Hot Yoga (Delaware) “DAY 1” – 7/5/10

July 5th, 2010 - 6:56pm (Delaware) “DAY 1”

Well, I finally made it out of NJ. So for all the people who voted on the poll... I made it off the couch!

John and Me "Rooster"

The drive from Clark, NJ to Wilmington, DE was suppose to be 2 hours or so but since it’s the day after July 4th and everybody is traveling home from vacay it turned out to be 3 1/2 hours. I hate traffic!

Anyway, my destination was to meet and stay with an old college buddy (WVU), John J.

John's Yoga Lobby

Gillespie. He is now a successful business and family man. He owns a Yoga place named Plexus and that’s where I met up with him about 3 hours ago. After getting the tour of the establishment (which is super nice, Taiwan this, Malaysia that) he set me up for a hour long yoga class with a really pretty instructor named Mara.

Lets back up a bit here, for starters I haven’t worked out for over a year, basically ever since I had

Mara and Me "Rooster"

shoulder surgery on August 13, of last year (torn labrum). Also I am as fat and out of shape as I have ever been, combine that with the fact that I’m the most inflexible person in the world and you could imagine what a disaster I was in class.

Not only was it a yoga class but it was a hot yoga class, meaning that you do yoga in 100 degree temperatures... not with a bunch of hot chicks! Damn!  Although there were a few cute girls.

After 2 minutes, I was a fat sweaty mess just trying not to throw up on John’s well kept yoga

Warrior Pose

studio. I did accomplish that goal, I didn’t hurl. Every other possible goal I could have achieved I think I failed at except completing the hour long class.  Every minute or so I had to stop to catch my wind and balance.

I say this with total honesty: Yoga is a harder work out than double sessions in football, no joke!  If you think I’m lying go down to your local yoga center and give it a try... You may do better than

Downward Dog or something...

I did (actually you can’t do worse than me, I almost died) but trust me when your done you’ll know you just worked you're ass off!

So here I am in John’s work office writing this post waiting for him to finish a class that he teaches.  Once he’s done, which should be in 30 minutes or so we are

John's office - Thanks Morgan

off to his house where I will meet his family for the first time. I haven’t seen John in 15 years and since that time he’s gotten married and has a few kids, this is so wild.

July 5th ,2010 - 11:55pm (Delaware) “DAY 1”

Right now I’m writing from the basement of John’s house.  He has a gorgeous home, real cute kids, and a beautiful wife. You go John J.!

Anyway, I have settled into my new state and I am ready to tackle the poker room tomorrow. I thought there was no where to play poker on Monday nights but I was wrong. I did my research and found out that Delaware Park Racetrack and Casino is open 24hrs - 7 days a week. They have all the games I am looking for (1-2 NL, 2-5 NL, some limit games).  I am salivating right now thinking about it... or... am I salivating  cause I’m currently fat...??  Either way, I can’t wait to play tomorrow and kick off the trip with a bang!

Oh yeah, I’m already sore as hell from hot yoga. Damn you hot yoga!!! None-the-less, it’s a great work out and I know it’s good for me so tomorrow me and hot yoga square off again at high noon (western music plays).


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  1. geri says:

    come on dave, if an old hag like me can do the yoga poses so can u.
    u look very good in your warrior 2 posture. and i know u can stand the heat!
    jersey geri

  2. Dad says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words.Your Yoga postions looks good, but what do I know. Keep it up.

  3. Matt Miller says:

    Glad to hear you made it off the couch. I have to admit I voted the other way. Talk to you soon!

  4. stacey says:

    Way to go! How fun it is to see a WVU friend and hot yoga- hard as hell! I do it once a week and have been trying to convince my unflexible husband to do this but he is not so willing to try.

    If you come donw to FL let me know!


  5. Josh says:

    I am highly impressed that you made it through a hot yoga class Dave. A friend has been trying to get me to go to one in the city, but I feel that I’ll probably keel over and die if I do.

    Then again, if you survived it…

    Best of luck as you continue your journey.


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