Donations! Thank You All Very Much! (VA) “DAY 12”

I would like to reach out and give thanks to all the people have donated money to me recently.   You're contributions,

Luc - $25

regardless of the denomination are greatly appreciated and more than generous!

I'll start with people with whom I have pictures of.

This first picture is of Luc and I.  I played for a few hours with him at Delaware Park Casino and when he left he donated $25 in chips! Thanks again Luc!

Rich - $5

This is a a shot of me and Sara's Dad, Rich (John's wife) in their kitchen.  Rich was a real nice man and he gave me a Abe Lincoln. Thanks!

Heather and Jay

The next picture was taken in Harrington Raceway and Casino.  It isn't of the person who donated to me ($100), for he wanted to remain anonyomous so I put a picture of the nice couple we were playing with that night when it happened!  Thanks again anonyomous Dude!

To the left, is Mara and I.  She was my first Yoga instructer at John's studio (Plexus).

Mara - $25

I couldn't believe it when I checked my Paypal account to see she had sent me a $25 donation. You are way to cool!  Thanks Mara!

Tai -$1

To the right, is Tai and I at Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, WV.  He only gave me a $1 but as I have said before... EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!  So, thank you Tai and good luck at the tables!

This last picture is of me after I found $5 at a burger joint, the night I went out with Johnny in West Chester, PA.


Sara, Leila, John, Liam..

Oh, I can't forget.  I'd like to thank John and his family for donating a week to me!  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am.  From the food, to the yoga, to the Phillies tickets, and beyond... You guys were great!


This is a list of the people who have reached into their "Matrix" wallets in order to help fund my journey!  I sincerely thank you all so much!  I'm only putting your fist name and last name initial incase you wanted to remain somewhat anonymous.

In the order of which I received them.

David K. -   July 5th - $18.00

Dana V. -    July 5th - $50.00

Tiffany S. -  July 6th - $25.00

Patrick B. - July 7th - $25.00

Mara R. -    July 8th - $25.00

Gerry O. -   July 14th - $20.00

To everybody who has helped out... I THANK YOU!




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  1. pat says:

    You should have worn my “date” shirt. It works

  2. Dana Carideo says:

    Where is my mind?

  3. Aunt Donna says:

    HI David. Happy New Year and congratulations on your being half way through your journey. I’m amazed at how many interesting and wonderful people you’re meeting. I always have faith in human beings! We spent the afternoon at dad’s house for a belated birthday celebration for the August birthday people(me:), Jill, and Lauren) and of course Dad. Also Adam and the family were there. Olivia is a trip!! Keep on trucking. Good luck and write me an e-mail if you get a chance!

    Aunt Donna and family

  4. dave says:

    Thanks Aunt Donna! 🙂

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