Enjoying A Nice Day & A Casino Cruise! (SC) “DAY 263” – 3/24/11

March 25, 2011 - 7:15 pm - (SC) “DAY 263” - Week 38 - State 34

I’m not sure if the weather in Myrtle Beach is always this nice in March or I’m just getting lucky, but I woke up to another perfect day. 🙂  So, my plan for the day is to enjoy the weather, get some writing done, and then get ready to play poker tonight on a casino cruise ship.

Writing All Day
Like I already said, I didn’t do that much today except write and tan.  So, when 5 pm rolled around I got ready to leave for the casino cruise which was 30 minutes away in Little River. (It’s a small town about 23 miles north of Myrtle Beach.)

Arriving At Suncruz Casino
The ride wasn’t that bad and I arrived at Suncruz Casino parking lot around 6 pm.  I was a little early because they don’t start boarding until 6:15 pm (boarding lasts from 6:15 pm - 7 pm), but that was OK with me because it gave me some time to look around.

The General Area
Since I had time to kill, I walked around the area to see what else was around.  Well... first I took some pictures of the cruise ship I was gonna be on in less than an hour.

But after that, I took some pictures of the restaurants that were right there near the water.  I didn’t walk in anywhere, I just walked by and took some pictures.  Other than that, there wasn’t much except for another casino cruise ship (The Big M).

F.Y.I. - The reason I’m taking Suncruz’s ship instead of the Big M’s is because the Big M doesn’t have a poker room.  Enough said. 😉

Buying My Ticket
The cost to get on the boat was $30 per person and that included your boat fee, a dinner buffet, and a $10 tax they charge.  But since I had a coupon, I saved $10 and it cost me just $20.  Not bad for dinner and a boat ride on the Atlantic Ocean.  Oh yeah, I get play poker too. 🙂

Security Before Boarding
After getting my ticket, I walked down the dock to where they had a security checkpoint you had to go through before you got on the ship.  It was your standard security checkpoint; empty your pockets, metal detector, etc...

Boarding The Ship
I boarded the ship around 6:50 pm but as I found out they were serving the buffet since 6:15 pm when people first boarded.  I only mention this because I had 15 minutes to eat the buffet before a free poker tournament started as soon as the boat pulled off shore. (The buffet did last until 9 pm though.)

Let me explain.  It wasn’t really free.  It cost $10 to play but since you can’t gamble until you’re X amount of miles out to sea, they give the money to the dealers and the Cruise provides a set $100, $50, $50 payout for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Got it.

Eating The Buffet

As far as buffets go, this was weak at best but I guess the people that go on these trips are here to gamble, not eat.  I was here to do both so I got a plate and ate whatever they served.  Nothing was that good except of the prime rib, so I ate a bunch of pieces because they were so small.

Checking Out The Boat
Even though I had 15 minutes to eat before the poker tournament started, I used only 10 of it because like I said, I only ate a few pieces of meat (and some corn).  So with the 5 minutes I had to spare, I walked around the ship to see what else they had to offer and where it was.

Basically, this was just a Aquasino (as they like to call it) because all they really had to offer was a casino on all three levels.  Other than gambling, they was a solo singer with a guitar on the 3rd deck where people could sit and relax while looking at an ocean view. (He stopped playing when gambling started, about 1 hour into the trip.)

Free $10 Poker Tournament
As the boat was pulling away from the dock, the free poker tournament began in the poker room on the 3rd level of the ship.  The need to knows.  There were about two tables of people entered although they did add new people as people got knocked out.

Other than that, you started with 2,000 in chips and they paid the top 3.  Lastly, the tournament ended as soon as the actual casino opened around 8 pm.  That’s when the boat would eventually reach international waters where anything goes. (I hope they have two monkeys knife fight! - It was on a “Simpsons” episode) 🙂

My Tournament

I soon found out this tournament was a All-In fest as almost every hand somebody would push.  It made sense because the blinds were 100-200 to start, they were moving up quickly, and there was a time limit on the tourney.

Also, since there could more than 3 people left when the tournament stops, the amount of chips each person has left is what will determine the winner.  After realizing what I just explained, I knew this wasn’t my kind of tournament where patience could pay off.

Still, I played my game and just 4 hands in, I got dealt pocket Queens (Q,Q).  Nice!  Or as it turned out not so nice. 🙁  Long story short, I pushed All-In and got called by 3 people.

One guy had (A,K), another (K, J), and the last guy also had pocket Queens (Q,Q).  Ahhhh!  When I saw that, I knew I was dead.  Still our hands held up (me and the guy who also had pocket Q’s) until the river when the guy who had (A,K) spiked an Ace and knocked us both out.

An Amazing Sunset
Since I was knocked out of the tournament before we reached international waters (way before we reached international waters ;)), I had time to kill before I could play poker again.

