Did I Accomplish The Impossible? Super Bowl XLV! (TX) “DAY 217” – 2/6/11

February 8, 2011 - 5:00 pm - (TX) “DAY 217” - Week 31 - State 28

OK, here we go... the day many people have been waiting to read.  Did I get into the Super Bowl today (Sunday)???

Let me tell you, I have received more text messages the past few days from friends asking me if I got into the game... and... when I got in a car accident in Phoenix... none. LOL 🙂  Anyway, I’ll just start from the beginning and work from there.

The Morning

Luckily I had a key to Spaulding’s (and Wendy’s) room last night because my Shady Grady key didn’t work.  The point I’m making is, I went to bed at 3-4 am drunk as a monkey and woke up at 9:30 am ready to do it again.  Let’s go Steelers!

After quickly getting my act together, Spaulding, Wendy, and I went downstairs to meet up with Nancy, Doug, and Bloug (Shady Grady). LOL 🙂  F.Y.I. - Doug and Grady really were very similar except in age and color, both great people as well!

Heading To The Tailgating Area
Anyway, all we did was load up the truck and head off to Arlington to a tailgating area that they (everybody except Bloug and I) purchased before they even got here. (It cost them $200 for parking, burgers/dogs, and shuttle service to and from the game.)

Also, there was a small-ish (not huge) TV set up outside under a canape to watch the game if you didn’t want to or better put... didn’t have a ticket to the Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Setting Up Our Tailgate Area
After getting wristbands from the parking attendant, we headed into the parking lot where we would be tailgating all day long.  First off, Doug and Spaulding BBQ’d (smoked) over 40 lbs of food for the game that they brought with them.

Second, Nancy and Doug played no games as they brought everything they had at their party (Pitt. vs Balt.) to the tailgate as well.  What I mean is, Steeler tables, blankets, peanuts, everything that was at their house party, and they even had a Steeler Mr. Potato Head too!

By the time we were all set up, it was close to noon.  OK, time to start partying.  Our parking lot had a mix of fans but in our corner of the lot, it was mostly Steeler fans.  There were so many Steeler fans that I had to take a picture with a bunch as soon as we were done.  Nice!

Partying It Up

The energy of the Super Bowl was very much alive in our parking lot (less then a 1/2 mile from the stadium) as everybody was going nuts and having a good time.  The crazy thing is.. it was still 5 and 1/2 hours until kick-off. 🙂

To be honest, it’s hard to remember what went on in the parking lot because I was meeting so many people so quickly (as was everybody, that’s what made it so awesome), that it’s hard to recall what the order off things was that happened during the day.

None-the-less, I’ll do my best to try and describe it as accurately as possible.  For starters, I gathered a bunch of people again and took another group photo (I did this a few times) but this was of all the backs of our Steeler jersey’s.  Awesome photo!

After getting in my initial tailgating session, I decided it was time to make a run at getting into the stadium or finding a ticket somehow.  Like I said, the stadium is just 1/2 mile away and we have a shuttle that is running to and from the stadium every 15 all day long.

The Shuttle Bus
It was 1 pm when I got on the bus headed for Texas Stadium.  The only thing I had to remember was that the bus dropped us off and picked us up at Collins and Peach.  I remember that because the driver had us say it aloud before we got off.  Nice technique. 🙂

My First Super Bowl
As soon as my foot hit the pavement when I left the bus, I could feel the energy in the air.  Wow!  This is an amazing sight!

There are people everywhere dressed in either Packer or Steeler colors.  Well, except for the stubborn Cowboy fans who live here and wore their colors.  Damn Cowgirls!

Anyway, as I was walking across the street to where the stadium was (50 yards away), I took my first ever picture of a Super Bowl Stadium right before the game was to be played!  This really is so cool for a big sports fan like me, forget about the fact that... I”M A STEELER FAN BABY!

What I’m Up Against
After walking around the outside of the stadium and talking to a few scalpers, I soon realized that getting a physical ticket was gonna be near impossible.  As I said yesterday, if somebody offered me a ticket for $500, that would be a huge favor and I couldn’t even pay that.  So, other methods are in order.

Stadium Security
Now that I have realized, I’m gonna have to sneak in, here’s the real bad news... after talking with some Dallas police officers, I found out that this stadium (today) is the 2nd most secure place in the nation. (Second only to the White House.)  Oh Shit!

Plus, for the first time in Super Bowl History (so I was told), the whole stadium area was fenced in so you couldn’t even get next to the stadium without a ticket.  Basically, the stadium was set up like a mini-prison for the day except instead of keeping people in... they were trying to keep people out!

Still, I didn’t let all that detour me, I just now knew for certain that it wasn’t gonna be easy.  But hey, where’s there a will... there’s a way! 🙂  And if there isn’t a way... I’ll be the one to find that out. 😉

Sneaking Past Security

As soon as you get to within 100 yards of the stadium, you are met by security guards who ask you for your ticket and then let you in through the first fenced in gate toward the entrance to the stadium. (I say first because as I found out, there were at least 4 or 5 levels of security before you got into the stadium.)

