Did I win at Poker? (DE) “Day 2” – 7/6/10

July 7, 2010 - 4:00am (Delaware) “Day 2”

How did Day 2 start...  It started at 8:30 am when John’s kids came down in the basement to say hi.  I think John’s youngest


son (3 yrs old) was about 2 feet from my face and said ”My Daddy’s letting you stay here.”  I was so tired and sore, all I could say was “Thank you Liam” as I picked up my pillow and blanket and headed for the open bedroom upstairs.


As I was making my way up from the basement, I met Ezmerelda (John’s Nanny).  That’s not her real name, I don’t know what it is, she looks like a Ezmerelda to me so for this week, she’s Ezmerelda!  All I knew was that I had to get more sleep if I was to do battle with hot yoga again.

I did make it (on time, Noon) for my second battle vs. hot yoga and again it was the same result. Hot Yoga - 42 , Rooster - 0.  I thought the second day would be a little easier... well I was wrong.  Yoga is so hard!

After yoga was over, I headed back to John’s house to wait for him and his wife to come home from work (5pm-ish).  He said she was making us a nice dinner.  (She did, shrimp, home made fries, salad, blueberry crisp for dessert - all home made.

Score's New York's Legendary Gentlemen's Club Playing Cards

This is what a royal flush would have looked like!

Sara! You’re the best!)

Anyway, Ezmerelda and the kids were home when I got there.  Then, Jimmy (9 yrs old) asked me to play cards with him.  He said he knew how to play so I whipped out my traveling party poker traveling case and opened it up to find that the cards I had in there were “Scores playing cards” (naked chicks,dancers).  I put them in there years ago after I took out the regular cards.

So there I was with a decision...  Bust out the naked lady playing cards and show this 9 year old a thing or two about the birds and the bees or be a responsible adult...  After careful thought about where I’d be staying as soon as his MOM found out...  I made the responsible decision and went to the store to buy new cards.

Delaware Park Race Track and CasinoLong story short (to late), he beat me in a heads up 7 card stud tournament!  He’s a good player for 9. 🙂

After warming up against Jimmy I was finally ready to tackle poker room.  So I headed to Delaware Park Race Track and Casino for my first live action of the trip.  I felt butterflies as I approached the glowing lights that holds my fate for the next year.

As soon I entered the casino my will power was tested.  I had to pass all the table games in route to the poker room.  I made it.  Will Power 1, Blakjack - 0.  We’ll see how this battle plays out. 🙂

After what seemed like a mile of tables (probably 12), I finally made it to the poker room.  It’s a real nice room and it was comfortable filled with players.  After looking over the house rules, I always do that first because you never know what weird rule different casinos might have.  (There’s some free advice to all you poker players out there.) I put my name on the list for a 1-2 NL game.

I cashed in for $133 and was seated immediately as I anxiously awaited my first hand of the journey (11:30 pm).  The cards were dealt and true to form (for those who know how I play) I folded Jack 5 off suit.


The first hand I actually played was the very next hand. I limped in for $2 with 2 suited cards, 10 - 7 of diamonds. The flop... 9 D, 8D, 6H . Woo hoo! This is gonna be a great trip!  I flopped the nuts with a straight flush draw. I slow played it and won a $60 pot against a nice older man named Don. He said he would be reading this at his girlfriends the next morning..  So Don if you are reading this.. Thanks for starting my trip off right!

I was seated at a real cool table where I met some interesting people.  One in particular (other than Don) was a guy who sat to my left named Josh.  After talking to him (and the table) about my adventure, he told me he worked for a Philadelphia newspaper and said he would do a story on me when I make it to his city.  Nice!  The first news outlet that has asked to do a story on me, to bad I won’t be in Phila for another 40+ weeks or so. Still real cool! Josh I’ll be in touch!Delaware Park Race Track and Casino Texas Hold'em

I continued to play until 3am and cashed out ahead.  I won $133., the same amount I bought in for. I’ll take a double up any day!

It's 6:21 am and I’m still awake! Damn! I have hot yoga again today at Noon followed by a Philly’s - Braves game later on (in Phila), plus I’m pretty sure I’m being woken up at 8:30 by 3 cute kids.  I’m doomed.  Maybe today’s the day I hurl on the yoga floor!


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  1. Dad says:

    Good start Dave! Hangin with the kids and surviving
    Hot Yoga day 2. Playing a little poker and coming out ahead. Enjoy today’s Phillies game. Heat should be 102.

  2. Ron says:

    Where’s your graph showing your wins?

  3. Edie says:

    Off to a good start, but gonna need some larger wins in order to make this journey last a year. . . Any tournaments on the horizon?

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hey Ron,
    Check out http://wheresrooster.com/poker/ for the graph showing the winnings. Its still under construction but its getting there.

  5. Joe from Jersey says:

    Hey rooster nice playing Cards with ya last night. I enjoyed hearing about your past and future adventures haha definitely livened up the night. Wish you lots of luck on your journey man, keep up the good work!

  6. Ron says:

    Thanks, Jeremy. I noticed it not long after I posted. Great job with the site!

  7. Rooster says:

    Edie – If I wake up on time… Friday 10am – $65 buy in. Thanks for your support!

    Joe – It was real cool playing with too. Good luck with everything!

    Ron – You’re just the man. Wish I was playing to your right this whole year! lol jk

  8. John says:

    Damnit Dave…I just stopped by after your brother emailed everyone and now I’m entertained so I have to keep reading. Like I needed another excuse not to work! I love that you cashed in for $133. Not $100, $125….$133. Don’t let a single dollar go to waste! Good luck!

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