Hey Roc, Take Me To The Zoo! And… Congrats Riggs! (IL) “DAY 40” – 8/13/10

August 13, 2010 - 1:04 pm - (IL) “DAY 40”

It’s already after 1 pm on Saturday, so although I did a lot yesterday (Friday) (Zoo, Lake Michigan, Dinner with friends, Poker), I am only going to write a shortened version of my day.  (it didn’t happen, it’s 3pm now and normal length.)

There is so much to do today (Saturday) in Chi-town (a block party, a roof party, The World’s Biggest Air and Boat Show, Jimmy Buffet concert, Fish show, etc.), my head is spinning! :))

OK... here’s what I did on Friday The 13th... First, I bought a Jason mask, then I went to Camp Crystal Lake, and well... you know the rest! 🙂  Just kidding... I don’t even know where Camp Crystal lake is...

Lincoln Park Zoo
Seriously, I went to Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago (free to the public, a perfect price :)).  I got there around 1:30 pm and wound up staying until almost 5 pm, there was a lot to see.

I took so many pictures, I don’t know where to begin.

You win!

F.Y.I - The picture page on my website will be available shortly, I haven’t had time to upload my pictures to the necessary area yet, but I will soon.  My bad!

I guess... I’ll start where I started... with the monkeys.  Everybody loves monkeys and I’m no different.  They are just so human like, it’s scary sometimes.  This Monkey to the right stared me dead in the eye for at least minute before I had to turn away.  He won the staring contest.

Then, I ran into the White Cheeked Gibbon (type of monkey).  He was playing with a rope when I got there, but he looked like he wanted to play poker against me.  He was a shafty looking monkey!

After the primate area, I went to see the big boys... African Apes!  When I walked in, I spotted a Ape chilling out against the wall eating some fruit (I think).   He was so human looking and acting, I’m sure of evolution.  Heck, I was at bar this week with adults who didn’t act that normal.

After that, I saw the man of the house... Mr. Silverback!  He was chilling out against the glass with his back to the crowd us.  One guy sat right in front of him on our side of the glass, you can see how massive he is!

I stood up on the ledge and took a picture of his face so you can see how awesome he was!   The guy can have any chick he wants and nobody messes with him, he’s got the life... well.. if he wasn’t in captive.  Still... locked in a room with a bunch of hot gorillas and free food isn’t bad... I’d trade places!

Big Cats
It was now time to see some big cats, so I headed over to lion’s den to check it out.  the first cat I saw, wasn’t big at all... he was tiny like a house cat.  He lived in the desert and was called a Sand Cat (No Wendy, you can’t have him!) 🙂

Then, I saw what I came for... lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  Well, I saw bears later but I couldn’t resist.  The Tiger I witnessed was huge and tired.  He was yawning when I took this picture, he must have just gotten up from a cat nap.  Da- da- da!

After hanging with the tiger, I saw the queen of the area, Mrs. Lioness.  She was hanging outside getting some sun while her man was on the ground beneath her (can’t see him in pic.).  I’m sure all women wish it was that easy! 😉

I can go on and on about every animal I saw but you get the idea.  So, I’ll just give you a brief breakdown of the rest of my zoo outing.

The Rest
On my way to check out the area where the bears were, I saw a pack of wolves doing there thing, so I joined the pride and didn’t miss a beat.  They called me the “Wolf Rooster”, good luck on the hunt boys!

I then checked out some of the water animals they had.  Otters and beavers are real cool to watch but the coolest water animal I saw, was the mighty Polar Bear.  He was so big and agile.  While I was there, he was running all over the place... quickly.

If you’re at a zoo, you have to see some reptiles.  It’s a international zoo rule, I heard ;).  So I jumped into a restricted area and had some 10 year old take my picture real quick to prove I was there.  (Why am I surfing???)

The best picture I got in this area was of a Caiman Lizard.  He was opening his mouth in anger or it was girl lizard and... well... I didn’t have enough money for her!

Then, for some reason I wanted to go to Toys “R” Us.  After I complained to him about a purchase I made 3 years ago.  He agreed to take a picture as a settlement.  Thanks Jeffery!  (My jokes are getting worse :).)