I’m actually glad I lost when I did because I was able to see one of the best sunsets I have seen all trip long.  The sky was a reddish purple and the sun was setting behind the Atlantic Ocean.  So, those two things mixed together made for an amazing sunset! 🙂

It’s Poker Time
Just as the boat annouced before we left shore, the casino opened up at 8 pm and the gambling began.  I was playing poker so I sat down in a 2-5 NL game. (I was in a 2-5 game because that’s all they offered tonight.)

There were two tables going, the only difference was... one was $100-$400 buy-in and the other was $200-$500 buy-in.  The real difference is the way the games will play.  The $200-$500 game will play a little bigger which goes against my game because I’m cash poor, so obviously... I got into $100- $400.

Fighting Sea Sickness
I wasn’t in the poker room for more than 5 minutes when I started to feel sea sick.  I’m not a boat guy and don’t really like to be on the ocean, but this boat was rocking real bad tonight. (Even some regulars were saying the boat was really swaying this evening.)

Even though I was feeling sick, I still had to play poker because I’m in need of some money as my monthly bills are approaching.  Not-to-mention, I will need more money than I have in order to finish the trip. 😉

Playing Poker Anyway
Knowing my financial situation, I still had to play so I bought in for $180 and put on my game face.  No friends tonight, I need to win.  Now, all I have to do is not throw up on the table when I’m in a hand.  That could be a tell. 😉

One of the first hands I played, I limped in for $5 with (9,5 suited spades).  I usually don’t play these type of hands but I had a feeling.  Anyway, I was right because the flop was... 10, 8, 6 of spades.  Nice!  I flopped a flush!

I slowed played it and worked out because I trapped a guy into calling my All-in on the turn.  No other spade hit and nothing paired board, so my flush held and I almost doubled up (I had more than the guy I beat).

Stacking Another Player
About 10 hands later I was in first position which is right after the big blind.  I tell you this because I was planning on folding my hand and getting up to take a break. (I needed some air as I was really feeling sick. 🙁

But then I looked at my hand and saw I had pocket 4’s, so I limped in for $5 and hoped nobody would raise.  There were 7 callers but nobody raised.  Nice, I’ll see the flop.  The flop... 10, 4, 2 (all different suites).  Perfect!  I’m gold!

After the blinds, I was first to act and checked. (I’m slow playing again.)  Somebody then bet $20 into the pot.  One person called before it got back to me and I just called as well.

The turn... 7.  I checked again and the better bet $50.  The other caller folded so I pushed All-In.  He insta-called and flopped over pocket Kings (K,K).  Whoa!  I didn’t expect that hand but I’m still way ahead.  The river... Q.  No help to him and I took it down.  I’m now up over $300 and I’ve only been playing an hour.  Nice!

Taking A Break
Still feeling sick, I played a few more hands and than took a break to get fresh air out on the 3rd deck.  After sitting outside for 30 minutes, I still didn’t feel much better so I went back in, grabbed my chips, and cashed out up $302.

F.Y.I. - I wanted to keep playing but I didn’t want to lose any money back and I couldn’t get a grip on being on a boat as I always felt about 5 seconds from hurling.  (Left: random dude who was next to me.) 🙂

Watching NCAA Basketball For Two Hours
With no way to escape the open ocean until the ship turned back at 11 pm, I sat down and watched the NCAA tournament for the rest of the cruise.  I fought hurling the whole time but finally... sea sickness gave way as we pulling into dock as I threw up all over the outside of the ship.

Exiting The Boat
After puking, I really wanted to leave but I had wait in a long line for 10 minutes before I could finally touch dry land.  Ahhh, that a relief.  Still, I was feeling nauseous so I hopped in my car and headed back to the Sea Echo for the rest of the night. (It was after midnight anyway, so it didn’t ruin my evening any further.)

The Sea Echo

When I got back to my room, all I did was relax on my bed and hope to feel better.  I felt so bad that I couldn’t even enjoy the money I won.  Although, most of the money I just won is already accounted for anyway.  That’s all for today.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    Way to book win rooster or should I say way to hit and run. great etiquette

  2. Dad says:

    It would have been nasty to VOMIT on innocent strangers who you just took 302.00 of their money.
    Good play. Funnier to read.

  3. Mike says:

    Why have you not.approved my comment about you editing my post my comment was posted over 2 days ago let the truth be known and.post this.comment too….
    Nothing but another fraud trying to exploit innocent people, an internet publicity stunt how original.

  4. dave says:

    Because I don’t want to have to explain why a guy feels the need to use ethnic slurs on my site and then question why I wouldn’t post it. Only a child wouldn’t know why it was posted.

    Plus, try typing those kinds of messages on Facebook or Myspace and see how long they stay up. Not only would they would be taken down, you would lose access to their site if reported.

    Also, say those kinds of things in public to somebody and you could be arrested if they pressed charges for a hate crime.

    Now… I really don’t care what you have to say anymore, but again… my site isn’t a forum for hate or discriminatory remarks. If that’s your deal… then I’m sure there’s a KKK site out there for you to post on.

    This is my last reply to you no matter what you post.


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