The Harley Davidson Museum, A Brewers Game, Then Poker! (WI) “DAY 47” – 8/20/10

August 21, 2010 - 5:17 am - (WI) “DAY 47”

If you read yesterday’s post, you are well aware that I woke today hungover!  I was as drunk as a monkey last night. 🙂

None-the-less, I had to write my daily post and because I was feeling shitty, it took me over 3 1/2 hours to get it done.  The good thing was, by the time I had finished...  I didn’t feel that bad anymore.

Harley Davidson Museum
Yesterday (Thursday), Riccio and I were supposed to go to the Harley Davidson Museum but I got home from volunteering at 5pm and the museum closes at 6pm, so we waited until today to make it happen.

It was 4:45 pm when Riccio and I arrived at the museum.   Now, I’m not a motorcycle guy.  I have never owned a bike, never rode a street bike, and never read or watch shows about motorcycles.   I’m not a motorhead at all!

Many of friends own and ride bikes, heck... my Uncle Mickey owned the most beautiful Harley I had ever seen which he built for years (two or three... I think?).   I wish I had a picture of it, it looked like a L.A. Lakers bike (purple and gold) with chrome everything.  Sweet!

Anyway, my point is... I can appreciate a nice ride but it’s just not my thing.  I put most of my male energy in sports, but I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now. 🙂

1903 - First Harley
When you walk into the museum, the first thing you see is Harley’s as far as the eye can see.  They do it right though, as they start with the earliest models and work up to the present.  Well... except for the first Harley Davidson Motorcycle ever made.  That has it’s own room.

We’ll start there and work forward.  The first ever Harley was made in 1903 but the one you see in the picture (to left) isn't the original, it’s been refurbished over the years.

As you walk through this room dedicated to the beginning of the company, you see a lot of cool stuff.  For instance, I thought it was interesting that they had 2 empty beer bottles from the 1900 on display.  Pretty cool :)!.

Then, there was a picture from 1907 of the first crew of workers outside of the second Harley Davidson building (the first was a shed).  Somewhere in the picture is the original Davidson.

After I learned a little about the company, I headed off to see the earliest models.  The first group of motorcycles I saw was from 1909- 1918.  It’s crazy how they look like regular bicycles.   But they were the best of their time.

The bikes from the 20’s looked a a a little better as I feel they have more of motorcycle look.  I wish the picture wasn't blurry but I’m not a cameraman and I try my best! 🙂


The Harley’’s of the 30’s were cool and there were many styles.  They made police bikes as well as mail-cylcles.

1936 Police

I had no idea they made bikes for the government but as I found later in the tour they even made motorcycles for the military complete with shotgun holders.

I’ll get to those bikes in a minute.  The bikes of the 40’s were the coolest yet.  My favorite was called the King Kong.  It's a huge bike that must have been twice as long as a normal one.

1941 King Kong

But the 40’s also had many styles as well, to many to put up all the pictures but as whole... I liked 40’s Harley’s.

As I moved into 50’s I saw a sweet 1957 model.  This is a bike I would ride if I owned one.  It just looks so cool, I can see how people get addicted to these things.

1957 and 1960 behind it

Right next to the 1957, was 1960 Captain America motorcycle.  It had the stars and strips along with a slick style.  I like this one too, I’m getting a motorcycle! 🙂 JK

In the 70’s, Harley Davidson ventured off and made a few boats and one that looked like a jet ski.  I don’t how well they sold but since I had never heard of one, I guess they didn’t do so well.

The next group of motorcycles are all made after new ownership took over in the 1980’s.  They had a video describing how they took they company from bankruptcy to one of America’s most recognized names.


This bikes look like the ones I grew up seeing on the road as teenager.  They have the modern look I’m used to.

Then I saw section dedicated to the women who ride Harley’s.  It wasn’t difficult to figure it out because the motorcycle was pink (1994) and the one next to it was called the fox.  They were both real cool for a chick. 🙂

The bikes from 2000’s were all real nice but the one that stood out to me was signed by 6,000 employees from the company.  It was unbelievable how they fit that many names onto one bike.


Military - 1950’s
Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about the military motorcycles.  Since Riccio was a Marine I had him stand in front of the two coolest one they had on display.  Put me on one of those bikes and I’ll catch Bin Laden!  🙂

At the end of the tour, they have motorcycles you can sit on and pretend like you are riding.  Since this is closest I’ll get to riding to a Harley, I jumped and took it for spin.  LOL

True Evel - The Amazing Story of Evel Knievel
Just when I thought the tour was over, Riccio and I were told they had a special Evel Knievel exhibit in the building next door.  Evel Knievel rules!  This guy was madman with a child’s mentality... by that I mean... NO FEAR!

They had all the suits he wore and many different bike, rockets, and dragsters he rode. But, I thought the coolest thing they had was a mock skeleton of him which showed you all the broken bones he had from the numerous stunts that went wrong!

I do admit though, seeing the rocket he used for one of his events was crazy because it tore apart.  You can tell that one caused at least 5 of the broken bones he has had... maybe more!

