Hanging With Kline, Working Out, & The Bars! (SC) “DAY 262” – 3/23/11

March 24, 2011- 2:40 pm - (SC) “DAY 262” - Week 38 - State34

Today was almost a mirror image of yesterday except my nighttime was different and much more fun. (Last night, I wrote all night long.)  Other than that... another beautiful day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 🙂

Working Out
Today will be my third day in a row working out. Woo Hoo!  The problem... I’m just as fat as I was 3 days ago. 😉  Knowing that, I headed to the beach today to run on the sand (which is a harder to do than on the pavement).

I got to the beach in no-time as it’s just a block and half from my motel.  Nice!  Knowing how hard it is to run on the sand, I had no idea how far I’d get then, add in how sore I am from running the last two days and if I only made 10 feet... I wouldn’t be surprised. 😉

Starting Line
After stretching and watching some birds, I drew a staring line in the sand and took off on my jog.  I decided to jog close to the ocean because the sand is firmer there making it a little easier to run on.

The only problem with that was that were a lot of shells on certain parts of beach by the water and since I didn’t want to cut my feet, I’d have to stop at those spots and just walk by carefully.

Jogging Farther Than I Thought I Could
Like I said, I didn’t think I’d make it that far, but somehow-someway I jogged further than I have each of the past two days.  I don’t why it was easier today than past two days except maybe the scenery of the beach put my mind in better place.

I’m not exactly sure how far I made it but I think I jogged over 2 miles straight. (Besides stopping for the shells (twice), I only stopped for a second when I saw a bunch of American Flags right next to the water.)

And the reason I stopped there is because that’s where I decided to turn around and head back to where I started.  The jog back was a little harder than the jog to that point, but I was really surprised how much better I felt after just two days of running.  Not bad! 😉

Lunch With Scott Kline (WVU Friend) Again
For the second day in a row, Scott (an old friend of mine from WVU) stopped by to take me out to lunch.  So cool! 🙂  Today he was working in South Carolina and on his way back to N.C., he had to pass through Myrtle Beach so he called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch again.

River City Cafe
If you read yesterday than you would know that Scott had lived in Myrtle Beach for a couple of years a few years ago.  So, he knows all the best places to eat and anything else for that matter.

Anyway, yesterday he brought me to Dagwoods for great sandwich and today... he’s bringing me to the River City Cafe where they serve great burgers and fresh cut french fries.  This is perfect for me as this is one of my favorite meals.  Nice!  🙂

Hanging With Scott
Since Scott could only stay for the amount of time lunch would take, we talked about everything while we ate our burgers.  By the way, these burgers were good and the fries were great!

It really is so cool that Scott would think of me and stop by again just to hang out and buy me lunch.  It makes life so much better when you have a friend to hang out with even if it’s just to share a meal together.  Thank you so much Scott!

Time flies by when you’re laughing with an old friend because before I knew it, it was time to for Scott to go and head back to N.C.  So we jumped in his car and he dropped me off at the Sea Echo.

But before Scott left today, he told me I could stay at his place Friday or Saturday if needed/want to this weekend.  Again, that’s so cool.  I’m sure yet, but I told him to expect me one of those days if not both (depending on my funds).  See ya sometime this weekend Kline!

Broadway At The Beach
After relaxing in my room for awhile, it was close to 7 pm, so I got up to hit one of the areas Scott had told me I should go to while I’m here.  The place... Broadway At The Beach and the best way to describe it is... it’s like a mall on the beach with a lake in the middle except it’s a mile (or so) from the ocean.

Also it not like a regular mall, it’s like a super shore mall.  What I mean is, they have all the souvenir shops, candy stores, and every other kind of store would find near the beach times 10.

Plus, they had a ton of specialty type attractions.  Just to name a few, they a I-MAX 3-D, a Castle for something, MagicQuest, Ripley’s Aquarium, and so much more.  There is so much to do here!

Besides the big attractions (which I just named), this area also had a ton of bars and restaurants.  Again, just to name a few, they had Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, The Hard Rock Cafe, a cool place called the Liberty Steakhouse, and a bunch more bars but I’ll tell you about them in a minute.

