Doing Charity Work In Connecticut! (CT) “DAY 354” – 6/23/11

June 25, 2011 - 11:00 am - (CT) “DAY 354” - Week 51 - State 48

Let me start by saying... I am not a morning person and never have been!  Ahhh!  I mention that because today I had to be up around 5:00 am in order to make it to Connecticut on time for charity work starting at 9 am.  The problem... I’m a night owl so even though I tried to fall asleep early, I didn’t pass out until after 2 am.

Driving To Connecticut
The ride to Bristol, CT is almost 3 hours, but when I got on the road today I knew it would take longer because the weather is real nasty out.  No, I wasn’t dealing with rain (that’s comes on the ride home), I was driving through a thick fog.  It was so foggy out that I couldn’t see more 10 feet ahead of me on the road for the first hour I was driving.

Eventually, the fog went away and the rest of my drive was just fighting through normal morning rush hour traffic.  Not much fun, but still much better than driving through the fog. (When it’s that foggy out, you’re only driving at 30 mph the most.)

So, after fighting through the fog and traffic, I finally entered Connecticut around 8 am.  From there, it was only about another 45 minutes or so to where I was going.  Or at east that’s what my GPS said.

Arriving In Bristol, Connecticut
I knew I had to made it to Bristol because almost as soon as I got into town I spotted the world famous ESPN headquarters that resides in this area.  Although I do plan to stop here later so I can look around, I didn’t do that yet as I only took a few pictures while I drove by.

The Salvation Army
After passing by ESPN it was only another few minutes before I arrived at The Salvation Army.  Now, the only thing I knew about this location was that I needed to be there by 9 am in order to be on time. (I was parked and ready to walk in at 8:55 am.)  Other than that, I had no idea what I would be doing.

My Job/Jobs For The Day
It didn’t take more than a second after I walked in that I was put to work. The problem... the lady who runs this facility for the last 28 years just kinda expected me to know what I should be doing. (She was nice but she was very set in her ways.)

What I mean is... nobody showed me where anything was, nobody told me how they do things around here, and nobody gave me an introduction into the daily running of this facility.   I was basically lost.

Meeting Marcy
Then, after doing some things that I didn’t need much direction on (setting up tables, chairs, etc.), I met Marcy who helps out here a lot. (I didn’t ask her how often but I could tell she has been here for awhile.)

Anyway, Marcy kinda took me under her wing as she showed me around, told me where things were, and basically made me feel more comfortable.  Hey, I’m here to help out with what they’re already doing, I’m not here to take over the kitchen as I will only be  here for just a few hours.  Got it. (I have no pictures of Marcy.)

Working In The Kitchen
So, for the next bunch of hours I still did a lot of different things and was still kinda in charge of the kitchen, but I was being told what to do and how they like to do it. (I helped split up the chicken we served, I helped with the fruit cups, and I even was in charge of making all the pasta.)

Then, sometime around 1 pm after my Mom kept calling me on my cell phone, I finally called her back to see what she wanted. (My Mom calls me but never a few times in a row.)

Talking With My Mom
I’m glad I called my Mom because she needed me to help her out back in NJ as soon I could get there. (My Mom has bad knees, a bad back, and now a sprained ankle.)  She sprained her ankle a week ago but just re-sprained it today by tripping on something.  Ahhh!  That sucks!

F.Y.I. - My Mom didn’t need me that second but she wanted to make sure I coming back to NJ today so I could help her out with a bunch of things she needed to do but couldn’t because she couldn’t walk that well.

So, knowing my Mom needed my help and my shift was basically over, I thanked everybody there for letting me volunteer with them and hit the road for NJ. (Well, first I was gonna stop by ESPN and see if I could get somebody’s ear. I would love to a get a chance to tell somebody my story at ESPN.)

Driving To ESPN
I wish I had great story tell right now but the truth is... ESPN is guarded like a King’s Castle as nobody is allowed anywhere on the property without a appointment.  Trust me, I tried every security guard entrance point but they all said the same thing, No Roosters Allowed! 😉

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs
Since I was skunked at EPSN, it was time to drive back to NJ.  The only problem... the weather had gone from bad to worse as it was raining cats and dogs out.  It  really was that bad out as my windshield wiper actually swept a cat away somewhere on the highway. 😉

Obviously that’s sarcasm, but the weather was so bad out that the highway I was on got shut down and I had to take a 1 hour detour through a small town. (I don’t know why it was except for the fact that it was pouring out.)

Then, as I was driving through this detour, I noticed a bunch of cars almost completely submerged underwater.  Yes, it was that bad out! (The picture I got is just OK because I was driving and trying to keep my eye on the road, but you can clearly see a car completely destroyed by the storm.)

Finally Back To NJ
I knew it would take awhile because of the weather, but what was a 3 hours there turned in a 5 hour ride home.  Ahhh!  I hate traffic!   None-the-less, I was happy to finally be back in NJ as just sitting in my car starting and stopping was beginning to drive me crazy!

The Rest Of My Night
It was around 7 pm when I was finally settled down at my Mom’s.  Whew!  Now that I was home, I was put to work by my Mom as she had me do all the things I guess she was trying to get done earlier by herself but couldn’t.  I didn’t mind at all, I glad I could help her out. 🙂

Then, when I was done, it was after 10 pm so I again tried to get to sleep early because tomorrow morning I’m going to the Livingston Mall so I can audition for a contest to be a sports radio host on “The Fan 660 AM”.

F.Y.I. - The contest doesn’t begin until noon but the website with the all the info on it said that only the first 100 people were guaranteed to audition.  So, knowing that, I’m gonna be there real early as not to miss my chance at a golden opportunity to be on New York’s and maybe the country’s best sports radio station.  🙂

Thanks for reading!


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