Did I Almost Die While Running Today? (VA) “DAY 14” – 7/18/10

July 19, 2010 - 7:54 am - (VA) “DAY 14”

After the O’s game on Saturday night, we got home around midnight and I finally got a good night’s sleep!   I knew I needed it, I’ve been feeling exhausted.

Today, all I have to do is play some softball (3pm - Championship game -  best 2 of 3).  Well.. and pack up my stuff so I can move on to the next city on Monday.

Kim and her boyfriend went to breakfast at 11am, they invited me but I’m not much of a morning eater.  I’m hungry at night.  Anyway, it was noon and I’m still fat so I decided to go for a run.  It was well over 90 degrees out and with the humidity, who knows how hot it was.


I’ve run twice since I’ve been here and both times I took the same route, so today I decided to change it up and give myself some new scenery.  I planned on running between 2-3 miles, enough to get the heart going and get a good sweat.

I started my run and for the first time in a long time, it didn’t feel that bad.  I felt like I was cruising.  I was listening to great music, ya know stuff that gets you all fired up on the inside (Rocky Music, Karate Kid theme - “The Best Around”, “I Need a Hero” from “Shrek”), you get the picture.

After running for a little over a mile I saw a sign on the road, it was the perfect sign for me!  It said “ The Path To A Dream Is Paved With Sacrifice and Lined With Determination!

That sign was all the motivation I needed to make this run everything it should be so I kicked into another gear and plowed ahead.  I was running for at least another 12 minutes or so (3 songs) when I looked around and realized I had no idea where I was!

I thought I was running in a circle.  Meaning, if I keep making rights I would wind-up back on Kim’s street.  What I didn’t know was the route I took was shaped like a pentagon instead of a square so when I took my 3rd right I wasn’t on my way back to Kim’s, I was shooting my myself into the middle of nowhere.

I was about 3 miles in (I know cause when I finally got home, I went out and checked the milage) when I decided to finally call Kim and ask her if she could tell me how to get back to her place.  The only thing I didn’t want to hear was what she told me... you have to go back the same way you came.  F&^K!

At this point I’m completely spent and know I can’t make it that far, in this heat, in my current shape.  I didn’t have any water on me and there weren’t any stores in site.  I might die out here!

So I stopped jogging and started to walk, after about 5 minutes I noticed a firehouse.  I knew I needed some water and maybe... they would give me a ride home in the firetruck. 🙂 (I'm a big kid!)

I entered the firehouse but no one was around, so I kept walking through the building until I found someone.  A guy walked out, saw me, and immediately came to my aid.  I must have looked that bad.  I explained to him what happened then he brought to me a air conditioned room and started to take my vitals.

Next thing I know, I’m surrounded by three firemen who are taking my blood pressure, asking questions, etc...  Then they gave me some water and made me wait there for 10 minutes or so before they took blood pressure again.  (They wouldn’t let me take a picture with them.)

My heart rate had went down over that time period and they asked me if I wanted a cop to take me home.  Huh, call the police on me???  I’ll pass, that option has never worked out for me in the past 😉 .

They gave me good directions and I was back out on the road.  Thanks Guys!  I had 2 miles left from where I was but I felt better after taking a break and getting some water.  I pushed on.  I finally got back to Kim’s at 1:30 pm, a hour and half later!

After drinking some water and taking a shower, Kim’s boyfriend Singk arrived to take me to the softball game.  I was so tired but I love softball and was looking forward to playing anyway.


This is the 4th time I’m playing this week and after the day is done, I will have played in 7 games total, Nice!

Pre-game rules

The league I’m playing in, I haven’t played in yet, it’s a all men’s league and today is the championship game/series (double elimination).  I was asked to play cause the game was rained out from Wednesday and the team was going to possibly be short (they normally don’t play on Sun.).

The game started at 3pm and right before it was to begin, most of our team had arrived.  Now, they had 11 people without me and I thought I wasn’t gonna play.  As it turned out, they wanted my bat in the line-up, so I got the nod at DH.

Their were 4 teams vying for the crown.  All we had to do, was win 2 games in a row and we were champs!  The first team we played was a group of guys just like us, old has-beens! 🙂

We won and I went 2-3 with 1RBI.  My first hit was a nice shot that bounced to the fence but the other hit could have been scored an error.  It’s slow pitch softball, I’ll call it a hit.

