Doing Charity Work In New York City! (NY) “DAY 353” – 6/22/11

June 24, 2011 - 3:00 pm - (NJ-NY) “DAY 353” - Week 51 - State 48

OK, if you didn’t read my last post, today (Wednesday) my plan was to wake up real early (5 am) and head off to Bristol, CT so I could do some charity work at the Salvation Army.   But, somehow I over slept and didn’t get up until after 8 am. (I slept through my phone alarm.)

Now what do I do?  Since I just can’t just sit around do nothing, I decided I would hop in my car and head to NYC where I was told I could do volunteer any day of the week (Mon.-Fri.).  Nice!  Hey, I don’t which state I’m in right now as long as I’m doing charity work and giving back! 🙂

A Phone Call Comes In
As I was rushing around to get to ready for my day, my cell phone rang and a phone number I didn’t recognize was on the caller ID.  Huh?  So, I answered it and to my surprise it was the nice lady from Rhode Island telling me I could do charity work at her place tomorrow (Thursday). (I spoke to her yesterday and she must have just gotten the news.)

Anyway, after a short conversation, I told her I would try to make it there tomorrow morning so I could volunteer.  So, before I got off the phone, I got the address, phone number, and whatever other details I needed.  Nice!

F.Y.I. - Now that I can do charity work in Rhode Island on Thursday and I already have Connecticut lined for any day this week (same as NYC), I’m all set up to give back for the rest of the week. (Wednesday - New York, Thursday - Rhode Island , Friday- Connecticut) Perfect!

Driving To NYC
The drive to NYC from where my Mom lives is 24 miles or... who knows how long it can take because of the all the traffic in this part of the country. (NYC traffic is as bad as it gets although the L.A. area might have something to say about that.)

So my problem is, I have to be at the church by 9:30 am and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it there on time.  Hey, I left with plenty of time to spare so it’s not up to me now, it’s up to the traffic Gods.  Well... the traffic Gods weren’t that kind today as the Lincoln Tunnel alone was backed up for 30 minutes.  Ahhh!!!

So, since I knew I might be late, I called the place and told them I was on the way but may be a little late.  They said no problem and to just get there when I could.  Also, the lady told me that parking is tough to find in that area.  Although I already knew it, it must be extra bad for her to tell me that as every knows parking is a bitch New York.

Finding A Parking Spot
Once I got into the city via the Lincoln Tunnel, the Episcopal Church was only a few blocks away and somehow when I pulled down the street it was on, I found a parking spot right away.  Oh yeah!  This is so lucky, you have no idea. (The odds of finding a free spot right out front of the church is one in a million!) 🙂

The Episcopal Church
It was 10 am when I got inside the church so I was 30 minutes late.  But, it was OK because they were so many volunteers that everything was still being organized when I got there. (Nobody had a job yet as they were still working on what everybody would do.)

So, during this time I met a few other volunteers and got myself set up for the day. (I had to wash my hands, put on a apron, etc.)  Then, Steve got up and announced what everybody’s job would be. (Steve is the guy who runs the facility. He’s a good dude.)

My Job For The Day
Well... this is where it gets bad for.  I guess since I was the last one there, I got the worst job on the list.  Yes, I was the dishwasher today.  Now, I have nothing against washing dishes but the room the Hobart (name brand of dishwasher) was in was really hot.  It’s all good though because I’m helping out this great nation! 🙂

This Place Is Big
During the time before lunch was served, I talked with some more people who were also volunteering that had worked there before. (My conversations were mainly how the system works here at this facility.)  I found out they usually serve about 1,000 meals a day, five days a week.  Wow!

I gotta say that now that I have been around the whole continental USA, I’m well aware that there are needy people everywhere.  With that being said, 1000 meals for lunch is a lot and this is just one of numerous places in NYC.  Unreal!  This just re-reminds me how many people are struggling across the country so I’m glad I’m here to help. 🙂

Washing 1000+ Dishes
Over the course of the year I told you about a lot of my firsts that have happened throughout this trip (1st time of a horse, at woman’s basketball game, and so on), but today was also a first as this is the most dishes I have been apart of washing.  It was a lot of dishes! 😉

Luckily for me, I wasn’t working alone as I was stationed with a guy with works there 5 days a week.  So, since I was veteran it wasn’t that bad. (He was a real cool guy but I don’t know his name. He told it to me once but I didn’t understand him and I didn’t ask again.)

Anyway, the lunch trays were endless as the amount of meals served here today exceeds anywhere I have been, by far.  So, for over 3 hours, I washed every tray, spoon, and item needed to make the shift go smoothly.  To tell ya the truth, except for the heat in the room I was working in, it really wasn’t that bad. 😉

So Many People...
I hate to beat a dead horse, but it really was eye opening again to see so many people in need of a good meal.  I always remember as a kid seeing many homeless people on the streets of NYC, but now that I’m a adult who’s on the verge of homelessness himself, it really puts things in perspective.  It can be tough out there.

So, for all the people who read my site and have never done charity work before, let me reiterate how good feels when you get done helping out your community.  I have nothing.  No money, no home, no job, no girl, and the list goes on and on, but after I get done doing volunteer work, I feel great for the day as if I can do no wrong.  It’s an amazing feeling!

Leaving The City
Sometime after 1 pm, I put my apron away and left The Episcopal Church for the day.  I did hang out in the city for a little while since I had such a good parking spot, but I didn’t stay to long because of the obvious... I’m broke as a joke! 😉

The Rest Of The Night
By the time I got back to NJ it was after 5 pm.  Now, since I had to get up early tomorrow to drive to Rhode Island, all I did was when I got to my Mom’s was do some writing and plan my journey.

Then, sometime around 11 pm right before I went to bed, I checked my profile on Facebook and saw a message that a friend of mine sent me.  It was a link to a contest for 660 AM The Fan. (660 AM is the best sports talk station in NY and maybe the nation.)

Anyway, although this message was sent to me awhile ago, I didn’t really look into it until today. (I don’t know why I clicked the link today.)  Well... I’m glad I did because I found out that it’s a competition to become a radio host for a year on “The Fan”.  And, the last open audition date is this Friday starting at Noon at the Livingston Mall (in NJ).

My New Plan
Knowing what I now know, I decided to change my plans in order to accommodate this needle in a haystack audition.  Hey, I need a job and this would be the perfect one for me.

So, even though this means I’ll have to skip one day of charity work this week, it’s something I have to do to take a chance at something big.  Now the question is, which state do I bail on?

After thinking about it, I decided to go to Connecticut instead of Rhode Island.  I choose Connecticut for two reasons: 1.) It’s closer so it will save me time and gas money. (I’m down to less than $30 after gas.)  2.) It’s in Bristol so I can check out the ESPN headquarters.

So, after forming my new plan, I hit the rack and went to bed.  Even though Connecticut is closer, I still have to be up and out of my Mom’s by 5:30 am in order to make it there smoothly. (As I’ve already mentioned, traffic is crazy in this part of the country.)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Haha, glad to see you went for it Rooster. Can’t wait to read how it went!

  2. Dad says:

    WFAN audition, nice. Give em your best 2 minute’s

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