After walking around the the complex for a little while, it was close to 9 pm.  I now had a decision to make because most of the stores/shop were about to close.  My choices... do I stay and go to the bars or do I go back to the room for the night?  Huh?

Name Painting Shop
As I was deciding what I was gonna do, I passed by a shop in the middle of the boardwalk where a artist would paint your name with letters made from animals.  Intrigued by the paintings, I stopped to see how much it would cost me for a Rooster one.

The prices weren’t bad but still... it would have cost me about $25 for the name Rooster. (Three letters were $10, plus $2 each additional letter, and $6 for the paper frame.)  Knowing $25 is to much for me to spend, I asked the gentleman working the stand (Christopher Lee) if he would make a deal.

Making A Deal With Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee is a Korean man who has been in the states for almost 30 years.  His paintings are a traditional Korean style although many confuse it for Chinese artwork. (He told me that this type of painting has been in his culture for many many years.)

Anyway, after a quick conversation with Mr. Lee, he said he would give me the painting for free!  People are so amazing!  He said, that since I was honest with him, he liked my smile, and he wasn’t that busy, he would make me one for nothing!  Thank you Mr. Lee!

F.Y.I. - If anybody would like one of these painting created by Mr. Lee, you can go to his website -  www.nameartworld.com  and order one directly to your home.  He is a great artist as well as a very nice man!  It’s a great present that will last forever!

Painting My Rooster Name

While Mr. Lee painted my name for me, we talked about life in Korea, his time in America, as well as my trip across America.  He has an amazing tale which I was truly interested in and now... he is a business owner living the American dream.  You go Mr. Lee! 🙂

After 10 minutes (it takes shorter than that but we were talking), my Rooster painting was finished.  I couldn’t have been happier as this piece of artwork I will have for the rest of life (barring a natural disaster).  Thank you again Mr. Lee and good luck in life!

The Bars In Celebrity Square
I already told you about some of the bars and restaurants, but this area was where all the real nightlife took place.  In this area was a Senor Frog’s, Fat Tuesday, and at least 10 other bars but most notably, Malibu’s Surf Bar (this is supposedly a famous place).

“The Situation” Is In Town
Anyway, as I was walking through these bars deciding which one I was gonna go to, I noticed a sign outside of “Froggy Bottomz” saying that Mike “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore was gonna be at one of three bars tonight.

F.Y.I. - All three bars had just one group rate cover charge of $10, but $10 is still a lot of money just to see “The Situation” in person.

Sorry Sitch, but I can’t spend my money on that although you have been a good wingman to me all year. (Girls from around the country hear my Jersey accent and immediately think all Jersey people are friends with the Situation.)  It’s laughable but true! 😉

Choosing A Bar
Since I wouldn’t spend $10 on a cover charge, I found a place directly across from the bars where the Situation might be and hung out all night.  The truth is... this place was more my style anyway as it was a sports bar that had Karaoke every night of the week. Not to mention, there was no cover and $1.50 draft beers all night.  Sweet!

Also, as it turned out... this bar was a WVU bar! (The owner went to WVU in the late 60’s and like all Mountaineer fans... once a Mountaineer... always a Mountaineer!) 🙂

Singing Karaoke
The Karaoke at this bar was almost professional as all the singers were real good.  Some were even real real good. 😉  None-the-less, I wrote down the song I always sing at Karaoke bars and got ready to belt it out (Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing”).  Hey, with a voice like mine, there’s only a few songs I can sing well. 😉

Calling It A Night
The bars in Myrtle Beach close either at 2 or 3 am but I didn’t stay late enough to find out (I heard both answers).  It was a little after 1 am when I decided to leave because I had enough of the bar I was at and meeting “The Sitch” wasn’t a priority.  Still, it would have been a good photo opp!

Back To The Sea Echo
By the time I got back to the Sea Echo, it was close to 2 am. (I was on the phone with a friend in my car for a little while).  When I got done talking with her, I headed to my room for the night where I passed out as soon as I laid my head on the bed.

Oh yeah, the only reason I even wound up at the “Broadway At The Beach” tonight is because the Casino Cruise I was gonna go on was canceled due to weather conditions.  I guess I’ll have to get my poker on tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Former WVU students are everywhere, even those disquised as Kean U “Summa Cum Laude” Grads
    Go Rooster Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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