Football With The Boys & The French Experiment Ends! (AZ) “DAY 140” – 11/21/10

November 22, 2010 - 7:57 pm - (AZ) “DAY 140”

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I was gonna do was have a talk with C and figure out a solution to our current situation.  But... as I went to talk with her... she beat me to it.

She said, “ Dave, I think I won’t be traveling with you and I find a flight to Oakland, CA where I have a friend.”  I responded, “That sounds like a good idea.”  Whew!  That couldn’t have gone any better.  No fighting, no arguing, just two adults making an adult decision.  Nice!

I still asked her if she wanted to go watch football with me (to be polite) but she said she was going with Tim to see the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation or something.  Perfect!  She’s having a good time and I can go do what I do on Sunday... WATCH FOOTBALL!  (right: Tim, Leroy, C's shoulder).

This first place I was going to was Deniro’s to watch the Steelers vs Raiders game.  He’s a die-hard Raider fan and I’m a die-hard Steeler fan so you get the picture.  Plus, my old high school buddy (Tony D) was meeting me there as well.

On my way to Deniro’s, I stopped by Mike’s and got his sleeping ass up and out the door with me.  It”s only 10:30 am on Sunday... but it’s West coast football baby! 😉

I finally got there a little after the game started and it was already Steeler Time!  I think it was just 7-3 but I could feel the pain coming. 😉 (Steelers won 35-3.)  Shortly after I got there, Tony D arrived and it was great to see D!

Tony D
I have known Tony D for most of my life (at least since little league baseball).  We have always been friends and for many years hung out daily.  We even lived together out here in AZ for a few years along time ago.  Crazy how old we are! 😉

Anyway, it was great to see D.  He has a wife, a few kids, and another on the way.  Congratulations Tony!  I wish you nothing but the best!

The four of us watched the game and bullshitted about whatever.  We are friends like that... we just laugh and pick on each other for hours on end.  It was halftime of the early games and Curt was going to BW3 (a bar), so we left Deniro’s and went there to met up with him.

Well... almost everybody went to BW3... Deniro stayed home because his Raiders were being killed by my Steelers!  When we walked in the bar there was Curt, RB, and John.  A few minutes after we arrived, Lindsey met us up there as well.  Sweet!  I’m almost with all my friends!

Watching football on a Sunday with a bunch of my good friends is priceless to me!  I have always loved it but after being on the road for this long... I have new appreciation for friendship and the comfort you feel around a bunch of people who know you well!

I wish there was more to write because I have real good pictures of us, but the truth is... we just watched football, told some stories, ate some wings, and left after the games ended. (Right: RB, D, and Me)

The Jets won which made Curt and RB happy. The Cowboys won for D. The Steelers won for me.  But Lindsey and Mike’s teams both lost (SF and AZ) so some left happier than others but we all had fun and I’m glad everybody showed up! 🙂  Thanks guys! (Left: Lindsey and Me. - Right: D, Curt, Me.)

Curt’s Radio Show - With Kwamie Lassiter & Deniro - 5-7 pm Sunday’s, 1060 am
At 5 pm every Sunday, Curt, Deniro and ex-Cardinals safety Kwamie Lassiter do a radio show on 1060 am The Fan, locally here in Arizona.  They do there show live from Fox Sports bar in North Scottsdale, so I went up there to check it out and give my support.

F.Y.I. - Curt and I used to do this type of show for many years on a few different stations.  We always had a blast and I think we did a great show.  Being here reminds me of those days and watching them do there show... makes me miss it!

Anyway, during the show, Joe (who I crashed with Fri. and Sat.) was on mic giving away prizes and as a favor to me... he gave my website plugs to the people at the bar.  Thanks Joe! (For letting me crash and the plugs as well.)

New Readers (I hope) 😉
Because of Joe’s plugs, two girls (Krista and Tricia) at the bar were interested in my journey and called me to over to explain more.  So I went over and told them a few stories from my trip ranging from meeting President Obama to singing with “The Roosters”.