As you can tell by my last comment, I did get by these security guards and into the 2nd level of the security checkpoint.  I did so by waiting for a few people to enter and then I slipped by unnoticed and into an area where there was zig-zagged barriers for people to wait in.

2nd Level Of Security

Although there was a huge line of people waiting to get in with tickets, I knew that wasn’t my route because... I didn’t have a ticket.  I had to find another way.  Hmmmm!

F.Y.I. - At this point (1:00 pm-ish), nobody had been let in to the stadium yet, so these were the first fans to get in and security was pumped up and waiting for them.  Damn it, this will be tough!

Then, I spotted an opening.  A few concession workers were entering the gated area, so I saddled up right behind them and kept walking.  Nice!  I’m through the second the level! 🙂

3rd Level Of Security (I have no pictures for this part because it would have drawn attention to me)

The problem now... when my concession friends got to the next level, they were basically ass-raped by the people who let them in.  And that ass raping... started with a ticket!  Ahhh!  What am I gonna do now???

After mulling around for few minutes trying not to look to suspicious, I realized my only way through this next level was gonna be with some help.  My only choice, I had to try and befriend a security worker and have them slip me in.

Yes... the same people who I am trying to avoid, I am now going to for help.  I know... it’s a risky move but at that moment, it was the only way I saw it could played.

So I approached a security woman and asked her her name.  She said, “Kristy”.  I said Kristy, I need your help.  I’m a guy from NJ who is traveling the country on $2007 blah...blah.. blah...

She seemed interested but then asked me how I got to where I was.  I told her I was crafty like that and then she said,” Well Rooster, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave as she escorted me out of the stadium.”

I didn’t fight it, I actually laughed with her as she walked me out, I said hey, “I almost made it in.”  She just smiled at me and then wished me luck on my trip.  Damn!  So close!

Heading Back To The Tailgate
By the time my first attempt had failed, it was already after 2 pm.  So, instead of going at it again right now while security is still fresh and ready, I figured I’d wait a little until the bulk of the crowd was outside waiting to get in. (There’d be more commotion at that time which might give me a big enough distraction to get in.)

Tailgating At MidSouth Automotive Again
When I got back to the parking lot, I was visibly deflated as I was so close to making it into the game.  Ahhhh, to trust the same people who were trying to keep me out!  Damn!  I thought it was my best move but maybe I should have waited it out a little longer.  Ahhh!

So before I walked over to partying area, I stopped to watch some of the pre-game show on the TV the car dealership had set-up for everybody there.

Getting Re-Motivated By An Unlikely Person
Then, at that moment on TV was an interview with G.B. head coach Mike McCarthy saying that he never thought he’d be he be where he was, but if you reach for the stars and dream big, you never know what might happen!

Who’d a thought it, but my re-inspiration to get into the game came from the opposing team’s head coach!  Thanks Mike McCarthy! 🙂

Back To Partying
Although, Mike McCarthy gave me some motivation, I went back to an old college trick in order to get some more.  It was beer bong time!  The guys next to us (from Pittsburgh area) were wild men and had a beer bong with them.

So, I walked over there and before I could even ask, they offered, well... demanded I funnel a beer.  Nice!  Steeler Nation rules!  I then downed a beer in amateur time, but I did finish it all, no beer came out the bottom of the funnel. 😉

Then, I went to another friend who can help change a day around for better or worse... Jack Daniels.  Now, I usually don’t drink at all, so drinking Jack isn’t my thing, but when you’re at the Super Bowl... game on! 🙂

More Group Photos
Sometime around 3 pm, I gathered up a bunch of people again for another group photo.  The funny thing was... I forget to get in the picture and took it myself.  The beer and Jack must have been working. 😉

Leaving For The Stadium Again
Around 3:30 pm, I was ready to go non-stop until kick-off (5:30 pm) to try and get into the stadium.  It’s now or never for me!  Again, I hopped on the shuttle and took the 3 minute ride back to the stadium.

Thinking Over My Options
When I got back to the stadium, I knew I had to think out of the box, so I found a guy (Tom Packer) near the wheel chair entrance and after talking with him for a little bit, I asked if he minded if I pushed him around all day in hopes I could get into the stadium as his caregiver.

He said he wouldn’t mind at all, but he has 5 other people with him and none of them have tickets.  And, he’s already using one of his sons to do that for him, if it even works.  As I left, he gave me some advice on how to get in and then wished me luck.  You too Tom!

Trying Again To Get In
After my last attempt failed, I knew I had to find a new way in.  Then, as I was walking around the stadium, a big gate opened up and a high school band started to walk out.

Nice!  The distraction I needed.  So, as they were walking out, I walked in the gate right in the middle of the band.  Woo hoo!  I’m in.  So, I kept walking with my head down as quickly as I could without running.

