Finding A Place & Playing Poker! (CO) “DAY 172” – 12/23/10

December 24, 2010 - 11:00 am - (CO) “DAY 172” - Week 25 - State 22

Before I write my today (well yesterday, Thursday), “Back To the Future” post again, let me start my post by wishing my Mother a Happy Birthday!  I normally wait til tomorrow (which would be my 12/24) but for my Ma, she gets B-Day wishes twice!

Have a great day Ma, wish I was home to celebrate it with ya, although you still wouldn’t have gotten present. LOL 😉  Well... except for my love and maybe a Verizon bill! 🙂 (I know I'm using the same pics for me and Mom but she only approved so many.) LOL  It's true though. 😉

My Thursday - 12/23/10
When I woke up this morning (Thursday), I knew I had to start figuring some stuff out because my time staying with Sadie and Ali has ended.  (It’s the holidays and Ali has her family coming to town.)  I knew this all along, this wasn’t something I just found out.

So, the first thing I did after I thanked and said good-bye to the girls was to search the internet for casino’s with hotel rooms in the area.  While I was doing that, I was also packing up my things while watching the end of Wall Street 2 (I feel asleep last night).

F.Y.I. - I wasn’t going do any writing now because I just didn’t have time, Ali’s family was arriving to her house sometime around 9 -10 am and I didn’t want to be there without the girls when her family knocked at the door. 😉

Around 9 am, I found a casino that has a poker room and a hotel attached in Central City (45 minutes away).   And... it was $53 for the night.  I knew that was a good deal because all the other places were $99 or higher if they even had availability.

So even though $53 is pricey for me, I thought about the movie “Risky Business” and just said, “What The F&$K!”.  Hey, it’s the holiday time, I’ll treat myself! 🙂

Traveling To Central City
As I already mentioned, Central City is just 45 minutes away, so it’s not a far ride at all.  Nice!  The problem if there is is one... is that it does snow up there and I’m sure how the roads are gonna be.

I mentioned this to Sadie earlier (before I left) and she said not to worry because it snows in Colorado all the time and they know how to clear roads up here.  She did end it with... but sometimes you never know, you are in Colorado. 😉 LOL

Anyway, the drive turned out to be no problem as I arrived in Central City in 45 minutes, as I expected to.  And... I didn’t have to drive on any snowy roads at all. 🙂

Fortune Valley Casino
I arrived at the casino before 11 am, so when I approached the front desk, I knew I had to ask for an early check-in. (Check-in is usually after 4 pm.)  The guys at the desk were cool so they called housekeeping to see when they could get me into a room (10 minutes later).

My Room
The room was $53 but at least it was nice.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been a bigger TV but I don’t plan on spending much time in the room anyway so who really cares. 😉

After getting settled in my room, I had a decision to make.  Do I go downstairs, check out the casino, and see where the poker room is, etc... or do I just start writing my posts that I have to catch up on (“DAYS 170 & 171”).  Huh???

Checking Out The Casino
I figured I had all day to write and I wanted to see if they had a early morning poker tournament to play in so I headed downstairs to check out the casino.  After getting a feel for the landscape (and a players card), I found my way over to the poker room.

Poker Room
I got to the poker room around 11:00 am and it wasn’t a bad room.  They had about 8 tables but only one was going. (That means they only had one game being played, 2-10  spread limit Hold’em.)

I asked if they had open seat and they did, one open seat.  I know from playing so much that if I don’t take this seat now, I won’t get into this game for awhile (it’s a afternoon crowd and the afternoon didn’t even start yet. ;))

So... I took seat and bought in for $100.  I could tell the table was full of regulars as they were playing real friendly with each other.  Anyway, during the first hand I asked the table if there was bad beat jackpot here. They said no, but that there was a high hand promo.

High Hand Promotion

In this poker room if you get four 2’s or better you will win some amount of money.  It differs because they add to the total daily so when one gets hit, it goes back down to zero.  So, four 2’s was the highest payout at $900+, followed by a red straight flush, etc..).

Also, in order to win the high promotion, there has to be at least $20 in the pot, the hand must be played to the river with a show down, and you can not tell the other player you have a high hand hand.  Got it?  Good. 🙂

Playing Poker
After getting all that explained to me by the floor person, I was ready to play some cards.  Now, my goal is just win $53 (pay for the room) and then head back upstairs to catch up on my writing.

Then, the 5th hand I got at the table was pocket Queens (Q,Q) so I raised pre-flop to $8.  I got four callers.  The flop... (A, Q, 6).  I’m first to act so I check.  One of the guys in the hand says, “I hit an Ace with a flush draw” and bets $10.  I smooth call.

The turn... 6.  I now have a full house and don’t care about a flush.  I check again.  He bets $10.  This time though, I don’t smooth call but I check raise him to $20.  He looks at me and says, “I walked myself into this one” and almost folds his hand, but calls. (Right: The guy in the middle.)

The river... F&$King Q!  Woo Hoo!  I just hit 4 Queens and won a high hand promotion!  I looked over to see how much it pays because some only paid $43 dollars and 4 Queens paid... $524!  Holy Shit!

Now, it may sound weird but because of the rules, the only way I could lose this jackpot is if this guys folds his hand, so even know I knew I won, I just checked my quads to him.  He checked back and whala... I won $524 plus the pot!  Wow!

It only noon right now and I’m up $480 (tipping the dealer and I gave the guy back $20 who called that turn bet.  If he didn’t call that bet, I wouldn’t have ever seen the 4th queen.  Whew!  I was that close to costing myself $524 over 10 bucks!

Back To My Room
After doing all the necessary paperwork and getting paid, I went back to my room to catch up on my writing.  During this time of elation, I breezed through 2 days of posts and by 2:30 pm... not only I was up $430 (room fee) but I was all caught up writing.

A Christmas Miracle! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dinner (3 Times)
It was close to 4 pm and I hadn’t eaten yet so I went downstairs to get some dinner (or as I call it... breakfast, first meal of the day). 😉   Anyway, in this casino they had $2.99 prime rib dinner special so need-less-to-say, I ordered the special.

The special was so good (they actually gave you a real cut of steak), that I wound up eating it 3 times throughout the course of the evening.  Ten dollars for 3 meals like this is a no-brainer!  (With tip, it cost me $20 for 3 steak dinners.) Nice! 🙂

The Rest Of My Night
Since I was up a bunch of money (for me), I decided to just have fun for most of the night and spend a little money.  The casino wasn’t busy, but I still found friends to hang out with (people who were at the poker table with).

F.Y.I. - I don’t have any pictures of this because I was on the casino floor with security all around (not allowed to take pictures in the casino) but I bought a few rounds of drinks  for the guys as we all wished each other a Merry X-Mas!  🙂

Poker Again
Sometime near the end of my night, I went back to the poker room and bought in for $100 again.  I played good cards but when pockets Ace’s loses to (3,4) off-suit and trips loses to runner-runner flush, you tend to lose your $100 pretty quick and... I did! 🙁

Back To The Room
It was after 1 am and I was still up over $300 for the day, so I called it night and headed back to my for get some sleep.  Hey, I can’t complain, I had a great time, won some money, and have a big comfortable bed to sleep on.  Merry X-Mas to me!  🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Nice tribute for Joy. What was the filling in
    the cake? Good job in the casino. Merry Xmas.

  2. Matt says:

    Way to go rooster…that high hand promo came just in time…nice little xmas present id say. Merry Christmas bother

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