Happy Mother’s Day Mom & Figuring Out My Route! (PA) “308” – 5/8/11

May 9, 2011 - 12:45 am - (PA) “DAY 308” - Week 45 - State 41

One thing about hanging out with my friends all week long is that there isn’t much time to write as there is always something to do.  And, since I don’t get to see guys that often, I’d rather hang out with them than get my writing done.

With that being said, this trip is very important to me and I do take the documentation of it seriously, so all I’m gonna do today is sit in Shakes’s upstairs guest room and write all day and night.

Writing All Day
It’s after midnight (Monday morning, May 9th) as I currently write this entry and now that my Sunday is over, I can truly say that all I did was write, upload pictures, and post all day long.

Since all I did was work upstairs for 14+ hours, I don’t have much more to write about what I did today.  Oh yeah, Shakes bought me dinner when he went out with his family for their Mother’s Day meal. (He invited me to go but it was a family event so I figured I’d stay behind and keep working.)  Thanks for dinner Shakes! 🙂

Thanks Shakes & Family
Normally I would thanks Shakes and his family for everything they have done for me after I leave their house, but since I’m moving on in the morning and I’m in writing mode, I’ll do that now.

First, let me thank Joey (Shakes’s wife) for being so cool and accommodating to one of Shake’s homeless friend’s who’s traveling the country.  You are super cool and don’t let a dumb photographer ruin that beautiful smile.  Thanks for everything Joey and take care. 🙂

Now onto Shakes, me and you have been friends since the first day I stepped foot on WVU’s campus during freshman orientation and I have never had a argument or fight with you the whole time I have known you.  You’re always fun to be around as well being a loyal and true friend.

So, it’s no surprise to me that you treated me like family the whole time I stayed at your home.  And for that Shakes, I truly thank you!  Not to mention, I’ve had a great time this whole week as it’s one I won’t soon forget.  Thanks for everything my man!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom
Now, the last thing I’ll write is a Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom because today is Mother’s day.  And even though this post won’t be up until this day has pasted, I hope my Mom can still get a smile seeing it in writing on my site in a day or two.

F.Y.I. - I did call my Mom today but I didn’t send her anything or get her a present.  What I told her was that this is only year that I’ll ever give her everything I have for Mother’s Day and since that I have nothing... LOL   Hey, it’s true, it’s only year she’ll ever get everything I have. 😉

Seriously though, I do have present lined up for her and since this post won’t be up until after she gets it, I can spill the beans now.  It has to do with my trip so I’ll write about that now as well.

A Present For My Mom
If the saying is the true that there’s nothing more special than the love a Mother has for her son, then since I don’t have any money, I’ll give my Mother just that for Mother’s Day.  So, in 8 hours from now (Monday morning) I’m gonna drive to NJ to spend the day with my Mom before I move on to Vermont which is my next state.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 🙂

Rerouting My Trip Slightly
Now, although I want to do something special for my Mom, I wouldn’t have decided to do this if it was way out of the route I was gonna travel. (I haven’t done this yet.)  But, after checking Mapquest, I found out that it’s 10+ hours from where I am to Vermont and only 11+ hours if I stop in NJ.

F.Y.I. - When I planned this journey over 10 months (to travel the whole continental USA with just 2 grand), I didn’t put much thought or planning at all into the final 8 weeks.  Truthfully, I didn’t think I would get that far, so why waste my time and energy on something that wasn’t ever gonna happen.

I tell you this because it was today that I found out that my route to Vermont even takes me that close to NJ.  I thought the best route to drive would be through upstate NY (visually looking at a map), but as I just found out, my travels will take me across Pennsylvania toward New Jersey and then north.

F.Y.I - It is roughly the same distance if I drive west to Buffalo and around but I don't the knows the roads there and can't surprise my Mom.)

Killing A Few Birds With One Stone
So, since I was planning on stopping to stay at some dingy motel somewhere in between PA and Vermont anyway, why not do it in NJ where I can also give my Mom a great surprise (I hope she’s happy to see me.) 😉

Also, I have a ton of stuff in my car that I’ve been dying to get out and it’s way to expensive to mail.  So, this is also a perfect opportunity to lighten the load in the Rooster mobile as well getting some valuables out of my car. (Valuables to me at least, things like t-shirts, ticket stubs, and so on.)

Week 45 In The Books
Now that my 45th week is over and done with, I’ve reaffirmed to myself a saying I’d said for many years.  That saying is... I don’t care where I am or what I’m doing because it’s the company you keep that makes for a good time.  And this week... I couldn’t have any better company (even you Rabbit). 😉

So, to all my friends in this area (especially Matt, Shakes, and B.J.), thanks for showing me a great time and making feel like I was at home all week.  I haven’t had more fun anywhere in the country and that wasn’t because of everything we did together (bonfire, bars, games, golf), it was because I did it with great friends!  Thanks guys! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Matt Miller says:

    Wow, a stop off in NJ, that is a great mother’s day gift. I’m sure she’ll be glad to see her baby. Its funny how two people, so dramatically different, can become such good friends. It was a fun week and I enjoyed seeing the nuts and bolts behind your adventure. Don’t forget my advice…“live more – write less”!

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