HAPPY THANKSGIVING from ROOSTER! — I’ll Post Later. — :) 11/25/10

November 25, 2010 - 11:07 am - (AZ) "DAY 144" - Out of Order Post for Turkey DAY!

This is the first post that is meant for today (actually today).  I will write Wednesday, (which is my today) later.  Another "Back To The Future" style post 😉

I would like to thank all of you for reading about my  journey.  To know so many of you follow me on a day to day basis... is overwhelming and humbling.  🙂

All the comments (even Mike's-DE) are very uplifting and is what propels me to move forward on days when I just don't have the usual Rooster umpff!  So Thank You!

And the donations... well, I can never thank you all enough! 🙂

To my family, I wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving .  I'd love to be home eating Grandma Gloria's Brisket & turkey.  Then, I'd get to go over to my Mom's side of the family and eat Aunt Ginger's awesome cooking with my cousins, Uncle, and Mom! (Next year! :))

So... I wish everybody a safe, happy, healthy, and enjoyable Thanksgiving!  Now... Let the football, family, and food begin!  Gobble, gobble or should I say... Cock-A-Doodle-Do!!! Gobble! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    We wished you could have been here for this holiday, but your with you AZ families(some NJ transplants)
    and thinking about Brisket or Harold’s CB/Pastrami
    combo. You’ll be here soon enough.
    Can you smell the string bean casarole???
    Time for left-overs. Got to go!!!!

  2. mom says:


    You were soooo missed at Thanksgiving. Your cousins were asking about you, they missed you sitting and watching football with them. Uncle Mick missed watching you enjoy Aunt Ginger’s dinner.
    And I, your mother just plain missed everything about you.
    I love U

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