Hanging With Holly In The Big Easy! (LA) “DAY 224” – 2/13/11

February 15, 2011 - 10:40 am - (LA) “DAY 224” - Week 32 - State 29

When I woke up to the smell of dirty hippie this morning, I thought to myself... ahhh smells like home! LOL 😉  Seriously, as soon as I got up, I went to the front desk and paid for one more night at the hostel ($20).

I got another night because today I’m going out with Holly for an all day adventure.  So, I figured it was worth it. (I met Holly last night in the hostel when I got back from the casino.  We talked for awhile and then decided to hang out today.)  Caught up? OK.

Hanging With Holly All Day Long
Before I get into what we did today, let me try to explain to you (the best I can) who this girl is and why she’s in New Orleans to begin with.  Holly is 22 years old girl from the D.C. area (suburbs, I’m assuming from our conversations).

She decided a few months ago to just leave D.C. and head down here to N.O. for a good time.  Well... and because she’s into music at some capacity.  But not Jazz, she’s a rapper and songwriter (in training).

Anyway, after talking with her and trying to find out what she wants to do with life.  I helped her decided what she should be doing.  1.), She like's rapping and has a good signing voice. 2.), She’s into politics and wouldn’t mind being in office.  3.), For some reason or another, she hates emu’s (world’s largest bird).

So, knowing the information I had before me, I told her she should become political rapper who runs for office by rapping her principals to the people.  And obviously, her biggest platform would be, The Anti-Emu campaign!

So, If you’re in a country who harbors Emu’s and their rights (Australia), you better watch out if she gets into office! 😉  Truthfully, I’d vote for her, Emu’s make me uncomfortable and probably are the reason for our bad economy! 🙂 (The kangaroo is safe though.) 😉

Our Actual Day
So, now that you have idea of the person I hung out with, I’ll tell you about my day palling around with her.  The first thing we were doing was to go to lunch somewhere in the French Quarter.  We were both in the mood for BBQ so we went to a place called the Joint.

The problem... when we got there it was closed on Sunday!  Damn you Holly! (She kept telling me I was about to eat the best ribs ever, but now... no ribs cause their closed!)

Finding Somewhere Else To Eat
Since The Joint was closed, we drove to to another area of the quarter and parked the car so we could look for another place to eat.  After walking around for a little while looking at some old stores and whatnot, we stumbled onto another BBQ place.

F.Y.I. - One of the stores we stopped was a real old store with so much stuff in it, it was crazy.  It reminded me of the show about Pickers on the history channel.  If I knew what was valuable in here, I could have definitely found a great steal.  Damn my lack of knowledge! 😉

BBQ Place (Forgot The Name)
Although I forgot the name of the place, I do remember where it was.  It was on the corner of Dauphine and Louisa. (I know because I took a cool picture of the street corner.)

During the time that we were hanging out, I was really comfortable around Holly.  Her personality is just crazy enough and sane enough to make me like being around her.

For example, we would just be walking around and we would make a song about whatever we were doing and sing it aloud on the streets.  Then, I could also make fun of her and she knew when I was joking.  So refreshing, a hot girl with a good personality!  (Although she is slightly crazy, but hey I like crazy!) 😉

Back To The Hostel
After eating some ribs and having a few drinks, we decided to head back to the Hostel so Holly could do her laundry. (She was also nice enough to wash some of the things I needed to have cleaned as well.)  Thanks Holly!

Anyway, while she was doing our laundry, I was in the living room trying to catch up on my writing that I have now fallen behind on again.  It’s so much work when you’re trying to do stuff as well!

Going Out For the Night Too
After getting some clean cloths on (both of us), we decided that we would hit the town and have a few more drinks on Bourbon St.  But before that, I took her to Harrah’s because (they have free parking) and she has never gambled in a casino before.

Oh yeah, and before that, we stopped at a gas station and bought some Mad Dog 20/20 as a pre-game beverage!  Yes!  We drank Mad Dog!  After seeing it in the store, I said to Holly that I used to funnel Mad Dog as kid and then she said,” Ahh , 10th grade.”

The funny thing is, that’s about when I drank Mad Dog, so I guess that’s the age where Mad Dog becomes a drink of choice.  Or... when you become old and homeless.  Those are the two acceptable ages to drink Mad Dog! 🙂  Got it!  I’ve lived through both now! LOL

Since she has never gambled before, I decided it would best if we just played a little roulette.  It’s easy to play and we both can play at the same time. (No pictures of this.)

Anyway, after playing for a little while (20-30 minutes), she was up $13 and I was $8, so I told her we should both cash out as winners.  It’s not much but as all gamblers know... how often do two people (who went to the casino together) both leave the casino up any amount of money!  Right, so a small win was better than two loses! 😉

Hitting Bourbon Street
It was now getting later, so we hit Bourbon Street to have a few more drinks and watch some live music.  Pretty much all we did on Bourbon was walk up and down the street while we stopped in a bar here and there.

We did almost participate in a 6 person funnel where they funneled two pitchers of beer at one time.  The people who did it weren’t skilled drinkers as they spilled a ton of beer all over themselves and the bar. LOL

After watching a few bands and playing around in the many Mardi Gras stores, we called a night and decided to head back to the Hostel.

Late Night Snack
On our way back to the Hostel, we stopped at this station I have been eating at the last few days.  I know... gas station food is always terrible but to be honest... this is the best fried chicken I have had all trip long!  For real... it goes against all my eating rules but it is great chicken!

Other than the chicken, Holly demanded that we get another bottle of Mad Dog (although she didn’t drink any of it).  By the time we had everything we wanted and got back to the India House, it was after 1 am.

Hanging With Holly In My Car
Instead of going into the Hostel where everybody was hanging out, we hung out in my parked car which was right in front of the hostel on the street.  Again, she was a lot fun and little crazy so we just sat there and sang a few songs together.

One song I remember singing with her was a version of Elton John’s song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” that he sang with Miss Piggy on a episode of the Muppets (In the 70’s?).  Yes, we did this at least 5 times in the car.  Holly really likes that version! 🙂  Like I said, a real crazy fun chick!

Calling It A Night
After singing, eating chicken, and drinking more Mad Dog... it was time for bed.  So, although it would have been nice to see her naked... JK (although it would have been, what's not nice about a hot naked girl), we said our good-byes and headed to our respective rooms for the night.

F.Y.I. - I didn’t even try to kiss her, I didn’t feel that vibe although we did have a ton of fun together today.  And why ruin a great day with an uncomfortable moment at the end of the night.  Plus... nobody likes getting the face-turn! (Ya know, when somebody doesn’t want to kiss you, they turn their face at the last second.)  Such an awful feeling! 🙁

Well... that was my day.  I did have great time and it was a day I needed.  I truly felt real comfortable around Holly, so to me... it felt like a day hanging with an old friend where you could just totally be yourself and have fun!

Thanks Holly and take care of yourself! And... for your happiness... I hope all Emu’s suffer at your hands some day! 😉 LOL

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    Who paid for lunch? And other stuff?

  2. dave says:

    I paid for lunch, she paid for everything after that except one drink I had. She even bought the chicken late night.

  3. DAD says:

    Sounded like a normal relaxing day with a friend. NICE!!!

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