Hanging At The Hippie House! (VT) “DAY 326” – 5/26/11

May 28, 2011 - 8:55 am - (VT) “DAY 326” - Week 48 (47) - State 44

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was sat around with Chris on the front porch and talked awhile about whatever.  Some of that whatever was that Chris was leaving today for somewhere. (He’s doing his own thing this weekend.) 😉

Even though Chris was leaving today and wouldn’t be back until Monday, he still said I could stay there as long as I’d like and even said he hoped I’d still be here on Monday when he returned.  Thank you Chris, you are too cool! 🙂

Hanging With Chris & Alem
Since Chris was leaving in the afternoon sometime, we (Chris, Alem, and I) just hung out outside while we laughed, played music together, and a bunch of other stuff too. (It was a good time.)

Then, sometime around 2 pm Chris started packing up his stuff for the road as I sat in the living room writing away on days past.  What I didn’t know was that during that time Chris wasn’t just packing, he was also making me a present from a used tired he found on the side of the road.

Chris Makes Me A Present
I already explained this a little yesterday but Chris is a “Freegan”.  A freegan is somebody who don’t let anything go to waste and will use and take anything that is free.  (That is a very loose definition though. If you want to know more Google freegan.)

Anyway, Chris decided at some point that he wanted to give me a present before he left so he took a tire he found on the side of the road and turned part of it into a pair of sandals for me.  It’s really not a bad idea as the pair he made for me fit well and surprisingly were pretty comfortable. Thank you Chris! 🙂

One of the real cool things about this shoe is that the bottom of it still looks like a tire. (It has all the tread and whatnot still there, really cool looking.)  Not to mention, this is a really creative way to use a tire. 😉  You go Chris!

Chris Leaves For The Weekend
It was around 4 pm when Chris finally got all things together and headed out to wherever he was going for the weekend.  Have fun Chris and thanks for everything!

Since Chris was now gone and so were most of his roommates, the only people left in this house for the weekend were Alem and Me.  This was fine with me as Alem and I got along real well and were already friends. (He’s a real cool dude with a big heart as he was very accommodating toward me.)

A Rain Storm Arrives
Sometime in the early evening a rain storm hit town and when I say it rained... it really came down hard for the rest of the night. (The sky got real dark right before it started and it didn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning.) (Right: The wind was blowing hard as well.)

Anyway, even though it was raining outside, Alem and I were still going out to a local bar tonight. (It’s one of two bars in town and Thursday night is .25 cent  Pabst Blue Ribbon draft night so the college kids pack in the place.) 😉

Hitting The Bar With Alem & Scoots
It was after 9 pm when Alem, Scoots, and I left the house and drove less than a mile to the bar. (We would have walked but like I said, it was raining cats and dogs outside.)

When we got to the bar and walked inside, I could immediately tell it was a college atmosphere as all the people there were much younger than me.  Now, that’s not a big deal but since I wasn’t drinking, there wasn’t much for me do there except stand around.

Leaving The Bar
It was after midnight when I left the bar and went back to the hippie pad for the night.   And since there wasn’t much else to do, I just called it night and crashed out for the evening. (Alem stayed at the bar a little longer and walked home with a friend of his.)

Well, that’s it.  Another day on the road and another day closer to being finished.  I’m gonna write more about this in tomorrow’s post but I’m finally tired of the grind.  I’m tired of writing, taking pictures, traveling, not having somewhere to stay, and everything else it takes to make this journey work.  I’ll write more tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Sounds like you needed a drink. I’m ready for the journey to end too. See ya soon, again.

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