Another cool thing I learned about Evel was that he was poker player.  Yes!  There was motorcycle he owned on display with a royal flush painted right on the bike!  F$&King awesome!

It was a little after 6 pm so we headed over to the crazy Rabbit taco joint to eat some good, cheap, fast food (4 tacos for 4 bucks :)).  We needed it fast because we were headed to the Brewers baseball game that started at 7 pm.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. San Diego Padres
As we left Conitijo’s (6:30 pm), the clouds opened up and the rain came.  Luckily for us, the Brewers play in a retractable roof stadium so whether it rains or not... there is always a game.

We didn’t have tickets yet, so the plan was to buy the cheapest ticket seats we could and (as always) sit where I wanted.  Parking was kinda expensive for Milwaukee, $18 for the best spots and $10 where I parked.  New York is a $20 a game to park but Milwaukee???

As we were walking up to the Miller Park many scalpers approached us, but the price wasn’t right.  Then, we met a guy who informed us that it was college night.  All college students get $10 tickets and a t-shirt.  Nice!  I still have Kean University I.D..

I went to the window and bought us both tickets (I paid for Riccio tonight as a thank you :)).  The seats that we got were in left field, right behind the foul pole.  These are seats that I love, I can catch a home run ball!

Before we got to our seats, Riccio and I walked the entire ballpark.  The first person I encountered was Milwaukee Brewer Mickey, we talked for a bit about how I met his cousin Chicago Mickey at the White Sox game last week.

Brewer Mickey was pissed off though because Chi-town Mickey owed him some money.  Not my problem... so I moved on.  🙂

After that, I took a seat next to Bernie (Milwaukee’s mascot) as I waited for Riccio to get out of the bathroom.  I tried to get him (Bernie) to buy me a brat but he wasn’t talking. 😉

We kept moving around the stadium until I found the most famous person there, no it wasn’t Bob Uecker... it was the sausages from the sausage race they have every game at Miller Park.  My favorite was the Mexican Sausage. 🙂  Arriba!

I then tried out for the team and made a great catch but it wasn’t good enough for the skipper, he still benched me for the whole game.  Politics!!!

My sportsman ship must need work because instead of trying harder... I showed him and took a nap in the biggest glove I could find... zzzzzz

On our way back to our original seat, I then saw the coolest thing they had in the stadium... The Statue of Liberty but it was a Milwaukee Statue of Liberty.  Nice!  It feels like home with a hint of the movie... “Honey I The Shrunk Statue of Liberty”. 🙂

We finally made it our seats around the 3rd inning and the game was already rocking and rolling with the score tied at 5-5.  When I’m at a new stadium I like to move around as much as possible so I can see everything in one game so after a inning or two, I moved to a new seat (Riccio stayed in our seats).

I didn’t move far, just a few rows over and to the right.  But now, I was in the first row with a great view of the game.  I was just left of the left field pole seated in the second tier.

My First Baseball - This Trip

It was now in between inning’s (6th) and the Brewers were warming up in the field.  Next thing I know, Ryan Braun (left fielder) turns toward our section and throws the ball up into the stands.

He was well over a 100 ft away (I’m in second tier) but the ball was thrown right to me.  I mean right at me... as if he was throwing to me directly!

I was drinking a soda as the ball was in the air so I put the cup down in my holder and got up ready to make the catch.  As I learned forward into the rail, my knee crushed the soda as it spilled all over my feet ( I was wearing flip flops).  🙁

It distracted me enough to look down right before the ball arrived...

I looked up at the last second and the ball hit me right in the hands.  But... I DIDN”T MAKE THE CATCH!  It bounced off my left hand and floated gingerly into the guy’s (Mike) chest right behind me.  I started pawing at his chest like he was stripper give away free lap dances.  He looked up at me like... “What are you doing dude?”

He was cool though and let me take a picture with the ball even though I didn’t even deserve to touch it again!  I’m the worst athlete in the world!

My baseball skills are that of a man without any arms!  Actually, a guy with no arms still would have made the catch I missed!

I was so frustrated and disappointed in my ability, that I had to leave the area just to save face.  So I

Me "Rooster" and Riccio

went back to where Riccio was.  It was the 8th inning and we were gonna leave but I wanted a picture with the real Bernie Mascot.

The problem... he never goes into the stands, he just stay’s in his little area called called Bernie’s Dugout and only after the game, can you have a chance to meet him.

So, Riccio and I took a seat near where he would come down and watched the rest of the game.

I was still bothered by missing the ball soooo much that I called my Father (who’s on vaca. in Vegas) to let him know he must have been the WORST baseball coach in the world.

At this point I can think of no other excuse... so that’s the one I’m going with!  It’s your fault Dad and he cool enough to take the blame as he laughed at my poor performance. 🙂

Andrea (step-sister) and Dad

A Second Chance at a Ball!

It was now the top of the 9th and the Brewers were warming up before the last inning when again... Ryan Braun turns and throws another ball into the stands.  The ball wasn’t  thrown directly to me this time, but it was close, so I started to trek around the seats to get under it.

It was thrown 5 rows behind me and about 20 seats to the right.  I jumped the rows and started running over to where the ball was.

