I Met David Arquette Today While Playing Poker! (MI) “DAY 27” – 7/31/10

August 1, 2010 - 4:03 am - (MI) “DAY 27”

The highlight of today was definitely meeting David Arquette but that happened at the end of the day so I’ll get to that later in the post.  Let’s start at the beginning.

Thanks J.T.

Today was probably the laziest day I have had all month.  I guess I am a little tired from the non-stop lifestyle and constant traveling.  So I woke up at noon (the latest I woke up all trip) and first had to write “DAY 26” (2 hours and change).

A little before I finished writing, J.T. got up and made us breakfast (bacon and egg sandwiches).  Nice!  Thanks Tuck!  After that, our plans for the rest of the day were completely different.

I was going to play poker and he was gonna study for his final exams.  (Uncle Mick and Aunt Gin - he’s staying the course, don’t worry :))

When I went Heidelberg last night (Friday), I got there at 10 pm and couldn’t get on a table so today I was going to get there early and make sure I got a seat.  I arrived at 5:15 pm to find out I was the only person there.  So I put my name on the list and waited at the bar.

I started talking with the bartender (Erik) and became aware that anybody who showed up for poker before 6 pm was able to get a free dinner (I got a French Dip sand. :)).  Nice!  I’m winning before I even got a hand.

Erik and I talked for awhile about my trip and said he would check it out, he must have... he friended me on Facebook.  Thanks Erik!


People began to file in one by one and we started playing around 6 pm.  All the people at Heidelberg have been real cool and tonight was no different (players/dealers).

The table was playing real friendly but I could tell there are good players here.
F.Y.I - This might be the hardest game I have played in so far.

Anyway, I bought in for $200 and the first hand I played was (A, 7) off-suit.  Nothing hit the flop and I folded.  Then, a good string of cards came my way but since there wasn’t a lot of action, I only won a minimal amount.

After an hour or so, the conversation about my trip began (it always does) and a guy at the table (Chance) offered to let me stay at his place if I came back through Ann Arbor.  People are so cool!  I forgot to take his picture but he was a slick looking Oklahoman.

It was 8 pm and I knew J.T. was taking a break from studying to watch the Yankee game and A-Rod’s pursuit at 600.  I was up $92, so I decided to cash out and go back to J.T.’s to watch the game with him.


I was so tired that I only watched an inning before I passed out on the floor (1-1 in the 3rd).   When I got up, the game had just ended with a Robinson Cano homer followed by a Marino save.  The Yanks won and A-Rod didn’t hit 600, I didn’t miss anything.  Whew!

It was 11 pm and the poker room was still open until 2 am, so I decided to return for more action (2 miles away).  When I returned, it was a much different atmosphere.  There were people at the bar (girls) as well as two tables going instead of one.

I immediately got a seat but it was at a short table (meaning only a few players) and there wasn’t much betting.  Meanwhile, the table next to me was the exact opposite.  I could see and hear the bets being made... $35 this,  $85 that, ... the table had a lot of action.

I got up to see if I could get a table change and asked the floor person if that was possible.  While we were talking, a guy from that table said he was getting up and I could take his seat.  It was David Arquette. Wow!  ( I was sitting with my back to him as he was to me the whole time I had returned to play.)

Ahhh... it makes sense now why there were girls in a poker room (not playing).

From my experiences in the media (radio host) I know that when famous people go out (especially to a local place) they don’t want to bothered with autographs or pictures.

Me "Rooster" and David Arquette

That being said, I am on a trip to do everything I can while telling a compelling story to all of you.   So I asked him if he would take a picture with me before he left.  He responded “ Sure, just let me cash out my chips first. (F.Y.I - he had a lot of chips)”

I kept playing at my table when I had noticed he left.  I got up to see if he was still somewhere in the room when he walked back in.  I said to him “Is it OK if I get that picture?”   He was extremely cool and said “Sure," as we got a guy in the room to take it.

Then we talked for a few seconds (he was leaving) as I told him a little about what I was doing and handed him a Rooster card.  He seemed amused by the card (rooster logo) as he left the room.  I hope he checks it out.

If for some reason Dave, you actually came to my site, THANK YOU for taking some time to check out the little guy trying to make it.  I hope you enjoy!

I continued playing poker until the place closed at 2 am.  My return wasn’t as successful as my first outing of the evening.  I lost $38.  Overall, I was still a winner on the day (+$54).

Another positive outing... I’ll take it!

My Lofty Dreams
After meeting David Arquette, I sit here dreaming of what it would be like if this journey turns out to be everything I hope it can become.  Now, don’t misunderstand me when I write this next line cause I’m not delusion... just a dreamer!

I hope my journey gets millions of hits on the web, a reality show on the travel channel, a best selling book, followed by a hit movie.  I am dreaming big... I always do! 😉

Meeting a successful entertainer just opens up my mind to all the possibilities!  Maybe he could play me in the movie if it ever happens! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Johnny says:

    Swag u r making it happen!

  2. Big Brother Adam says:

    First celebrity sighting (if you don’t count the mascots from all the games you’ve been to)…that’s a big step in the process. Along with the chart of your winnings, there could be another for celebrity encounters.

    David Arquette is a good one – He’s the type of guy I’d expect at a local poker house…too bad his wife wasn’t there with him. Maybe next time.

  3. Mike says:

    What happened to finding a date for Saturday night, 3 stops and 0 dates?

  4. dave says:

    I’ve had one date… (it was a Friday), I had one kinda something (DE)… (on a Saturday), I thought I had a Sunday date in Ohio but got stood up… Not to mention… I’m still fat and poor. 🙂 I might be meeting a girl later tonight (20% chance)… we’ll see..


  5. Dad says:

    Nice meeting on the road. What was Arquette, other than the obvious (playing poker) doing in Michigan? He now knows what your doing, maybe he’ll pass it along to some of his friends. Where was Cortney?

  6. dave says:

    I don’t even know if he’ll remember, I didn’t play with him. We’ll see! I don’t know where Cortney is…

  7. Moose says:

    Seems like the stories are getting more interesting.Maybe you’re going to pull this thing off after all.Keep on keep on keeping on Rooster!!!!!

  8. dave says:

    Thanks Moose!

  9. VeVe says:

    Based on the way things are going so far, I believe your fantasy dream will turn into a fantastic reality. Again Dave, I’m very proud of you. You’re fantabulous Luvy!

  10. Big Brother Adam says:

    Update on this post…David Arquette is in the news lately as he & Courtney Cox are splitting up. He was on Howard Stern telling his side of the story. He said the trouble began just after their 11th wedding anniversary when they went to Ann Arbor Mi. to film SCREAM 4! For any of you that were wondering what a famous guy like David Arquette was doing in a small poker house in Michigan…now you know.

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