Security Yells For Me
Then, as I was walking quickly, I could hear behind me,”Sir, Sir, you can’t go in that way.”  I pretended like I didn’t hear her as I kept walking even faster.  Then, I looked up and saw two policeman/secret service/whatever dressed in all black, carrying machine guns, approaching me quickly.

The lady then yelled to them, “Hey that guy shouldn't be in here.” I immediately put my hands up and said, “Hey guys, I’m just trying to get a good picture.”  They didn’t say a word and just motioned with their machine guns for me to walk that way (which was out).

Whew!  That was close in every which way.  I almost got in, I almost got arrested, and if it went really bad... I almost got shot!  That was a crazy scene but still, there is almost 15 until kick-off, so I have to keep trying.

Scalpers Again
Since getting shot wasn’t worth the price of admission, I decided to try and find a scalper who might be lowering his prices because it was getting closer to game time.  Well.. that didn’t happen because the guy I found was selling them for $3800 a piece 5 minutes before kick-off.

My Last Effort
As I was walking back toward where the shuttle would pick me up, I asked 3 Dallas police officers who were outside of the stadium if they would arrest me and walk me through the stadium.  I told them if they do it, they could each taser me once. 🙂

They said they would love to but they would lose their jobs.  They were cool guys so I handed them each a card before I kept on walking toward the bus area.

My Final Decision
It was now 5:29 (game starts at 5:30 pm local time) and I had to decide... do I keep trying or do I watch the game.  It didn’t take long for me to decide I’m a Steeler fan, I’m still kinda at the Super Bowl, and really want to actually watch the game, so it was over... I’m not getting in the Super Bowl!  Ahhh! 🙁

A New Problem Arises
The game is about to start and the bus isn’t here yet.  Damn!  I’m gonna miss the kick-off!  Then, I looked over and saw a Pittsburgh Steeler party at a house right across from the stadium.  They had a TV set-up on the lawn and everything.  Nice!

Approaching The Local Party
So I approached the lawn to introduce myself to whoever’s place it was but before I got two steps onto the property, I was approached by a few guys asking me what I was doing.  I then explained to them what I was doing and how I tried to get into the game.

They found it cool, plus I was Steeler’s fan, so they invited into their party with open arms.  Steeler nation rules!  I only stayed until the bus came back, but in that time I made some new cool friends from Arlington!  Thanks guys! (left: Jets that flew over the stadium during the National Anthem.)

Watching The Game At The Tailgate Area
Since everybody reading knows the outcome of the game (Packers 31, Steelers 25), I will only talk about the conditions I watched them in.

When I got back to the parking lot area, it was late in the first quarter and the seating wasn’t bad, but it was getting cold out.  We did have space heaters around us but still, it was getting cold out.

When halftime arrived, the weather went from bad to much much worse as freezing rain started to fall.  Luckily our outdoor seats were under a steel canape, so even though it was raining, we weren’t getting wet.

F.Y.I. - Can you imagine being one of the people who sat outside the stadium to watch the game for $200 a seat.  It was awful out.  It was so bad out, that even though we weren’t getting wet at all, it was still so windy and cold, that it was almost uncomfortable.

The Game Ends

When the game ended, I was obviously deflated in spirit as my team lost and I personally lost as well.  Not to mention, Packer fans all around me were cheering like they just won the lottery.  I don’t blame them, I’m just setting the scene.

Even though everybody wanted to leave, we had to wait for Doug because he had a ticket to the game.  It wasn’t that I wanted to leave Doug, it was just tough to sit there and watch all the G.B. fans live it up!

The Trinity Hotel
About 45 minutes after the game ended, Doug arrived back in the parking lot and we left for the hotel.  Nobody in the car was happy as we are all Steeler fans but Nancy did the best job she could to show us the bright side.  Thanks Nancy! 🙂

Back To The Room
After a real long day, we got back to the room around 10-11 pm.  As soon as I walked in, I started uploading and naming pictures from the day.  During that time, Brian from yesterday stopped by to talk about the game and say good-bye.

We all hung out in the room for a little bit but it didn’t last long as by midnight, I was fast asleep in Spaulding room.

Summing It Up

For the first time in 216 days, I feel like I let everybody down who reads my website daily.  I wanted to get in so bad for myself but I also wanted to get in for everybody reads my site.  I truly feel like a failure right now. 🙁

I know it may have been impossible to get in but that’s what’s this trip is all about... doing the impossible and this time... I failed!

Thanks for reading!


Comments (2)

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  1. DAD says:

    You may not have succeeded in getting into the game, but your not a FAILURE. Your amazing and this post was INCREDIBLE!!!! Your the “Rooster” and don’t
    think you’ve let us down, maybe we all should have
    chipped in and bought you a ticket. Sounds like you had a great time and made many new friends.
    Have a safe trip to LA.

  2. JD says:

    Great effort though! At least you didn’t get shot, but it would have been nice if you got tasered a few times! As I was reading, I thought the ending was going to be you passed out in the snow with an empty bottle of jack, so I wouldn’t say it was a failure, you tried and that’s really all you can do sometimes. Steelers shit the bed anyway!

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