Happy New Year! The Day After, The Bars, & A Late Night! (KS) “DAY 181” – 1/1/11 Wow! All 1’s!

January 3, 2010 - 12:20 am - (KS) “DAY 181” - Week 26 - State 24

It’s New Year’s day so everybody knows what that means... HANGOVER time! 🙁  If you read yesterday, you know I really didn’t go to bed until 8 am this morning on Ryan’s couch.  I had a great New Years Eve though... thus the bad New Year’s day! 😉

Anyway, I got up around noon and I think Ryan got up close to the same time.  For the whole day we just sat in Ryan’s place.  He watched movies while I uploaded pictures and tried writing. (Left: Yes, that's a dog's ass.  That's how I felt all day long!) 🙂

Sometime in the middle of the day (4 pm) Ryan made us both dinner.  Really, how cool are people!  Here I am in the middle of the USA and a guy I just met from Kansas is letting me stay in his place and making me dinner!  Thank you Ryan!

Finally Getting My Act Together
It wasn’t until 7 pm that I finally started to feel like me again.  It was just in time because we were ready to go out again.  Brian (who I met Wednesday) was coming over and then the three of us were headed out to the local bars for the night.  (Ryan and Brian have been good friends for awhile.)

Old Chicago
Around 8 pm the three of us arrived at Old Chicago so we could eat dinner and have a few drinks.  (I wasn’t drinking tonight because I was still dying on the inside, so I was the designated driver. ;))

We hung out at Old Chicago for about an hour and then headed over to BW3 which was just next door so we could watch the UFC on pay-per-view.  (At some point, a girl who knew Ryan stopped by for a drink but I forgot her name, my bad.)

BW3 - UFC 125
When we arrived at BW3, we were lucky to get table as the UFC had already been running for almost an hour. (It’s free there to watch so it gets filled up or so I was told.  It was packed though.)

Anyway, we got there just in time because I got to see my favorite fighter (who I just met) fight and win against Takanori Gome ( A Japanese sensation).  You go Clay Guida!  Keep kicking ass and putting on exciting fights!

After watching Clay Guida win his fight, there was still 3 or 4 more fights on the card and all of them were exciting!  It was a great night of fights for the UFC.  The main event was especially competitive as NJ native and lightweight champion Frankie Edgar fought Gray Maynard to a 5 round draw.

Meeting Some Girls
After the fights ended, the bar cleared out pretty quickly and all that was left standing were a few tables but... one those tables had 5 girls at it by themselves.  Cha-ching! 🙂

Brian wanted to talk to the girls so I approached the table and started up a conversation with them.  Next thing you know... the 5 girls, Brian, Ryan, and I hung out for the next hour drinking and laughing it up!  (I still wasn’t drinking, DD.)

The girls all turned out to be real cool but the night was getting late so after a few drinks,  we all said good-byes and left the bar.  Now, I thought our night was over but as it turned out... it was just beginning. 😉

Strip Club
Now, even though I was the designated driver, I still didn’t know where I was driving. (I was just taking directions.)  So, I thought I was just driving Brian home but what I was actually doing was driving us to the strip club.  Ah ha!

We got to the strip club around 1 am and stayed until the placed closed down.  You can’t pictures in a strip club for obvious reasons but I did manage to get one picture of me and Ryan where I’m wearing my first ever cowboy hat.

F.Y.I. - Ryan got it for me as a present after he heard I had never owned or wore a cowboy hat before.  I think somebody left it at the bat but still... it is a nice hat! 😉

Leaving The Strip Club
Well, what I thought was going be an early night has turned out to be anything but because it was 3 am and now we were heading to the casino to gamble.  Only now, it was Ryan, Brian, Me, and Amber.  (Amber was a bartender at the club.)  Nice!

Before we went to the casino though, we stopped at Ryan’s house for some reason (I don’t remember).  Either way, after hanging out at his place and having a few more drinks (again I wasn’t drinking), it was obvious we weren’t going to the casino anymore.

F.Y.I. - Brian and Ryan each had a lot to drink tonight and it finally caught up with them when they hit a couch.  I didn’t mind because I’m off of KC in the morning and it’s already late.

Anyway, since the guys fell asleep, Amber and I hung out for awhile during which time I told her about my trip.  She was really interested in what I was doing and we talked about it until almost 6 am.  Oh no!  I’m screwed for Sunday now! 🙁

Getting Some Rest
By the time I finally went to bed it was 6:30 am.  I had a great time but I am gonna feel it again tomorrow (well in 2-3 hours) even though I didn’t drink.  I’m getting up that early because I plan on going to the Chief/Raider game at Arrowhead stadium.

Since the game is at noon and I want to tailgate/find a ticket, I have to leave here by 10 am the latest (1 hour drive), so I can get the full experience of a Kansas City Chiefs football game.

Thanks Guys!
Well, my Kansas week has turned to be awesome and I owe it all to Ryan and Brian.  They treated me like a friend they have had for years and didn’t let me pay for anything the whole time I was with them!

Thank you so much guys!  Whether you like it or not... you have a friend in the Rooster for life!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Pratt says:

    Happy 2011 Rooster! Hope the second half of your trip continues to be awesome, man!

    I gotta be honest, it’s totally great to see you’re still having success with the trip, meeting people, living the dream. I got the chance to hang with Matt again while I was in town for the holidays.. we talked about your adventures and how jealous we are of what you’re doing. That week you spent with us in Columbus continues to be one of the most fun weeks of my life!

    I’m glad we aren’t the only people who have taken a chance on letting Rooster hang with us for a few days — to the others who have shown him hospitality, good work!

    I got hired in Chicago after my internship ended, so it looks like I’ll be out here for a while. So, look me up if you’re ever in the Windy City, you know you got lifetime reservations at the “Pratt Motel.” KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ BUDDY!


  2. dave says:

    Congratulations on the job! And… thank you for everything from the place to stay to your friendship to the warm wishes! You the man Pratt! Now… “Get out of here, you Donkey!” LOL 🙂

  3. DAD says:

    The cowboy hat looks great. The girls at the bar
    are all blonds, Roosters color of choice.
    Ryan & Brian are now part of Roosters family.
    It’s like a get out of jail card, it never expires.
    Welcome guys!!!!

  4. bennervous says:

    Rooster and the Rhymin Name Good Guys….Early in the trip, it was Matt and Pratt. Now it is Ryan and Brian. Is there a pattern developing? Just an observation, although it might be obvious. Duhhhh.

    Happy New Year. Your 2nd half of the trip is shaping up great. Real glad to see. Talk to you soon.

  5. Lisa says:

    So blonde is the color of choice, huh? 🙂 It was nice meeting you at Buffalo Wild Wings. Good luck on the rest of your trip!

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