The zoo was a great time and if haven’t been to one in awhile, you’re missing out!

Lake Michigan
I left around 5pm and walked over to Lake Michigan (2 blocks).  All I did, was sit on the water and stare off into the lake.  It was relaxing!

Dinner with Friends
Toby picked me up from the Lake (it’s right on the highway) and we went back to his place to make a feast!  He bought chicken, I bought steak, and his friend Dave bought

Dave and Toby

chicken legs and kielbasa.

We ate like fat men as we decided what to do for the night.  It was around 10 pm and raining out, so Toby suggested we hit the casino.  Not the the one I went to the other day, but a casino in Hammond, Indiana (25 minutes away), The Horseshoe.

F.Y.I - The Horseshoe is the nicest casino around and the only reason I didn’t play there while I was in Indiana is because they don’t have a hotel connected.

Toby and Me "Rooster"

Anyway, Toby and I left for the casino and arrived at midnight (Dave stayed in Chicago).  He plays table games, not poker so we split up and headed off in separate directions to make it happen.

They have a big poker room with over 40 tables and it was packed with people.  I wasn’t immediately sat into 1-2 NL game, so I played 4-8 limit texas hold’em while I waited.  It wasn’t a long wait and I was sat about 20 minutes later in the game I wanted.

I bought in for $144 and the first hand I played was (7, 8) of spades.  The flop came and I hit nothing (as always lately), so I folded.  I floated around even for awhile and then lost my patience for the first time on this trip.

I knew I only had so much time to play (I had Toby with me) so instead of waiting for hands to come, I forced the issue and played out of my comfort zone.

I lost my entire buy-in bluffing at pots.  For instance, I’d raise pre-flop with (A, Q).  The flop would come (K, 6, 2), I’d continuation bet for $20-ish and get called every time.  Still, I know I have to bet again to get people off marginal hands, so I’d fire on the turn and river.  I got called each time with weak hands!

If I just would of played my game and waited, people were gonna pay you off or... as it turned out... catch me in bluffing!

I bought in for another $100 and tried to play tighter but I was on tilt.  Also, you know sometimes you play for hours and you wouldn’t even have won a hand you didn’t play... that’s how cold my cards have been.

It was 3:30 am when Toby wanted to leave so I got ready to get up when I won 3 consecutive hands in a row.  Unfortunately, the first hand I won, I only had $24 left so even after 3 wins, I only accumulated $142.

It was good enough.  I thought I was gonna lose $244, so to only be down $102 on the night, felt like a victory when I left.  Some nights are like that, you lose and feel like you won and sometimes (like last Wednesday) you win and feel like you lose.  That’s poker!

Strikeforce On Showtime

Me "Rooster", Riggs, Scott

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (Scott) invited me to attend a mixed martial event in Phoenix for this Friday night.  A mutual friend of ours, Joe “Diesel” Riggs was fighting in the main event vs. Louis “Handgunz” Taylor.

Scott has been training with him for years and was gonna be his corner man for this event.  He wanted me there so I could enjoy in the evening since we both have been following Joe’s career since he was 19 years old.  (Scott much more so than I).

Scott and Riggs

Anyway, I couldn’t make it because of financial reasons (you’re all aware) but I watched it on Showtime last night.

Scott, you did a great job as his cornerman (even the announcers mentioned that) and Joe did what Joe does... Kick some ASS!

Congratulation guys!  I wish I was there to celebrate with both of you.  I’ll be in Phoenix soon enough and when I get there... first beer is on me!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mom says:

    I want to go to the Bronx Zoo!! When you get back, you have to take me there! That gorilla looks like someone Geri use to date.

    Happy, happy birthday. Sorry I’m late, but I’m old and forgetful. David is right you are my favorite non-son son.I do love you the best.


    So,you love Chicago & might even llve there!!! I am so happy for you, my sweet boy. Not to worry about me,so what that I have a bad back,and bad knees and that I can’t see, and some days I can’t even pee.
    I hear they are very good to the pathetic at the airports,they have weelchairs and even porta-potties. Can you get me on OPRAH?

  2. Gene says:

    Joy so far gets the “classic post” award!

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