As I approached, there was a scramble on the ground between me, a kid, and the guy who got the ball.  I missed it... Damn I was so close!

Again, the guy who got the ball (Jayme), let me take a picture with the one that got away!  AGAIN!  At this point... I’m so angry with myself that I couldn’t even enjoy the rest of the game.

Milwaukee wound up winning 10-6 and the mascot Bernie... left another way, so he never entered the general seating area.

I still had a blast even though I am evidently... a F$&King spaz!

We got home from the game around 11:30 pm, I didn’t want to drink (still feeling it) and Riccio was happy enough to relax on the couch, so I called the casino and put my name on the 1-2 NL list (you can call it in.)

They said I was 21st up, so I waited for an hour before I left and arrived at Potawatomi at 1 am.  My plan worked, I was immediately seated (10 seat) and bought in $135..  🙂 Nice!

Eric and Seymour

I love playing poker on Friday and Saturday late night, people are drunk and out to have a good time.  I’m there to make a living!  My edge... when my hands hold ;)!

Seated to my right, were two cool guys from Chicago (Eric and Seymour).  We talked about my trip and Chicago for most of the time I was there.  Seymour is actually really tall, I thought he was my size and then 3 hours later he stood up and was 6’5.  The poker table has many illusions! 😉

Anyway, the table was friendly but they were gambling.  For the first hour, I can’t remember playing one hand that wasn’t a blind.  I was getting (8,3)- (10,5) - (9,4) etc... Those hands aren’t the worst, at least I can’t lose any money with them.

I stayed patient and waited for a hand.  It came... pocket Ace’s (A,A,).  I was in the button and there was already a raise to $10 when it got to me (5 callers).  I knew I had to thin out the field so I raised to $50.  Everybody folded except for the original raiser.

The flop (J, 7, 2) (Mike’s game-Rahway poker), the guy pushed ALL IN as I immediately called.  He had (A, J).  Another Jack didn’t hit and I doubled up.  That hand put this guy on tilt because he pre-flopped raised and bluffed the next 4 out of 7 hands (and showed it).

Not him, but he was Asian.

I was in the big blind and got pocket 7’s (7, 7).  The same guy raised to $27 this time.  If it would have been anybody else I would have folded but like I said, he just bluffed and showed like 4 times.

Anyway, there was another caller in front of me, so I had pot odds as well.  The flop... (8, 5, 4) off-suit.  I checked and the better lead out with $25.  The guy to my right (from Chicago-Eric) took a minute but called, I did the same.

The turn... 9 of clubs.  I checked and the better lead out with $40 this time.  Again, after a debate, Eric called.  The 9 of spades now put a flush out there.  I thought the better had nothing but Eric scared me.  Did he have a over pair? Flush draw with overs?  I didn’t know but the pot was big so I called.

The river... 6 of spades!  Nice, I hit the straight but the possible flush also came.  The better went ALL IN ($35) as both I and Eric called.  When Eric called, I thought he had a flush but I threw over pocket 7’s and said straight.  Eric looked at me funny as he also threw over pocket 7’s.  Crazy!  The funny thing is... the original better actually had a hand this time... pocket K’s (K, K).

Man, we got lucky to chop that pot with only one out!  But the cards are finally turning!  Woo Hoo!

I played until 4 am and won one more big hand.  I had (A, 7) of hearts in the button and there was a raise to $16 with 4 callers in front of me.  I smooth called and the flop came out... (A, 7, 4) with two spades.

The table checked around to me and I lead out with $40.  I got one caller.  The turn... 5 of hearts.  The caller checked and I bet $80.  He called.  The river... Q of clubs.  I knew I was good but the pot was big and I was up, so I didn’t want to risk anymore incase he was slow playing me with a set.

He checked, I checked and I won the pot.  He had A, kicker (only showed the Ace).

I left the table shortly after up $363. I could have had another $100 but I’m a chicken shit!  Still... a great poker outing and I needed it!  Maybe the cards are turning...


Geri and her son Michael

Today, well yesterday (August 20th) was Geri’s birthday.  Now, I can’t say Happy Birthday to everybody I know when it’s B-Day (sorry all) but Geri has been one of my biggest fans since I thought of this idea back in NJ, she even asked me for autograph before I left (you have #1).

Not to mention, every time she gets paid (every 2 weeks) she sends me at least a $20 donation through my website!  So Geri, I thank you and wish nothing but the best on this very special day!  (Even though it was yesterday, but on my site... today is the 20th!, enjoy the extra day!)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. geri says:

    OMG – I can’t believe it! Me on the Rooster’s website. Thank you so much Rooster for remembering my birthday. U have made my day. I am now part of Rooster history. Red carpet here we come.
    Geri (your #1 fan)

  2. pat says:

    Of course Braun threw you the ball he’s on your teams. Lotsman.

  3. Big Brother Adam says:

    it’s about time you had a good day at the tables! each time I read a post and lady luck isn’t with you, it breaks my heart…and blackjack?!?! When I see you type the work Blackjack I start yelling at my computer for you to run away!

    Let’s hope this is the start of something good…hang in there!

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