Did I Get A Another Free Room… You Bet I Did! (ND-SD) “DAY 68” -9/10/10

September 11, 2010 - 11:01 am - (ND-SD) “Day 68”

When I woke up this morning, I knew I would be actually leaving North Dakota for good this time.  I have a spent a full week here (7 days), although it was broken up into a two parts (5 days, then 2 days).

Like I have already written, I really enjoyed Dakota Magic and someday... I will return for another week of poker and fun!  Thanks for the good times!

Even though I had no idea where I was going or where I would be staying... I still needed to buy gas so my last action in North Dakota was stopping at the gas station and filling up.

I hit the road around 1 pm.... bound for nowhere, I was hoping to meet up with gambler just in case I

My New Home

was too tired to sleep.  So I took turns a staring, out the window in South Dakota but boredom over took me... So I pulled over and took a picture of the una-bomber’s shed! 😉

Seriously though, this shed was right off the highway (exit 223) and there was nothing for miles and miles and miles around it.  I don’t know who lives there... but I was thinking about it for a minute!  At least I know I’d have privacy! 😉


My Dad
I was on the road for about ten minutes when I called my Dad and asked him if he could get on his computer and see where I might want to go. (This is how much I think ahead on this trip!)

Anyway, we spoke for about a half hour and decided that I should stop in Flandreau, S.D. They have a casino with a poker room and it’s directly on the way to Council Bluffs, Iowa (my next stop).

Nice!  That’s my plan then.  I’ll go to Flandreau and see if I can get a room (for free), then play poker all night if I can make it happen.

I arrived in Flandreau around 3 pm and the first thing I did was get gas again (only $20).  The gas station was right next to a sign that said welcome to Flandreau.  It was cool looking because they had an American Flag above it and because it was windy out... it looked real sweet!

The casino was just a mile away as I arrived there around 3:30pm ready to make things happen!

Royal River Casino
When I walked in, I did the same thing I always do when I get to a new casino... get a players card.  The only promotion for signing up was a $5 food comp toward the buffet or deli.  Nice!  I’ll use it toward the buffet later.

Getting A Free Room

Since I was at the Player’s Club window I asked the lady if it was possible to get a comped room and she said... no way!  They only comp based on play.  I knew I wasn’t talking to right person, so I thanked her and tried to find the right person.

Poker Room
I decided to go to the poker room to see if they had a game going and if they could comp a room for me.  There wasn’t a game going yet and they couldn’t comp me either,  so I put my name on the list and kept searching for the right person.

F.Y.I. - The poker room is nice but small (only 3 tables).  BUT... they do have a Bad Beat Jackpot worth over $95 grand!  That means if you lose a hand with Aces full of Tens or better and both hole cards play for both hands... the table wins the $95 g’s!

Finding The General Manager
After talking to the cashier’s cage to find a manger, I was finally introduced to somebody who could help they wanted to... The General manager.

She was a nice lady but immediately told me they don’t usually comp room for first time players, they only would do it in very special circumstances.

I responded... this is a special circumstance.  I’m traveling across the country from NJ and only left with 2 grand.  I plan on playing in your poker room all night and I would greatly appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to help out.

I ended it with... Come on.. if your son or daughter was traveling around the country with nowhere to stay, wouldn’t you hope they would find a nice person to help them out!

She looked at me for minute then said... Alright Rooster... give me your ID, I’ll be right back.  Nice!  When she returned, she told me I could have a free room if I play in the poker room past 9 pm.

No problem... I was gonna be doing that anyway!  Thank You!

Poker Room
Like I said, the room only has 3 tables and the games they run here (or get going) are usually 4-8 Texas Hold’em (limit) and a 3-30 spread limit Texas Hold’em game.

The game I got sat into was the 4-8 limit game.  It was the only game going.

It was 4pm by now and I bought in for a $100.  The desk was slapping me in the face when I sat down and with-in the first hour, I was up over $200!

I should have left then and just paid for the room, but I wanted a free room... so I kept playing until 9 pm which is when I would get my comp.  When 9 pm arrived... I was at even!  Damn! (Hey, at least I killed some time and have a place to sleep tonight.)

Hotel Room
I left my chips on the table and went to check into my room.  The room was nice and clean.  Perfect!  This is all need... a place to lay my head at the end of the night.

Before I went back to the poker room, I went to the buffet because I hadn’t eaten all day.
The buffet was $16 but with my comp ($5), it only cost me $11.  It was a seafood buffet and I really don’t like seafood but they did have crab legs... and I do like them! 🙂  It was on!

I ate countless crab legs although it is a pain in the ass to crack them open.  (I did get the hang of it after about 15 legs. ;))

Poker Again
It was about 11 pm when I returned to the poker room and my chips were still on the same table I left from.  Nice!  I didn’t get picked up. (That means they take your chips of the table and replace you with another player.  Your chips will be held at the poker cage, usually.)

The game only had 6 people left but I played anyway.  I don’t like playing in short handed games because they can end at any minute and it did... about 30 minutes later.   Their were 2 other games going, but they both were 3-30 spread limit, so I took chips and cashed out up $50.

I went back to my room where I debated on whether or not to go back downstairs and play.  My gambling nature took over and I went back downstairs after a few minutes of deliberating.

Poker Again Again
I was immediately sat into the 3-30 spread game and played for about 2 hours.  It was extremely uneventful as I folded most of the hands I got.  Really, I think I played 2 hands to river the whole time that I returned.

I lost the $50 I was up and the game broke, so it was time to go (3:30 am).  I wish I would have won but I spent no money today... so that it is win!  I ate for free, had a place to stay for free, and had a good time the whole day!  Cha-Ching!  Even though I made no actual profit!

I am now sitting here in my hotel room (Saturday, 12:17 pm) and I have to be out of the room in 13 minutes.  I again... do not where I am going yet or where I will be staying.

Do I stay here, go to Sioux Falls (biggest little city in the Mid-West - no poker), or head further south to Sioux City where they have a riverboat casino with a poker room.

Huh??? I don’t know yet... We’ll see!

Oh Yeah... I'd like to thank an old friend of mine, Glenn Miller.  He paid for me to ship a few things home this past week.  Thanks Shadyneck!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike (Media & Film Class of 2010 says:

    Not Going to Mt. Rushmore?

  2. dave says:

    Maybe on my way to Wyoming…

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