Hanging With My Family & The Goodwill Store! (NJ) “DAY 362” – 7/1/11

July 3, 2011 - 11:30 am - (NJ) “DAY 362” - Week 52 - State 48

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was gather up all the things I’m not using anymore or doesn’t fit so I could bring it down to the Goodwill Store. (I also have a bunch of stuff my Mom didn’t use anymore as well.)  I write use and not want because my Mom is a mini-hoarder who wants to keep everything.  And, consequently... I'm a mini-mini hoarder. 😉

Driving To My Uncle’s
So, around noon I got in the Rooster Mobile and drove to my Uncle’s house because he lives only a few blocks from the Goodwill store.  I figured I could kill a few birds with one stone. (Seeing my Uncle and cousin as well as dropping off some things for the needy.)

Anyway, while I was at my Uncle’s we talked about my journey, life in general, and what I might do when this year long adventure ends in a few days. (I’m still not sure what I’m gonna do except I know I need a job,  a publisher, and I have to study as much sports information as I can for the WFAN opportunity still in front of me.) 🙂

Goodwill Retail Store
After leaving my Uncle’s, I drove to the Goodwill Store so I could drop off all things from my past that I don’t need anymore. (It’s mainly all the cloths, shoes, etc... that I don’t wear anymore. They’re not ruined or ugly, I just don’t fit into them like I used to.)

So, when I got there I drove around to the side of the building where they accept all their incoming donations.  The way it works here is you bring your cloths or whatever to the side of the building where they throw it into a huge storage area so it can be sorted later. (There was a ton of stuff there.)

Then, after you unload your things, you get a slip from the employee working the door so you can deduct whatever you donated from your taxes for for the year. (I’m not sure how this works exactly because I’ve never filed for a tax right-off. I’m not even sure if I’m using the right terminology but you get the idea.) 😉

Donating My Time
Normally when I do some kind of charity work, it’s me donating my time, not donating goods (I haven’t had much to give except my time).  So, today was a change of pace as opposed to what I have done all year and it felt good too.

But, before I left, I saw an older lady in the parking lot who needed help, so I lent her a hand.  I don’t mention this because I’m hero for it, it just seemed like the right thing to do and since I write what happens... that’s what happened as I was leaving the parking lot.

My Niece’s Softball Game
Once I was finished at Goodwill, I went back to my Mom’s to pick her up so we could both go to my niece’s softball game (my Mom’s granddaughter).  I picked her up (my Mom) because she’s getting older and her knees, back, elbow, hand, and 10-12 other things aren’t the same as they used to be.

F.Y.I. - My Mom isn’t crippled but she is disabled at this point in her life.  And by disabled I mean, she can’t do everything the way she did when she was younger.  Hey, it happens to everybody.  Well... except for the late Jack LaLanne who was probably doing push-ups when he passed. 😉

Seeing My Family
Other than getting to see my niece (Sophia) play softball, I also got to see my other niece and nephew (Olivia and Matt).  Not to mention, my Dad and his dog where there as well as my brother’s wife’s parents (the kids other Grandparents).

F.Y.I. - My brother’s name is Adam, his wife is Sandy, her parents are Elio and Gigi, and I already told you their kids names.  My Dad is Ken, his dog is Tati, my Mom is Joy, my dog is Max, and well me, Rooster.  Got it. 🙂

Anyway, since I haven’t seen the kids (other than Sophia a few weeks ago for a hour), I played around with them while I watched Sophia’s game. (When Sophia was at the plate I watched her and when she was in the field I had one eye on her and one on Matt and Olivia.)

How Sophia Played
I’m so glad Sophia is good at softball because that means I don’t have lie at this point in my post. 😉  Tonight, she got a hit or two, made a few plays in the field, and looked like she was enjoying herself.  Perfect!  That’s all you can ask for.  Hey, she’s better than me, I struck out looking the other day so she has now surpassed her Uncle Dave. 😉

Leaving The Field
After the game ended, we all hung out at the field for a little while longer and talked about a bunch of stuff.  The cool thing was... the was the first time in a real long time that we were all together somewhere. (It’s probably even longer than just the year I have been away.)  Nice!

Anyway, it was sometime after 9 pm when we finally dispersed as we each headed to our respective homes in different parts of New Jersey.  So, my Mom and I hopped in her car and drove back to her place.

F.Y.I. - We were lucky because the car next to us was broken into in the parking lot. The criminal smashed the back window and took whatever.  Whew!  It could have just as easily been my Mom’s car too. (Right: Not the actual cat that was broken into, it's a Google pic.)

Hanging With Wende
After I got home, I called Wende to see what she was up to (around 10 pm).  She had just home from somewhere, so she said she’d stop by and do whatever. (It was very vague like that.)

Anyway, since it was around 11 pm when Wende made it over, we just drove to Blockbuster and got a movie.  Well... we also stopped at the White Diamond on the way back and picked up a few burgers and fries. (Damn that Diamond!  It’s so good, yet so bad!) 😉

Calling It A Night
For the rest of the night all we did was eat burgers and watch the movie.  By far and away the burgers were much better than the movie as “Battle: Los Angeles 2011” was pretty weak at beast. (It’s another aliens try and conquer the world plot where 5 -8 people defeat a whole race of superior beings.)  Very believable! LOL 😉

Well... that was my day.  Again, this might not have been the craziest day of this year but I got to see most of my immediate family and stuff like is just irreplaceable.  I don’t say that to sound mushy or politically correct, it just is what it is.

Family and good friends are what makes life so great, without them... life is like an empty box of chocolates! (Changed your line Forrest, my bad.) 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Home and Family are what you make it !!!!!

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