jersey (next season).

  3. Casey says:

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

  4. Aunt Donna says:

    Farmer Dave! Has a nice ring to it!! There’s nothing like being close to nature! I’m proud of you! Keep on truckin… Your trip is amazing!

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