Did I Get Into Lollapalozza For Free? You Bet I Did! (IL) “Day 35” – 8/8/10

August 9, 2010 - 10:34 am - (IL) “Day 35”


Let me start the post by saying... PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!  I’ll explain...

I knew before I started this journey  that it COULD NOT happen unless I met great people along the way, but in the same breath... I also had no idea what to expect before I left from New Jersey.???

Pratt and Matt

What has transpired up until now, is everything I could had hoped for and more (except poker, I wish I was up more).  From John’s (week 1) to Columbus, Ohio (Matt and Pratt’s - week 3) to staying with Keith right now (week 6) and everybody who has helped out in between, I have been more than lucky and grateful. 🙂

Thank you everybody!  

Anyway, back to today.  I got up this morning around 10 am and went down to the local coffee shop (free wi-fi) to write “DAY 34”.  While I was there, I met a cool girl who was also using the internet right next to me.


We spoke about my trip and when she told me her name was Joy (my Mom’s name), I asked to take of her picture for my website.  Be good Joy!

Keith Rocks
After I finished writing, I walked back to Keith’s where he had breakfast waiting for me (noon) :).  Come on!  People are just to cool!  I’m not much of a morning eater, but it was a bagel and cream cheese...:) so I had one to get some food energy before my day really started.

If you have been reading, you know that today (Sunday), I planned on going to Lollapalozza.  The problem... it cost $90 for a day pass and I can’t afford to pay that right now...  I have to find a way in for free!


F.Y.I. - Currently, I’m crashing at Keith's for 2 days (Monkey’s boy), but who I am staying with for the week is a guy named Toby (8/9 -8/15).  He is a another friend of a friend (from Arizona) who I knew and hung out with in the early 2000’s. (Thanks dancing Fitch!)

Anyway, Toby was busy on Saturday which is why I needed a place to stay, that’s where Keith came in.  So Toby and I planned to meet up Sunday and go to Lollapalooza. (Keith had work stuff to take care of all day and couldn’t go.)

Cubs Game
It was now 1:30 pm and I hadn’t heard from Toby yet.  I was getting antsy to do something when I looked up at the TV and saw the Cubs were playing at home and it was only the second inning.  The Cubs stadium is less than a half mile from where I am, so I decided I would jog to the stadium and watch part of the game.  (Tickets would be cheap, the game had already started :).)

As I was getting my stuff together for the game, Toby called me back and said he just got up and was getting ready to meet me to leave for the concert.  Nice!  Back to the original plans... Lollapallozza!

Me "Rooster" and Toby

Toby only lives a few blocks from where I am, so I met him on the bus that would take us down to Grant Park (where the concert is).   Toby knows my situation (financially) and as soon I got on the bus he told me he thinks he found a way for us to get in FOR FREE!

Ahhh... those words are music to my ears. 🙂

The plan was... he had a friend who was working at a beer tent for the day and he would sneak out and give us a staff wristband to get in with.  He would only have one band to pass on so we would have do this twice to get us both in.  Nice!

The kicker... since his friend worked at a beer tent... we would also have free beer all day long!  Did I just walk into Heaven! lol 🙂

Aric, Zack, Toby

The plan eventually worked out (there were some glitches), but by 4 pm Toby, myself, and another one of his friend’s Aric, were all inside the event and ready to party!

F.Y.I - It was a real hot and humid with almost no breeze.  They were trucking ice all over the area to make sure things were kept cool.  It was the hottest day of the weekend, by far.

Anyway, there were so many people and so much going on, I didn’t even know where to start but I was with Toby... so we started with drinks ;)!  I’m not much of a drinker anymore and especially not beer but when I do drink beer, I get drunker than if I had a bunch of shots.

Erikah Badu

We hit the beer tent and I had a few 16 oz beers (Toby drank wine).  We were on our way to a stage where Erikah Badu was playing when I saw a young hippie girl sitting inside a hula hoop.  I asked her if I could give it a try and of course, being the fun loving hippie she was, she said yes.

I’m not that good but it was fun anyway.  Eventually, we got to the area where Erikah Badu was singing and she has a great voice.  The crowd was loving her.

Next, we stopped at the Playstation tent and checked out what they had to offer.  It was cool in there and they were letting people play games as well as enter a drawing for a free PS3.  We didn’t win.

As we were leaving the PS3 tent, I got a text from a friend (Josh) who I just graduated from college with (Kean U.).  He was at the concert and knew I was there from my website, nice on many levels!

Super Hot Chick and... Josh (Kean U.)
I met up with Josh for a bit as we walked around the venue.  While I was with a him, a super hot girl (Brittany) walked by us.  I had to talk with her so I asked her to take a picture of me and him.  She obliged.

