Going To Vegas! (So.Cal-Vegas) “DAY 124” – 11/5/10

November 6, 2010 - 2:37 pm - (CA-Vegas) “DAY 124”

Since I’m in LA now, I have to worry about parking so I got up at 9 am to move my car to another spot (1 hour parking).  Steve was already at work but he works real close to home so he stopped by to say good-bye to me around that time.

After Steve left, I started and finished writing “DAY 122”, then left his place to head off to Vegas to meet up with Wendy.  I didn’t have pay for a room because a old friend of mine (Jim from High School) got it hooked for me at a real cheap rate and another friend paid the difference.   Thanks Jim and anonymous friend!

Driving To Vegas
It’s crazy... I just got to L.A. and I’m already leaving for Vegas.  (I’m just going to Vegas for 2 days though and then heading back to the L.A. area for a week.)

Anyway, the drive wasn’t bad (only 4 1/2 hours) but there was a little traffic leaving L.A.. F.Y.I. - L.A. traffic is terrible, maybe the worst in America.  After I cleared L.A., the drive was basically smooth until I got into Las Vegas.

Once I got into Vegas, the strip was packed with cars and it took me about 20 minutes to drive the last 1/2 mile of my trip.  I arrived at Bally’s around 7 pm and checked into my room.

The room I got at Bally’s was sweet!  It wasn’t the high roller room but it wasn’t a Joe Schmo room either. 😉  Thanks again Jim!  I had a lot of clean cloths that weren’t packed so I threw them on the bed while I got ready to hit the town.

When I was getting ready Wendy stopped by (she has a room at Bally's too).  Wendy doesn’t like having her picture taken so for the rest of this post and tomorrows as well, you will only see half-assed pictures of her. 😉

I was hungry from not eating all day, so we hit the strip and walked around until I found something I was hungry for.

Walking The Strip
I’ve been to Vegas many times over the years (even lived at a buddy’s for a month in Henderson), so being on the strip isn’t a big deal to me anymore.  I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, and it has happened numerous times, so being here isn’t as exciting to me as one might think.

Anyway, as we were walking I did notice more statue-like street performers than usual.  I saw at least 3 of them in just a few blocks of walking.

They are cool and talented but I think they need to have a talk with each other.  They should either work together as a 3 man group or... work further apart.  Just my 2 cents! 🙂

P.F. Changs
A few blocks from Bally’s was a P.F. Changs, I love their lettuce wraps so Wendy and I stopped there for a late dinner.  F.Y.I. - Wendy and I are just friends, we have been for many years now.

Chang’s wasn’t that eventful but as always... the food I ordered was good.  The cool thing was, after my meal when I opened my fortune cookies (we each had 2), both of my fortunes were relevant to my life and trip!  I hope you’re right Chinese! 🙂

Back To Bally’s
When we got back to Bally’s it was early for Vegas (after Midnight) but I was tired from all the driving I was doing over the past few days, so I said goodnight to Wendy and went back to room to crash.

I didn’t mind going to sleep early because tomorrow is another day and... college football starts at 9 am.  If I wanna bet on football early, I have be up by 8 am.  And I do... I love betting sports!  It my cryptonite!  Ahhh! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    I hope your day of Football paid off. There were some wild games and great wins but nothing I’ve ever seen like Mich/Illinos, 3 OT and it took a Blitz to end it.
    Bally’s is the perfect location on the strip.
    The Steven Jordan I remember was a liitle guy. Tomorrow I’m going old little league photo hunting.
    By the way, Randall turned 17 today.
    Happy B-Day to him.
    Talk to you Sunday.

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