Defensive Driving School, A Media Event, & Poker At The Hard Rock! (NM) “DAY 165” – 12/16/10

December 20, 2010 - 7:35 am - (NM) “DAYS 165” - Week 24 - State 22

Well... if you are a regular reader then you will have a lot to read today because I am planning to post the last 4 days consecutively.  This post will begin on Thursday (12/16) in New Mexico and the last will end with me in Denver, CO on Sunday night (12/19).  (Right: Pic is from Denver.)

I did so much during these last few days and I will try to be thorough but at the same time... I don’t want you guys (the readers) to have sift through a book just because I’m a little behind. 😉  Here it goes, I hope you enjoy it!  (All four will be written as usual because the picture post idea didn't pan out.)

Thursday - 12/16 - (NM) - “DAY 165”
This morning was the beginning of me getting behind because instead of getting up and writing my daily post (which I have done for 164 days), I had to get up and finish my defensive driving course which had to be completed before 12/21.  Ahhh! 🙁

F.Y.I. - By taking this course, I will not receive the ticket I got in AZ for an unsafe lane change for it will be dismissed completely.  The catch, you have to complete the course one week prior to your court date (12/28).  That’s why I had to get it done today. Got it.?

Anyway, after staring at my computer for 2 hours more this morning (I did 2 hours last night too), I still had to take the final exam.  The problem... you have to take the test at a UPS store so they know it’s you taking it.  Ahhh!  Off to a UPS store then. 🙁

Also, I am not staying in this Motel 6 anymore.  I have a comped room at Hard Rock Casino for today so I have to pack up all my stuff when I leave for the exam.  Not a problem, actually it’s a good thing but again... it’s something that aided in putting me behind in my writing.

UPS Store & It’s Snowing In Albuquerque
I arrived at the UPS around 1 pm and to my surprise... it was snowing in New Mexico!  Yeah, real snow!  I didn’t know it snowed here but I guess that’s why I partially took this trip... to learn first hand about our country.  Nice! 🙂

Anyway, I walked in and after talking with the lady at the UPS counter, I was finally set up at computer to take the test.  The test was so easy, a drunk Monkey could have passed it as I finished 50 question test in about 5 minutes (49 correct).

Obviously... I passed it.  Then, I got my confirmation letter and headed off to the Hard Rock Casino to check into my new room for the night.  (Tomorrow (Friday), I don’t where I’m staying yet.)

The Hard Rock Casino In Albuquerque, NM
I got to the Hard Rock around 2 pm and after parking the car, carrying my bags, and checking into my room, it was almost 3 pm.  I was still so busy because at 5 pm I had a media event for NM Bowl 30 miles north at Santa Ana Casino.

F.Y.I. - This Hard Rock is just as nice as the others I have been to in country (Vegas, Miami - when I lived in Florida).  It has all the memorabilia, guitars, and usually flare this casino offers in all it’s locations.  Also, my room is real nice so going back to a Motel 6 will be tough! 😉

Meeting Up With Penny & Blackjack (Oh no!)
It was 3:30 pm when I was finally settled into my new room, so I called Penny to thank her for setting it up for me.  (Penny works for the Hard Rock in some capacity.)  After a quick phone conversation, she asked I wanted to meet her in casino so she could show me around. (left: Penny and Bob)

That sounded good to me, so I went downstairs to the casino to wait for her.  The problem... she must have been busy because an hour later, she still wasn’t around.  I didn’t mind but... while I was waiting... I lost $100 at a blackjack table!  Ahhh!

I was frustrated at myself for losing my discipline so I left the casino and called Penny to tell her it was OK for not showing.  Really, I didn’t mind but I couldn’t wait any longer for I had to be at a NM Bowl event in 40 minutes (30 miles away).

Meeting Up Penny Before I Left Anyway
As soon I finished leaving my message for her, she called me back and asked if I could meet her downstairs again (she was there waiting for me this time).  I said OK and headed there to chat with her for a few minutes before I left.

We walked and talked while she showed me around the hotel and casino.  During this time, I saw a ton of memorabilia, the Hard Rock store, and then she even gave me a comp for dinner (a nice restaurant they had on the property).  Sweet!  Thank you so much Penny!

I would’ve liked to have stayed and talked with Penny longer for she has an amazing personality but I had to leave for the Santa Anna casino.  Seriously, Penny is so positive... I think energy flows from her finger tips! 🙂

New Mexico Bowl Media Event (Santa Anna Casino)
Every night leading up to the NM Bowl, there is an event for the media and teams involved in the game.  Tonight’s event was a dinner at Santa Anna Casino in their ballroom.

F.Y.I. - Inside the ballroom were both teams, coaches, media, buffet style dining, and on stage there was a Family Feud style set-up they called “Survey Says”.

Family Feud (Survey Says)
Anyway, after eating dinner there was Family Feud (Survey Says) battle between the two teams on stage (BYU vs. UTEP).  This was a lot a fun to watch as everybody involved was going crazy screaming out answers.

When I say everybody, I mean everybody because even though there was just 5 guys on stage from each team, both teams and coaching staff’s were all yelling answers to the players on stage.  It was a entertaining and everybody seemed to have fun. 🙂

After the mock Family Feud game ended, everybody in the room headed to a bowling alley they had inside the casino.  Unfortunately for me, only the players were allowed to bowl (I love bowling so that sucked), but I understood as there are 200 players and only so many lanes. 😉

Since nobody but the players were allowed to bowl, I only stayed around for a little bit and then headed back to Hard Rock Casino for the rest of the night. (30 miles away).

Hard Rock Casino (Dinner at Tiwa)
I got back to the Hard Rock at 9 pm and immediately went to Tiwa so I could eat dinner (it was comped).  Even though I was just at a media dinner and ate, it was almost 3 hours between meals, so I was hungry again. 🙂

Tiwa is a real nice restaurant but it was closing at 10pm so since I was by myself, I sat at the bar and ordered my dinner.  Seated next to me was real cool guy named Quinton.  We talked the whole time I was there about gambling, sports, etc...

Anyway, it was 10 pm and they were closing so I said good bye to Quinton and headed back to my room to relax or write. F.Y.I. - My dinner was excellent as it might have been the best meal I have had all trip.  Really, it was that good! 🙂

I went to my room for 5 minutes and then decided to go play poker.  (Again, I was gonna do some writing but I want to have fun and I only have the room for the night, so my post will have to wait again.)

I got to the poker room around 10:30 pm and played until 2:30 am when the game kinda broke (only 5 players were left).  I could get into a lot of poker details but instead I’ll be brief.

The poker room was real nice but smaller (10 tables).  They only had one game running which was 2-6 spread limit.  I bought in for $100 and 3 hours later... I was $128 so I left for my room. 🙂  (Since I lost $100 on blackjack earlier, I was happy to win $128 and be up $28 for the day.)

Back To My Room
After that, all I did was to go back to my room and crash out for the night.  I was so exhausted from the running around I did all day long!   Plus, tomorrow morning I have a  to be at the NM Bowl Press Conference at 10 am right here in the Hard Rock.

It’s a relief that’s it here and I don’t have to drive anywhere but still... it starts at 10 am and even if I get just 6 hours of sleep... that still won’t leave me anytime to write in the morning!  Ahhh!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Is that strawbery cheese cake Quintons desert?
    It looks good.

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