Me "Rooster" and Josh

She was so hot I had to take a picture of her too.  Her friend Brandi must have thought so as well because she jumped in the picture and kissed her.  She must have been reading my mind! 😉

Brandi and Brittany

(To Brittany: I know you’re in the Air Force and probably do some traveling, if you read this and ever want to go out with me anywhere in the world, just write me and I’m in! :))

After that, I said good bye to Josh and met back up with Toby at the beer tent.  Toby wanted to see a band called MGMT so we walked (a half mile) to the other side of the grounds to check them out.  I had never heard of


them but they were pretty good.

On our way there, Toby ran into a few old friends and one of them was covered head to toe in tatoos.  There was some good work on him so I took a picture.  It was almost like a live piece of artwork.  I wish it was a chick covered head to toe, but it was pretty cool none-the-less.

It was now around 6:30 pm and Cypress Hill was playing at 7 pm near the main stage area.  Well, directly across from the main stage, which is where Soundgarden would be playing at  8pm.  Toby wanted to stay where he was at and watch another band (The Nationals) so I left to see Cypress Hill.

Cypress Hill
I had to see Cypress because in 1994, at the 2cd Woodstock (which I was at), I saw them with all my boys from NJ.  Incase you don’t remember... that’s when the rain started and a muddy mosh pit ensued.  It was a wild time!

Anyway, I watched them until 7:30 pm (they already sang, Insane in da membrane... Insane in da brain!), so I headed over to get a good spot for Soundgarden, the only band at Lollapalozza I really wanted to see.

Even though they weren’t on yet, there were already tens of 1000’s of people crowding the area.  I wanted a good spot, so I worked my way through the crowd until I got about ten feet from the front.  I did need some space... I knew there would be a mosh pit when they started singing :).

Abbie, Erick, Tony

I had 45 minutes to kill before they came on, so I got to know the people around me.  We were packed in like sardines, we might as well get to know each other.  Behind me, were 2 guys who were in a band (trying to make it) and to my left was cool girl from the mid-west.

Directly in front of me, were a bunch of young guys partying it up!  I called them the Chicago


boys and they reminded me of me and my friends when we were younger.

To my left was a few guys from Philadelphia and a skinny kid from Canada.  We talked and slugged some whisky somebody had, as we waited for Soundgarden to come on.

Jim, Dillon, Ben

They came on 8:15 pm and the place erupted.  I took as many pictures as I could, but it was dark and I was trashed. 😉  After the first song or two, I found my way toward a few guys who looked like they would start a mosh pit with me.

Mosh Pit Time
I was right, cause by the next song me and 5-6 other guys had started the pit (left front of the stage).  Before I knew it, there were at least 20 different people moshing all over the place, awesome!  I had helped start the mosh pit!

Now, when I was younger I was in better shape and I didn’t even think of a mosh pit as a cardio workout, but now it's a definitely story!  After 30 minutes of sweating and jumping around uncontrollable, I thought I might die.  Also there was so many people stuffed together you could barely breath fresh air.

The smell of sweat and humidity was so thick you could taste it, it was nasty... but that’s what you go through when you’re raging with over 100,000 people!

There was no way out at the point... I was in to far... so I sucked it up and moshed until the show ended.  Soundgarden rocked but how could I tell... I was shit faced and exhausted... just happy to make it out alive :).

Free Chicken!

Now, I had to find Toby.  As I walking to the area he said he’d be at, I noticed a food stand giving away free stuff.  I rushed over (I hadn’t eaten all concert long) and got the very last chicken sandwich they had.  Nice!  My luck continues.  (In this picture you can see how muddy my shoes and legs are from 2 hours of moshing!)

Canada girls!

It was a long day and as I already stated, I was beat.  So... Toby, I, and his friends hit the streets to find a cab.  While we were walking, I met a fews girls from Toronto, Canada.  They were cute, so I tried my best to parley it into something more.  Like all my parleys... I lost! 🙂 But I took a picture with them anyway.

Eventually, we got a cab and headed back to the northern part of Chi-town (where Toby and Keith live).  Instead of staying with Toby for the night, I headed back to Keith’s place where all my stuff was.  I’ll be staying with Toby all week, I’ll give him another Rooster free day ;).

Well... I made it happen!  I got into the concert for free, got wasted for free, ate for free, and only had to split a $15 cab ride (between 3 of us) for my ride home.

Thank you to Toby and his friends who made this day possible and awesome!

F%$k Ya!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    2010 FOR YOU, 1960’S FOR ME.

  2. Gene says:

    Dave, you’re seriously starting to hit your stride in this journey!

  3. dave says:

    Thanks for reading Gene!

  4. Josh says:

    Let’s see if I can comment now…

    It was great seeing you again Dave, even if it was only for a few minutes. The girls I was there with really wanted to meet you and discuss your hot yoga experience (also, after doing so myself a few weeks ago – I can totally sympathize with how you felt afterwards, hah).

    Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again before your journey is over.

  5. dave says:

    Thanks Josh and it was cool seeing you. Small world! Good luck with everything!


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