Golfing With Matt All Day & Hanging With Shakes All Night! (PA) “DAY 305” – 5/5/11

May 7, 2011 - 1:10 pm - (PA) “DAY 305” - Week 45 - State 41

When I woke up this morning in Shakes’s house, I knew he and Joey (his wife) wouldn’t be here because they both work during the day.  So, when I walked downstairs to start writing I was surprised to see a real pretty girl sitting on the floor playing with Grace (Shakes’s youngest daughter).

After introducing myself and talking with her (Cara) for a few minutes, I found out she was Shakes’s cousin and was helping them out with
babysitting for the month.  Ahhh, this makes much more sense now. 😉

Writing All Day
Being that I’m two days behind, I knew had to get to writing, so I bunked down in Shakes’s man cave and did my work until I got a text from Matt asking me if I wanted to golf with him today at 2:30 pm.

Even though I won’t be completely caught by that time, I decided to golfing with Matt mainly because it means I’ll get to hang out with him again before I leave.  Nice! 🙂

F.Y.I. - I don’t mind golfing but I’ll only golf these days if I’m playing with friends at a normal time. I won’t golf alone or I won’t golf if the tee time is 9 am or earlier.  It’s just not fun for me.

Meeting Matt At The Golf Course
When I left Shakes’s house, all I knew about where I was golfing was the address. (Matt sent it to me so I could put it in my GPS.)  So, when I arrived to the course about 20 minutes later I was surprised to see I was at a Country Club. (Hey, they normally don’t let homeless travelers golf at these kinds of places.) 😉 LOL

Lone Pine Country Club
Seriously though, this was a real nice place and you do have to be golfing with a member in order to play a round here. (I’m sure there are exceptions but I wouldn’t be one of them.)

Anyway, realizing this, I figured out that Matt must be a member here.  So, what that mean to me is, I can’t act like Rodney Dangerfield in “Caddyshack” when in the clubhouse or on the course.  Well, maybe on the course a little if nobody is around. 😉 (Left: So let's dance!) LOL

Finding Matt
The drive from the street to the clubhouse was a little ways so during this time, I took a few pictures of the course I was about to play. (It was about a mile to clubhouse from the street.)

Once I found the clubhouse and parked, I saw Matt almost as soon I walked into the building.  He was in the pro-shop looking at a some new clubs with a buddy of his Rob. (Rob is a co-worker and friend of Matt’s who is also playing with us today.  Or better said, I’m playing with them.)

Matt Gives Me A Present
After Matt and Rob got finished talking with the pro shop guy, we left the building to get into our golf carts for the day.  Then, as soon as we got to the cart Matt pulled out a present he brought for me.

What Matt got me was a Steelers golf shirt to wear on the course today and keep.  I’m not sure if he gave it to me as a present because he knew I’d like it or so he’d know I would be wearing an appropriate shirt on the course.?  Huh? (It’s probably a little from column A and a little from column B.) LOL  Thanks Matt! 🙂

Rooster Golfing History
Before I tell you about the round of golf I played today, I’ll start instead by giving you my golfing history so you have an idea of my level of play.  Here we go.  As a young kid, my Dad would always take me and brother to play pitch and put, so I can use a 9 iron pretty well.

Then, as a young adult (17-23), I played a bunch of rounds each season.  I wasn’t the guy who would play every day, but I’d say I’d play 5-8 times each summer.  Again, while still playing a bunch of pitch and put. (I grew up real close to 3 or 4 regular golf courses and two pitch and puts.) (Right: ealry 20's)

After that when I moved to AZ, I’d say my golf game slowed down to whenever there was a free Media Event or if a group of guys decided to play and I was invited.  And now, I haven’t really played more a round a year for the past 6 years or so.

Summing up my golf game, I used to play bogey golf when I was younger.  Then, in my late 20’s I played a little worse and now I have no idea how I play because I barely golf anymore.  In case your wondering, my best round ever was an 82 at a course in AZ with my friend Jake from NJ.

Golfing With Matt & Rob
Now that you know my golf game, I’ll tell you about Matt’s and Rob’s from what I saw today.  I’ll start with Matt.  Matt is a good golfer for somebody who doesn’t make golf his life as he hit a bunch of pars during the round and even got to hears the birds chip on one hole. (He got a birdie, ah ha!)  Not bad.

His friend Rob also had a good game as he hit a bunch of real solid shots throughout the day. Basically both of them were much better than me but luckily today was more about fun than score.

F.Y.I. - I’m not sure what anybody’s score was because Rob was keeping the official tally for us and I never bothered to even check what anybody’s total was.  I knew mine wasn't any good.

My Golf Game Today
Since I haven’t played in awhile and never practice at the range, I didn’t expect much from my game today.  But, as luck would have it, I didn’t play all that bad.  I’m not saying I played good either, but I definitely didn’t embarrass myself.

My strategy was to play with just 3 clubs as much as possible (driver, 9 iron, and a putter).  This is my plan because I can always drive the ball far, I hit a 9 iron well, and you have to use to a putter. 😉  So, if I stick to those clubs, I won’t play that bad.