The second game was for the trophy if we won and if we lost... we’d have to play the same team again in a final deciding game.  Our championship opponent looked good (The PED’s), they were a group of young kids who all looked like they played H.S. baseball just a few years ago.

For this game, I started out on the bench and was a 5th inning replacement.  I got up to the plate once and hit a double.  I went 1-1 with 1RBI but we lost the game.

The Team! Thanks Guys!

Then, for the last and deciding game, I was inserted back into the line-up at DH.  Unfortunately, I played my worst game yet, going 0-2 with two pop-ups!  Damn!  I hit poorly  and so did our team, we lost by 15 or so runs.

The heat had finally caught up to us old men! Congrats Ped’s!

After the game, the team was going to the bar for drinks but I was tired and decided to head back to Kim’s, the problem... I didn’t have my car with me so Kim lent me her’s and gave me directions back to her place.

This next part was written Kim Godfrey (who I’m staying with).  I wasn’t there for what happened but she thought it would be good for my post, so she wrote it for all of  you to read.

Kim Godfrey

July 18, 2010 - 11:30pm (VA) “DAY 14” By: Kim Godfrey

After the guys played three games within the span of 5 hours…in 105 degrees heat!  Bierstein, “Rooster”, took my car home with my directions.  Hmmm, how long have I lived here?  He calls me, “I’m lost.”

After a few more phone calls, I have an epiphany….I got Rooster lost!  What should have taken him 20 minutes, took an hour.

He called again...“Kim, I am not well…I’m so lost that I’m almost at the point where I will leave your car and call a cab.”  I responded, “Do whatever you need to do.”  Meanwhile, I rushed out of my dinner with a great friend to pick up Rooster.  I decided that no matter what, I was going to find him.   Then I remember... he doesn’t know where he is, so how could I find him?

I meet a few of the guys (from the team) out front, and Rooster calls.  He made it home.  I finally admit my mistake…scared, real scared…I got you lost.  Rooster couldn’t have been nicer!  He was so happy to be home and no longer wanted to strangle me!!

Me "Rooster", Kim, Singk

Woosh!  I walked back in to the after game celebration to let Singk (my boyfriend) know that Rooster is safe and sound.  As soon as I walked up to the table, ten men started chanting, “Rooster!  Rooster!  Rooster!  Kim, what a great guy! Thanks for bringing him out!  Where is he?”

Ten men who just met Rooster are cheering him and throwing down drinks in his honor.  Okay, so it’s a guy thing.  BUT, in the guy world, this is one of the biggest compliments you can pay to a teammate.  On top of that, each guy commented/grunted how Rooster is a good athlete, great guy, down to earth, and funny as hell.

It’s refreshing to have a friend you’ve known for 18 years visit.  Rooster and I met in college and have the same friends from WVU.  People who we are still great friends with…18 years!

This week he has made me laugh so hard that my face hurts until tears stream down my face and I snort!  This happened throughout the whole week…my stomach is still sore.  Rooster is genuine… a one of a kind.  For all of you that know him, you know EXACTLY what I mean.  The kind of friend you are proud to call your own!  For all of you that are about to meet him, get ready to have some fun and have a memorable event!


July 19, 2010 - 9:44 am - (VA) "DAY 14"

After that story, Kim got home and we talked for a bit.  I've had a great time in VA/DC and I thank Kim for making this week GREAT!  You're not only great friend but a terrific person as well!  I THANK YOU!


I'm suppose to go Columbus Ohio for my next week, but I think I'm making a one day stop in Pittsburgh,PA.  I'm doing this for a few reasons...

1.) I need to play some poker and make some money, they have a casino!

2.) The ride to Columbus is 7hrs, if I stop in Pittsburgh for the night, it almost breaks it in half.

3.) I have a lot of friends in that area from the WVU days and wouldn't mind a day of catching up.

Well... 2 weeks down....50 more to go!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jordan Cagle says:

    Dave keep going buddy i’m loving your stories and i can hear your raspy voice as i read the words lol

  2. dave says:

    Thanks Cagle! It’s real cool to know you’re reading! Good luck in everything!

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