Donations!!! Thank You!!!

My trip hasn’t even started yet and already the generosity of others is overwhelming.  I’d like to thank Ron (Friday poker buddy - on left) for sponsoring me in the amount of $120 (to be used for my first poker tournament). When I win... I’ll send you your half of the money! And... If I lose... thank you for trying to help me!

To the right is a picture of a poker rival who I never expected to donate. So Jon (spelled right) thank you for your crisp $5 bill. Every dollar helps! I’ll put it in my gas tank!

By the way... I’ll catch you bluffing one of these days. 🙂

Two friends from high school also donated to my cause. Both pictures were taken in my room. The one on the left was taken in front of the master map for the trip. The pins in the map DO NOT represent dead bodies... lol They DO represent the places I will to stay, cities that have casinos, etc... So Pete, thank you for the twenty... It is greatly appreciated!

To the right is of the One and Only “Hoagie”. Maybe the nicest guy in the world. It was no shock that he would donate, he’s just that kind of guy.  So Hoag’s...thank you for the Andrew Jackson and remember WVU is still the king of the Big East but if somehow they falter, I’ll pull for Rutgers in your honor!

On the left, I can't forget to thank Ron Z. (another poker buddy) who just donated $50 to me in the parking lot of our local game!

Another poker buddy (Bruce - Bottom right) said if he won $500 while playing with me (7/2/10) he would donate to my cause.   Luckily for me (and him), he did.  He then lived up to his word with a $50 pledge. Thanks Bruce!

This last picture (on the bottom left) is of me and Lisa (and her kid). She says she is going to donate to me through the paypal link but in the mean time she donated... a chicken leg! Thanks Lisa and Joe! Your parties are the best!

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the people who have donated through paypal. I do not have photos of these generous gifts so all I can do is say thank you and mention your names.

So, to Jeremy and Lauren, Gerri, My Mom, and Larry (the last person who I thought would donate) THANK YOU!

Every dollar helps, even a $1 donation is more than appreciated!


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