After hanging with them for a bit, I realized they were real cool, so I took a picture of us for the website! I hope you’re reading girls!  Good luck in life! 🙂

Pictures With The Guys
After the show ended I went on to the stage and took a few pictures with the guys.  Obviously, I know Curt and Deniro, they are two of best friends in Arizona but Kwamie I just met when the show ended.

Kwamie played college football at Kansas and professionally for a few teams, but mainly he played for the Arizona Cardinals where he was star safety for many years.

He was cool as can be as he took numerous photos with us, all in the name of  He even said he would check out the site. Thanks Curt, Deniro, and Kwamie!

Driving Joe Home & The French Experiment Continues...
I left Fox Sports bar around 8 pm and had to drive Joe home. (He had somebody drive him up there and they left early.)  I didn’t mind at all, Joe has been so cool to me, a 40 minute ride is the least I can do for him. 🙂

Plus, when I get back to his place, I will find out more about what C’s plans are for the week (when she’s flying out, etc..).  I can’t just leave her at Joe’s, he didn’t even know C until Friday at 11 pm. 😉

Arriving At Joe’s
When I got to Joe’s, the first thing I did when I walked in was go up to Tim and thank him for being “God-sent”!  He was confused because he thought I would be mad at him for hanging with C but It was exactly the opposite, I was thrilled he was hanging out with her!

Like I said, I didn’t dislike C or want her to feel lost or unhappy.  I just didn’t want to be the guy who had to show her the happiness anymore.  (Not that she can’t be happy by herself but you get what I’m saying.)

Anyway, Tim looked at me and was shocked at my response to him.  He was just as thankful to me for bringing this hot French girl into his life (even if just for a few days or however long it lasts).  He was like... Thank You Rooster!  I was like... Thank you Tim!

And then I when talked with C, she was happy can be as she was getting to see all the things in AZ she wanted to when she got here.  The landscape, museums, the wild west, etc...  Ahhh, what a relief!  A win, win, win situation!  Cha-ching!

At this point, I think I’m off the hook so I just made sure one more time that leaving C with Tim was ok and when Tim basically thanked me to death, I knew it was all good! 🙂 Plus, C looked as happy as can be to be hanging out with Tim, so I’m out baby!

After hearing all the good news across the board, I packed up my stuff from Joe’s place and went back to Mike’s in North Scottsdale (where I feel at home!). 🙂  Ah!  What a relief!

Mike’s Place

I got back home (Mike’s ;)) about 10 pm and was so happy to be free... I decided I would just do nothing and sit around on the couch while laughing about stupid shit with my boys!  Nice!

Also, I had a lot of writing to catch up on so it gave me time to try and get caught back up on my daily posts.  (Being in AZ makes it harder to write because I do not have any down time, there is always somebody to hang out with or something to do.)

The French Experiment - Final Conclusion
Here’s my final analysis about my French friend, C.  C was smart, beautiful (if you like tat’s), funny, worldly, polite, easy to be around AND... not for me!  It works like that sometimes, they (girls) can have everything you are looking for but not the intimate connection necessary. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    Whoa!! That was some experiment…thank goodness you realized that it wasn’t meant to be before things got toooooo far (if you remember our discussion). Hopefully when you write these chapters, C will read them with a smile on her face.

    Another topic: Didn’t expect to see Tony D on the blog! haven’t seen him since we played softball and he pissed off a guy from the other team so badly that the guy spiked me sliding (not running) into 1st base and breaking my ankle…Thanks D 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving Little Brother! If you can’t be with mom and me, I’m glad you’re in AZ with your extended family (the next best thing)…or are Mom and me the next best thing and you’re exactly where you wanted to be all along in AZ with your closest friends?? don’t answer that

  2. DAD says:

    This is what sundays and friends are all about Dave.
    You hit a home run. By the way Tony D looks good.

  3. VeVe says:

    I miss you! Just wanted to let you know. I’m soooooooooo happy to hear your journey is going soooooooooo beautiful. You’re in my prayers. Sending lots of L’Love from your V in Jersey 🙂

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