Scoring Par On Two Holes
Now that you know my strategy, I can tell you that it only worked out on 3 holes.  Two of them I hit par and the other one I had a put for birdie that turned into a bogey. (Ahhh! My putting is terrible.)

If all I told about was those 3 holes, you’d think I was a great golfer.  But the truth is, outside of those holes I didn’t play that well. (I was playing double bogey golf at best.)

And, my back and shoulder was already sore after just 13 holes of play, so that’s when I called it quits on my round.  Hey, now that I put it like that, I hit par on 2 out of 13 holes when I haven’t played a round in over 6 months and the round before was about 2 years ago.  Not bad Rooster! (Oh no, I 3rd personed my self!) LOL

The Golf Course In General
Besides the fact that the course was nice to play golf on, it was also very well kept and had some gorgeous views.  There were tons of nice trees, rolling hills, and even some water hazards.

Besides all the beautiful views, some of the holes even had real good scenery to them.  For example, I believe hole 5 was completely surrounded by water, so it was like a hole on a island. (I hit it in the drink.)  And another hole had a lake run up the left side with huge trees along the right.  Real cool! 🙂

Summing Up My Golf Outing
Like I said, I don’t play golf anymore because I care about how I well I do, I play golf to enjoy the company of the people I get to spend time with.  So, with that as my measure for how well my golf day was... I hit par because I had a great time with Matt and Rob and really enjoyed myself!  Thanks for everything Matt!

Back To Shakes’s & Then Off To Wrub’s
When I got back to Shakes’s place (6 pm-ish), I didn’t stay there for more than an hour before Shakes and I left to find one of his best friends (Wrub).  (Wrub’s phone wasn’t working so we had to drive to his place if we were to see him.)

F.Y.I. - Shakes and Wrub were childhood best friends and when Shakes went to WVU (which is where we met) Wrub would always come down to hang out.  One year, Wrub and I hung out almost everyday for about 4 months.  It was such a regularity that people actually thought Wrub went there too.

Arriving At Wrub’s House
When Shakes and I got to Wrub’s place we didn’t even know if he was gonna be there because it was close to 8 pm and it was Cinco de Mayo.  But... as luck would have it, Wrub was hanging in tonight with his girlfriend (it was her birthday).  Nice!  Wrub is alive and well. 😉

Hanging With Wrub & Shakes
I gotta tell ya, hanging with Wrub and Shakes together is a serious good time as they are just the kind of guys you can’t help but laugh and have fun with.  Plus, seeing all of us in the same room together is a major blast from the past.  Wow! 🙂

Since it was Wrub’s girl’s birthday, we didn’t hang out for long, but we did get a working phone number so we could get in touch with him this weekend sometime.

It was a lot of fun to see Wrub again especially while I was with Shakes.  Don’t be stranger Wrub and good luck in life buddy!

Meeting Up With B.J.
If you have been reading my site lately, you would know that B.J. is also one of my college friends from WVU.  BJ is probably one of the funnest guys to be around as he is always laughing and having good old time.  You go Bernie!

F.Y.I. - Shakes, BJ, Matt, and myself were all freshman at WVU at the same time and lived on the same floor.  BJ and Matt lived 2 doors from me and Shakes lived somewhere. 😉  Spaulding, Wulf, Goran, Big Smack, Koss, Sloppy Joe, and Bub, amongst many others rounded out our crew.

Frankie I’s Bar
By the time Shakes and I got to Frankie I’s it was close to 10 pm.  Now, the actual time wouldn’t normally matter at this point in the evening but since Shakes had to be up for work early in the AM, I knew we only had til about mid-night to hang out with Bernie (BJ) at the bar.  Got it!

Anyway, as soon as Shakes and I walked into the bar we saw Frankie the “I”. (That’s who owns the bar.)  Frankie and I have known each other through the guys for a few years and since I’ve been in town this week, he has treated me like a VIP every time I have been his bar (I’ve been here 3 or 4 times).  Thank you Frankie!

After doing some shots with Frankie, Shakes, BJ, and I just hung around the bar telling stories from the past and laughing.  Man, we did some stupid stuff together as kids.  LOL

Karaoke Time
At Frankie’s bar tonight they had karaoke, so after a few drinks I got up on stage and sung one of the few songs my voice allows me to sing well, Ton Loc’s “Wild Thing”. (I don’t need drinks to sing, that’s just how it worked out.)

Anyway, after I got done rocking the crowd with my raspy Ton Loc voice, 😉 it was almost time to go because it was getting late for the people who have real lives and jobs in the morning. 😉

Back To Shakes’s House
After we left the Frankie’s, all Shakes and I did was drive back to his house which was about 20 minutes from the bar. (We didn’t get any late food or anything.)  Nice!  I’m getting thinner already! 😉

Like I said, Shakes had work in the morning, so he went to bed as I stayed up and worked on my site.  I know I’m a bunch of days behind now because there is always something going on when you have a bunch of friends in town.  I guess to me, that’s the Yin and Yang of this journey.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Nice to see you and your college buddys still in touch. Golfing, drinking and old stories. Life is good.

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