Hanging With Scott & Candlepin Bowling! (NH) “DAY 316” – 5/16/11

May 19, 2011 - 11:00 am - (NH) “DAY 316” - Week 47 - State 43

I woke up this morning and saw the same thing I saw yesterday, rain!  Ahhh!  I don’t mind some rain, actually I enjoy a rainy day every now and again.  But, it has rained for the past 2 days already and after checking the weather channel, it looks like rain all week long.

Since it was raining outside, I stayed inside all day long and did some writing.  While I was writing upstairs in the living room, Scott was working from home downstairs in his office.  Amy on the other hand, left the house this morning at 3:30 am to hop a flight to D.C. to work for the week. (Yeah, she has a pretty long commute.) 😉

Ocho Cinco Rides A Bull On TV
I know, I know, it sounds crazy if you already didn’t see it on TV, but Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson) tried his hand at bull riding this past week sometime. (The NFL is still locked out and Chad’s looking for a job.) 😉

I only mention this because when I was in Miami, I ate a meal with Ocho Cinco after he twitter’d that he’d buy dinner for the first 100 people who showed up at the Crab Shack. (I was the first guy there.) 🙂

Anyway, he was an awesome guy with a great personality, but to me... he didn’t look like a bull rider.  And, after watching his clip, I was right as he didn’t stay on the bull for more than a half second. (The gate opened and Ocho went down as he almost got stomped by the bull.  It was close to the end of Ocho’s Dos-o’s (his manhood).  LOL

Maine/New Hampshire Border
The only thing Scott and I had planned for the day was going to his candlepin bowling league which started at 7 pm in Portsmouth, NH.  I mention the New Hampshire part because on the drive to the bowling alley, we drove through Maine in order to get there.

F.Y.I. - Scott and Amy live on the border of Maine/New Hampshire so driving through Maine isn’t a big deal as it’s part of there everyday normal life.  So, even though I’m not technically in Maine yet, I'll be in and out of that state all week.

Stopping Off To Walk The Dogs
Since Scott and Amy’s dogs get 2 to 3 long walks everyday, Scott and I stopped off at a dog park near Portsmouth so he could run them around a little before he went to candlepin bowling. (I’ll explain candlepin bowling in a minute.)

Anyway, like I said, it was raining cats and dogs out so I just stayed in the car as Scott walked around in the rain with Nuska and Kona.  Well, before I sat in the car though, I walked around the area and took pictures of America’s first Navy Yard (I think).

F.Y.I. - It was a Navy Yard but I’m not certain it was the first.  Although, I do remember hearing something like that.  Either way, there were Navy Ships in the water and the view wasn’t bad even though I was standing in a storm. 😉

Once Scott got the dogs back in the car, we headed over to the Bowl-O-Rama so Scott could get ready for his league bowling match.  The weird thing about this is... this isn’t a regular bowling league, this is a candlepin bowling league. (Also, as I found out, they consider this regular bowling up here although they have normal bowling as well.)

Candlepin Bowling
Now, candlepin bowling and normal bowling have many of the same rules but there are a few differences.  Both still use 10 pins, a ball, and 10 frames, but in candlepin the pins are much longer and thinner than normal ones (they weigh 2.7 lbs).

Also, another big difference is the ball is the size of a bocce ball and can only weigh from 2.4 to 2.7 lbs.  This is what makes this game so hard. (As I found out later in the evening.)  And lastly, you get 3 chances to knock down all ten pins instead of just 2. (There are more rules but that’s the basics.)

Scott’s Team Arrives
Scott was the first player there from his team and this was a big deal evidently as he usually is the last to arrive.  So, in celebration (and because they were bowling) two of Scott’s team members (Amy & Jody, he’s a guy) bought the first round of beers and brought them over.

The last person on their 4 person team is Scott’s sister Kelly.  She was the last one to arrive as I guess it just runs in the family. 😉  Now that their whole team was there, they started drinking.  Just kidding. (I’m making fun of bowling not them.)

No, seriously, it was now 7 pm and that’s when the league starts, so they began to throw practice balls.  The league they are in is called the New Hampshire Sports & Social Club. (The NHS&SC runs many different leagues ranging from kickball to dodge ball to evidently... candlepin bowling.  They have many more to choose from too.)

League Play Begins
Since this was league play and not just a bunch of friends out for the night, I didn’t bowl as I just sat behind and watched for most of the night. (I say for most of the night because later on I had to get a lane and try this out.)

Anyway, this league was run like any normal bowling league (3 games, 10 frames, handicap in effect, etc..).  So even though I wasn’t sure how it was scored, I could still tell who was winning or losing. (Not that anybody was taking this league to seriously as everybody there was just out to have fun on a Monday night.)

Talking With Amy
Even though I talked with everybody on “Split Happens” (their team name), I probably talked with Amy the most because this is first time I met her and she was interested in what I was doing. (Right: She got a strike but had to walk down the lane to remove a pin before it recorded it.)

F.Y.I. - I met Jody (her boyfriend) at Kelly’s party on Saturday where I obviously also hung out with Kelly and since Scott brought me there, well... you get the picture.  They already heard what I’ve been doing this year.

This Game Looks Easy But It’s Not
After sitting there and watching them bowl for 2 games, I had to get a lane and try this out.  It looks so easy yet barely anybody can even score over 100. (Jody did bowl a 113 but across all the lanes, there weren’t many scores over a 100. There were 8 teams in this league.)

So, since I’m a good normal bowler, I just figured I’d be a natural at this form of the game. (I haven’t bowled in a league for a long time, but I can still bowl a 200 almost anytime I bowl and would probably average somewhere around 185.)

You Have To Self Score?
Since I was candlepin bowling by myself and didn’t have anybody with me who knew all the rules, I didn’t find out until after I bowled 2 frames that you have to keep score yourself.  Huh?

It’s not that I don’t how to score normal bowling (although this different), it’s that they there is a scoring machine right above the lanes.  But it doesn’t keep the score for you, it’s just a monitor for your score as you have input each throw.

So, since I didn’t want to do all that work by myself (throw a ball and then go back to machine to count it and then throw a ball and then go back to machine to count it), I went back to watch Scott’s team finish their 3rd and final league game.

Not to mention, I really didn’t care if I bowled a whole game, I just had to try it and see what it was like.  My synopsis... it was hard!  This game is not nearly as easy as it looks as I didn’t get a strike or spare in either of the frames I bowled.

League Play Ends
It was around 9 pm when their final game ended (they lost 2 games and won 1) and even though the rest of team and some of the league were going to a local bar for a night cap, Scott and I called it a night and went back to his place. (It was nasty out and the dogs were in the car.)

F.Y.I. - Scott and I did take separate cars so I could have gone out if I wanted to, but I wasn’t drinking and still had some writing to catch up on.  Heck, I still do. 😉

Scott’s House
By the time I got back to Scott and Amy’s house it was almost 10 pm. (Scott was already there.)  Like I said, it was a Monday night, so Scott and I just sat around talking while watching TV until he went to sleep for the night around 11 pm. (Right: Dogs playing around in the living room.)

I stayed up a little while longer logging pictures and doing some other things I had to take care of.  I’m not exactly sure but I’d say I fell asleep sometime around 2 am.  All that's left to say is... another day on the road, another new life experience. (I’ve never candlepin bowled before.) 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Are the lanes and gutters the same size as in a normal bowling alley?

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