Hanging With All My Cali Friends, Well… Almost! – (So-Cal) “DAY 130” – 11/11/10

November 12, 2010 - 1:10 pm - (So-Cal) “DAY 130”

Right now, I'm sitting on a balcony over looking the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.  It is an awesome view.  I am writing from my friend Bob's (and Gale’s) place in a very nice neighborhood of LA.

Bob comes into play in this post “Day 130.”  As I currently write it’s  “DAY 131”, but that’s tomorrow. Damn “Back To The Future” posting, it can get confusing! 😉

“DAY 130”
Anyway... let’s get back to “DAY 130”.  I woke up at Matt’s place and since it was the last I was staying with him, I packed up my things while I wrote my daily post.  I had to wait for him to get back from a meeting because he had my tennis rackets in his trunk.

I didn’t mind because it gave me time to write as well as allowed to me thank Matt and say good-bye in person.  It was awesome seeing Matt again.  Who would have thought that 7 years ago... the best thing that would have come out of “Forever Eden” was Matt Quinn!  Who knew? 🙂

As I was leaving and he was giving me back my tennis rackets Matt played his last stupid funny trick. When he handed me back he racket case, he hide the racket behind his back under shirt, so I would say... You left the racket in the truck.  Which I did.

Then, he turned around and said, “Got you Rooster!”  So stupid!  But it was funny... and I left with a smile on my face.  Remember Matt... I will beat you in tennis one day!  Laugh it up now... cause your time will come! 🙂

Jeremy’s For Dinner (Long Beach, CA)
I finally left Matt’s around 3:30 pm and headed to Jeremy’s place for dinner in Long Beach (The LBC!, it’s hard being Snoop D O double G but ah.. somehow someway, I kept coming up with funky ass shit like every single day...). 🙂  My Snoop Dog tribute to the LBC!

Anyway, after some L.A. traffic I arrived at Jeremy’s around 5 pm.  Not bad for what should be a 40 minute drive, well... in this area. 😉  Jeremy has a very nice home and it’s attached to the rehab facility he runs with his beautiful wife Lauren.

F.Y.I. - In his home is him, his wife and kids.  Attached to his house are 3 separate apartment-style homes that can house up to 12 people at any one time.

For anybody that really knows Jeremy... he has a typical Jeremy vehicle again.  No, it’s not a Bus, it’s not a Van, it’s not a painted up cow car.  It’s not even the bicycle he and his wife rode across the country.  Yes!  They rode a tandem bicycle from NJ to Cali! 🙂

It’s some orange shit-kicker of a truck!  It’s so Jeremy... it’s awesome!  Nice!

Dinner With The Family
Lauren (Jeremy’s wife and my friend ;)) made us a spectacular dinner!  She made us home-made meatballs that she started cooking at 7:30 am.  Yes... she let them cook all day in her home-made sauce.  Oh Yeah!

I have been looking forward to eating pasta and meatballs so bad.  I didn’t even tell Jeremy that... it just worked out perfect!  And that’s surprising because I tell Jeremy everything about well... everything!  So he must of just sensed it from knowing me so well!

All of us ate in the dining room as we talked about my journey and what I’m going to do next.  Jeremy is the man behind the man in this journey. He is basically... E.F. Hutton... when he talks... I listen! lol 🙂  Man... I just dated myself! 😉

Hanging With The Kids (Elizabeth & Laurie)
Now, anybody that knows me well... knows that I’m not much of a kid guy.  Basically, I’m not comfortable around them until they get to about 12 or so.  Ya know, teenage years and older.

Obviously, Jeremy’s kids didn’t know that as they climbed all over me like a jungle gym!  Honestly... I didn’t mind at all.  It was just so crazy that it was Jeremy’s kids climbing all over me... that I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing! 🙂

Even though I had a great experience with Jeremy and Lauren’s kids, if I ever have one of my own... I will be dropping it off in a basket on Jeremy’s doorstep with a sign that says... be back in 12 years... Thanks brother! 🙂 JK - He’s great with his kids!

It was almost 7:30 pm when I realized I had to leave because our other NJ (childhood) friend Steve was taking me out on the town with other people I used to know when I lived here 5 years ago.  I didn’t want to leave but... I do what I have to do! 🙂

Steve’s Place - Barney’s Beanery
I got to Steve’s place around 8:30.  We headed to bar after waiting for his girl (Amy) to arrive home.  She is a real cool girl from some village in Hawaii.

Just Kidding!!!  That’s an inside joke but seriously... she’s from one of the Hawaiian islands.

Anyway, the three of us left around 9 pm for Barney’s Beanery in Hollywood.  Meeting us there was a good friend of Steve’s, as well as a friend of mine from when I lived here (Bob, I met him through Steve).

L.A. is such a different place compared to the rest of the world.  Look at Steve, then look at Bob, now Amy, and then... look at me!  Do you see the difference! 🙂 LOL

The four of us had a great time as we sat a table and bull shitted about our lives.  Everybody’s life was at the table was so different, yet interesting.  (Some random girls! :))

Steve is a big-time personal trainer, Bob is working on his music career, Amy is kicking ass as a designer as well as being from Hawaii, and then there’s the homeless traveling lunatic from New Jersey.  What a crew! 🙂  Oh yeah... our waitress Sway was real cool too! (Thanks for putting up with my New Jerseyness ;))

It was about midnight when we called it a night.  Steve and Amy had to be up early for work and I had to be early as well (I’m going back to Vegas for the weekend to hang out with an old friend, Scott).  Bob... well Bob could have done whatever but I think he went home too.

IN-N-OUT Burger
After getting back to Steve’s, I left to go get some food at In-N-Out Burger.  People out West go crazy for this place, they think it’s the best burger in the world.  For my tastes... I’ll take North Jersey White Diamond burger over it any day but it’s not bad for Cali.

After getting some food in my belly, I went back to Steve’s and crashed on his couch like a fatten’d up bear ready for hibernation.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Lauren and Jeremy, you guys look great. Your girls are cute, too.Steve Jordan, I’m still looking for that little league photo. Once again Dave, your having too much fun.

  2. Steve says:

    Dave it was great seeing and hanging with you! I excited for you. This is an awesome experience and look forward to reading more. Ken (Dave’s Dad and my Little League Coach) I would love to see that pic!

  3. John Riccio says:

    Still reading brother!!! Laughing my ass off every day!! Hope that everyone in AZ is doing well!! Give them all my best!!
    Take care!

  4. dave says:

    Thanks Riccio! Still telling stories of my time in Wisconsin with ya! I had a blast!

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