I Made It A Month! (MI) “DAY 28” – 8/1/10

August 2, 2010 - 11:09 am - (MI) “Day 28”
It’s Sunday and I’ve made it a month on the road.  So far,  I have done everything I wanted to and haven’t had to pass up any opportunity yet (because of money).

I will break down my entire first month (in detail) in a separate post after I tell you about what happened today! 

I have had a very busy week in Michigan, between driving to Cleveland (twice) and being in Detroit every other day (45 min away)...  I needed another day of rest and relaxation!  I am getting old! 🙂

The Yank’s were playing at 1:30 pm in the rubber match against the D-Rays.  J.T. and I are both huge Yankee fans (as you should know by now) so we decided to to sit at home and watch the game together.

After the game ended (Yanks lost 3-0), our days went in different directions.  I was going to play poker down the street (Heidelberg) while J.T. studied for his Law finals.  At 9 pm we were gonna meet back up to watch HBO... it’s not TV... It’s HBO! 🙂 (True Blood, Entourage).  Sookie!!!


Anyway I got to the poker room at 5:15 pm again today and again I was the only the person there.  It says the games can start at 5 pm but I have come to realize I’m the only one who wants to play that early.

Since I was there before 6 pm, I was able to get a free dinner (a promotion they run to get people there early).  I ordered the French Dip sandwich as I waited for more people to arrive.

Around 6:30 pm a young man (Neil) walked in and signed up to play.  We talked about my journey and poker for an hour or so.  He told he wanted to be a pro poker player someday so I gave him some pointers I’ve learned over the years.  He was receptive to the advice.  Nice meeting you Neil, good luck!


It was now around 8 pm and the game hadn’t started yet, only 4 people were there.  I wanted to hang out with J.T. and watch HBO so... even though I had just waited for 3 hours and a game would be starting soon, I left to go hang with my cousin.

We watched our shows and when they were done, I went back to play poker and J.T. went back to studying.

When I arrived back at Heidelberg, there was a full game going (1-2 NL) so I put my name on the waiting list.  I was second up.  I waited for 20 minutes before I was finally able to get a seat. (Man... my timing has been bad here!)

Poker Really Begins

Now... the actual poker portion of this post won’t be long because I was only there for an hour and only played 2 hands.  Unfortunately, they were both losing hands as I dumped $240.00 on the night.  My worst poker day of the month!

I’ll break down the two hands for you.  The very first hand I saw at the table was (A, J) off-suit, I was in position and raised to $8.  I got 4 callers.  The flop came... (A, J, 2) all different suits.  The guy who was first to act bet $25, I smooth called because I had top two pair and I thought he just had an Ace.  Everybody else folded.

The turn... 10 of hearts.  The guy checked this time, so I bet $50.  He paused for a second then pushed ALL IN!  I had bought in $140 and already had $80+ in the pot, so I had to call but I didn’t mind because I thought I was ahead.  The only hand I thought he could have had to beat me was pocket 2’s (2,2).

I immediately flopped over my (A, J) as he turned over (K, Q)... My God... He bet $25 on a one outer and hit it on the turn!  Maybe it’s not gonna be my night!

I bought in for another $100. and sat back down at the table.  About 30 minutes went by before I played another hand. This time I had pocket 2’s (2, 2).  There was a pre-flop raise to $15.  I wasn’t gonna call but another person called ahead of me and I was last to act, so it couldn’t get raised behind me.

The flop... (A, 10, 2) all different suits.  A perfect flop... I’m gonna get my money back and then some!  Woo Hoo!  The gentleman who raised bet $20, the next player pushed ALL IN for $43, then I pushed All IN for $75.  The original raiser called as all three of us had all our chips in the pot.

I turned over my set of deuces (3 of a kind) and thought I would be ahead but I wasn’t as the original raiser turned over a pocket pair of Ten’s (10, 10).  Ahhh!  One of two hands I didn’t want to see!  I lost my second buy in and left for the night.

Ernie and Me "Rooster"

Sometimes it’s just not your night and tonight was that night for me.  It was only shortly after 11 pm but I left anyway.  I’m not gonna chase lost money.  Tomorrow’s another day!

Before I left, a nice man (Ernie) who I had played with a few times this week gave me some free food vouchers to Tiger's stadium in case I go to Tuesday’s - day baseball game in Detroit.  Thanks Ernie!

That was my day.  I wish it went better but that’s POKER! 🙂

I spoke with the girl I met at Kmart today and we talked about possibly meeting at a bar with her and her friends.  She said she would text me if she was going out.  I never heard from her.  Truthfully, I think she went out... just not with me!  Maybe next city... 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Gene says:

    Are you going to leave a bag of burning shit on Rich Rods doorstep before you leave, lol! Love the Arquette chapter, he should play you…or he needs to play you…..he hasn’t had a job since Scream? Keep doing it!

  2. Big Brother Adam says:

    Rough way to end the first month Dave…no date, losing $240, and ARod still hasn’t hit # 600. Good thing there are plenty of positive experiences to outweigh the bad outing at the tables.

    And what the hell is with JT’s apt? He’s been there for over a year and you’re sitting on a folding chair looking at a TV (nice one – props for that) in what looks like an empty room? Godo thing he’s coming home – it looks he’s lived in an insane asylum this past year.

    Good luck in the next city…btw – what is the next City?

  3. dave says:

    Aparantly… a city worse than Detroit.. the death capitol of the world… Gary, Indiana! Hope i make it through Ok!

  4. Adam G says:

    Glad to see your trip is going well man, sounds like you’re having a good time. Now pick up your game and grab some bitches!

  5. Dad says:

    Tough night. Today’s a new day. Be careful in Gary Ind. If it’s real bad, head to your next stop early.
    Talk to you later.

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