Happy Birthday Jeremy! And Poker… (IL) “DAY 39” – 8/12/10

August 12, 2010 - 8:28 am - (IL) “DAY 39” -


This first thing I have to write is... Happy Birthday to Jeremy Frank! (8/12)  If you don’t know who Jeremy is...  I’ll try and tell you in a few sentences.

Jeremy is my best friend who lives in California.  He’s the man, behind the man, so to speak.  He put together this entire website for me, for FREE!  He bought the domain name, the hosting, and did all the work that makes the site look so great!

The Family

Mind you, Jeremy has a wife, two beautiful kids, and runs his own business.  So, in the few free minutes he has in a day to himself... he gives them to me and this crazy idea!

Also, my Mom likes him better than her two birth sons (that’s the truth), that should tell you how awesome of a person he is.  (Or how horrible me and Adam are... one or the other :))

So Jeremy,  I know this post is a day late for you... but on this site... it is August 12th today!  Happy Birthday Brother!  Thanks for everything!


Moving on to what I did today.  First, I got up and forgot my best friends birthday because to me it was still the 11th.  I am mentally a day behind because I write about yesterday, today.  If that makes any sense.?

Then, I went to the coffee shop to write my post.  While I was writing, I noticed a very pretty girl (Carina) reading a book behind me.  She was innocent looking hot, exactly the kind of girl I need to be dating...  Not whorey hot, what I’ve dated my whole life!

Hot but bad news...

F.Y.I - I know I’m traveling the country for a year, so I’m not looking for a girlfriend right now, just making a point on what I should be looking for in the future.

Note to self
Pretty girl reading a book at a coffee shop - Good
Pretty girl grinding a pole at a dance club..-  BAD!

Anyway, we talked for a little bit about whatever and... she wasn’t just pretty... she was cool and motivated as well.  Good luck in life Carina, not that you’ll need it!

Charity Work


After I left the coffee shop, I tried calling around to find a volunteer job for the day.  Normally, Wendy (NJ friend) does this for me each week and has a place lined up when I get to each city but she got swamped at her real job and didn’t have time to search for me.  Thanks anyway Wendy, you have been great!  (The woman behind the charity work! :))

I now know why she didn’t have time to help... It’’s not easy to find a place to volunteer at!  Crazy huh?  You want to help out and give your time for free but nobody answers or calls back in a timely manner.  Or... you have to attend a class on such and such a date or... you need to fill out paper work that can’t be processed for weeks...

It is something else!  I haven’t found a place yet, but Jeremy suggested to me that if I'm unsuccessful, I should just go down to an old age home and spend some time with people.  I am still waiting for some calls from homeless shelters but if they fall through, that’s what I’ll do.

It was around 1:30 pm when I left for the casino in Elgin (33 miles north of Chicago or a hour and half - traffic :)).  This is my first poker session of the week in Illinois and I need a win, big-time!

I arrived at the Grand Victoria Casino and I did the first thing I do at every new casino; get a players card.  I get this because it allows you the ability to get free stuff (food, rooms, etc..)  Over 39 days, I have gotten at least 7 free meals and a room.  Not bad.

After that, I went straight to the poker room.  The poker room here, only has 6 tables and it isn’t in it’s own room.  It’s on the casino floor roped off in it’s own section.  The is a first.

Also, the house rules were strictly enforced.  No cells phones at all were allowed at the table (you couldn’t even check a text), no hooded sweatshirts (can’t cover your ears), as well a host of other ridiculous rules that they felt the need to enforce every second.

Anyway, I bought in $149 and the first hand I got was (5,6) of spades.  I called the $2 but after I saw the flop (A, 10, 2) no spades, I folded.  I didn’t get a good hand for awhile but the table was playing loose.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I doubled up or got cracked.

I kept playing tight and then got pocket 7’s (7,7).  There was a pre-flop raise to $10, I called along with a few other players.  The flop... (A, 7, 5) with two spades. The better lead out with $12 and I raised to $30.  The guy behind me pushed ALL IN, the better folded and I called.

The ALL IN guy had (A, 6) of spades.  The turn... 9 of diamonds, the river 9 of spades.  He hit his flush but I boated and took it down. Nice!

As I was playing, I got a text from a old friend (Jeremy Magid), who I lived with in Arizona over 10 years ago.  He was in town for business and read that I was also in Chicago for the week.

Me "Rooster" and Jeremy Magid

When we lived together (1998-1999), I was trying to get into entertainment (radio, stand-up comedy) and he was a kick-ass guitar player.  The whole time we lived together, he was always jamming, I used to tell him he played the background music to my life. (He was on his guitar that often.)

Anyway, he had just finished work for the day, so he stopped down to say hello.  He knows me well, so he was aware that when I’m playing poker, that’s all I’m doing, so we bull shitted for a few minutes and I went back to work (poker).  Great seeing you Jer!


It was now close to 6 pm and I was up a little over $200.  I was still waiting top hear from Wallace (buddy from reality show - Forever Eden).  Normally, up $200... I’m out of Dodge but I wanted to hang out with the W-man, so I stayed and played awhile longer.

Wallace text me a few minutes after that to tell me he was busy working and wouldn’t be around for a few more hours.  Ahhh... Decision time... Cash out and wait for him?  Or...  Keep playing and risk losing some back?

Unfortunately, I attempted to wait for him and in the process lost most of my winnings back.  It was now 7 pm and I was only up $62. I was on TILT BIG-TIME!

That's not him. lol

I realized where I was headed and luckily got up the from table still up.  I was frustrated and angry, so instead of waiting for him, I headed back to Toby’s for the night. (Wallace and I spoke, were meeting up on Saturday.)


Oh, I met another guy named Rooster.  I was gonna take a picture with him, but when I got up from the table to answer Wallace’s text, he left.  He was a old Asian man with a Chinese style Rooster hat.  Damn! It would have been a great picture.

I got back to Toby’s around 9 pm and watched some TV with him and his girlfriend.  I went to sleep at 11 pm, the earliest I have gone to bed on this trip!

Parking Ticket
My Dad did some investigating and found out there is a 5 minute grace period on all parking tickets in Chicago.  I still have my receipt for parking which says 8:39 pm, the ticket was issued at 8:42 pm, maybe I can beat this thing!  Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. John says:

    Kudos to Kenny for finding the little-known Chicago 5-minute rule! Talk about luck, if you beat that by two minutes. Good luck.

  2. John says:

    Oh..and Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  3. bennervous says:

    2 questions:
    1) is Carina at least 18? She looks real young. Be careful!
    2) You said you didnt get a picture of old, asian Rooster…so did you find another picture of an old asian dude with a rooster hat? What are the odds of that happening?

    Your parking ticket case looks air-tight. Nice!

    Happy birthday, Jeremy.

  4. Dad says:

    Happy Birthday Jeremy. By the way, David did beat the ticket with the 5 minute 1 time use rule in Chicago.
    As Rooster would say, NICE !!!!

    Good luck tonight on whatever.

  5. tom buckley says:

    corina has her bra showing so in this case maybe look innocent but subliminally i see………

  6. dave says:

    Yeah, Ken made it happen!

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