I Met Some Smart Oriole Fans at Camden Yards! (VA) “DAY 13” – 7/17/10

July 18th, 2010 - 8:24 am - (VA) “DAY 13”

Two days of tanning with no sun screen was a mistake!  I wanted to make sure I got some color in the shortest amount of time... Bad Idea!  My back is so sunburn I barely got any sleep again last night.

So when I woke up, I asked Kim if she had any aloe.  She did but it was the real stuff, right from the plant itself.  Pretty cool and I think it worked cause I’m already feeling better.

Baseball Game

Saturday is suppose to be date night for me throughout the year but since I had a date on Friday night this week, I decided to find a sporting event to go to instead.  The Washington Nationals play 15 minutes from where Kim lives but they are out of town this weekend, so we (Kim and I) checked the Baltimore Orioles schedule which is just one hour away.

The O’s are at home vs. Toronto this weekend... we’re on our way to Baltimore!  It was a night game so I still had all day to do something.  I wanted to make a sign for the game but my back was so sunburn, I didn’t get anything done except for a long nap!  I needed it!

I got up around 3 pm and started to get ready for the game.  What do I need for a good time at Camden Yards?  Wallet, phone, keys, Tums... check!  Yankee Jersey... check! R.I.P. George Steinbrenner III sign... check!  I’m all ready.

M & T Bank Stadium (Ravens)

Well... almost all ready.  Kim’s boyfriend Singk (pronounced - Sink) was going to the game with us so we waited for him to arrive.  He got to Kim’s at 4 pm and the three of us left around 4:30 pm.  The ride was mostly traffic free, we got to the stadium by 6pm.

Slogan, courtesy of Frank "The Minotaur"

Let me be clearer, I had all the materials for a George Steinbrenner sign (paper & markers) but it wasn’t made yet so we stopped in this nice hotel and made the sign in their lobby.  Kim did the lettering, Sinkg did the NY logo, and like the child I am... I did the coloring! 🙂

It took us 45 minutes to finish and by the time we were done both Kim and Singk wanted to kill me with their mind.  I could see it in there eyes! LOL

Me "Rooster, Kim, Singk

We didn’t buy tickets in advance because you don’t need to in Baltimore, they only sell out when the Yankee’s are in town (I heard ;)). So we went to the ticket window and got the 3 cheapest seats they had available, they were $10 each.  We figured we could sit anywhere we wanted once we got in and we were right but I’ll talk about that in second.

At this point in the night, Kim and Singk still wanted to go to Pickles and get a drink (best bar around) while I wanted to go into Camden Yards for the first pitch, so we split up.  They went for a drink and I went into the game.  Nice!  I’m with adults.

Our purchased seats were in the left field upper-deck section of the stadium (section - 376 - Row 19 - seats 2-4) but once I got there (the stadium was so empty) I realized I could sit anywhere.  So after I got heckled by a bunch of drunk fans... “Jeter Sucks!”, “F&*K the Yankees!”, etc... It was time to go.

Luxury Box Time

Luxury Floor

It was real hot last night (90+ degrees), so I wanted to see if I could get into a luxury box (somehow) where I knew there would be air conditioning.  I would have to be crafty to make this happen.

I found the level they were on and tried to enter the area but as soon I did, I was greeted by a security guard who asked me for my ticket.  I was all sweaty and tired when I looked at the older man and said “Hey pal, I’m just trying to get to the upper deck but I’m on the other side of the stadium, can I please walk through this level so I can cool off, it’s so hot out there!”

The man thought for a second, looked at my fat sweaty head, and said OK.  I told him if I stayed in the area he’d notice, I’m the only guy wearing a Yankee Jersey!  He laughed and wished me a good night.  Thanks old timer!

Luxury Box Level

Now, I’m in!  Free food, air conditioning, T.V’s everywhere, this is the way to watch a game when you’re poor and it’s stupid hot out!  It was at this time that Kim called me to see where I was sitting.

Free Food!

I told her where I was and said I would meet her in the right field (outfield) lower deck right by the foul pole in a few innings.

Now, how am I going to get food in somebody else's luxury box with out causing a scene?  For starters, I took off my Yankee Jersey to try and blend in a bit, then... I just went for it.   So I walked right up the buffet line and grabbed a burger, dog, and soda.  The people around me were talking about something so I hurried up and got out of there after a few seconds (with food of course!).

I ate the food in a real nice area where they had a full bar, TV’s, and quotes from all the Oriole greats.  It was now the 5th inning so I decided to make it back out to the real stadium.

I headed to the right field (outfield) seats on the lower lever.  I sat in the last row of the stadium, 25 feet from the foul pole.  In this seat, I can sit back, relax, and have my Yankee sign lean against the wall.  A perfect set-up!

John (Bag 1), Me "Rooster", Kevin (Bag 2)

The fans in this area were much friendlier and welcomed my Yankee-ness, to a degree.  In front of me were two guys wearing bags on their heads, great!  I needed a picture with them so I asked and they obliged!  Thanks guys, football season is around the corner.. You’re almost there!

Shortly after that, Kim and Singk finally arrived to the these seats (top 6th).  We sat there together for a bit and then decided to get caricatures made of ourselves. I did it in Philly and figured why not, it would be cool to see how different artist’s portray me in a cartoon light.

While I was getting drawn, a O’s fan walked up and stated to talk to me.  At first I couldn’t tell if he was busting my balls or just being a cool guy.  He was raging on the cartoon pic of me (could ya blame him 🙂 ).

Anyway, after talking for a bit, I realized he was just a cool guy, having a good time.  His name was Adam (like my brother) and he was very interested in my trip.  He offered me his place to stay at if I needed it (he’s married guys, I met his wife, I know how my friends think :)), then he gave me $20 toward my journey! (When I’m in Maryland in 40+ weeks, you are on!)  Thanks Adam!

It was now the top of the 9th inning, my last chance to try and get on TV with my sign if I wasn’t on already (how would I know?).

So I went back the right field area to reset up my sign.  When I left to get my picture done, the O’s were winning 2-1, when I got back they were down 3-2.  The mood had changed in the area!


I was standing in the back with the sign held over my head for the whole top of the 9th.  It was at this point that a bunch of fans started to lay into me.  The proverbial “ASSHOLE” chant started to rain through the section as people from all over were getting in on the action.

I embraced the moment and keep egging them on, waving for them to give me more.  It’s funny when O’s fans start yelling Yankee’s Suck but it’s also what makes baseball great!  Passion for the home team no matter how long they have been bad (since 1997).

The game ended shortly after that, the O’s lost 3-2.  I stayed in my seat until a usher threw me out.  I figured I’d wait until all the rowdy dudes left the area before I got up. 

With age comes wisdom... and bills! 🙂

I had a great time and I think Kim did too.

Sunday, I have 3 more softball games before I leave for Columbus ,Ohio.  I might stay over until Monday and leave for Ohio St. University in the AM.

I’ll let you know.

I haven’t played since Wednesday and I need to find a game soon.  I spent way to much money this week but it was worth it, I had a awesome time!

Thanks for reading!


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