I Rode My First Horse Today, Ever!!! (WY) “DAY 92” – 10/4/10

October 5, 2010 - 9:55 am - (WY) “DAY 92”

I got up this morning knowing I was gonna have a lot to write.  When you’re the biggest pussy in Wyoming... there’s usually a pretty long story involved! 😉  After I finished writing my heroic tale (sarcasm), I started my day.

Fantasy Baseball
I bet you’re wondering how fantasy baseball equates into this day when there is no baseball today and the regular season is over???  Well... I won some $$$$ Bitches!!!! Woo Hoo!

I was in two different fantasy baseball leagues this year and... I cashed out in both!  It couldn’t come at better time because my funds are getting low. 🙁  Unfortunately, I didn’t win either (take 1st) but I took 3rd in both and for this year... that will do just fine!


The Arizona league I’m in was won by “The Historians” (Ken), a first time winner ($996.) Congratulations!  Curt (my best friend in AZ and former radio partner) took 2cd ($498.), he usually wins it all!  And then I took 3rd ($166.).

Curt's team

I want to send out a Thank You to Curt, for he has decided to donate some of his winnings to me for my trip!

The New York League I’m in, I also took 3rd.  But in this league 3rd got $250! Nice!  First place was won by another on of my best friends (from Florida), Pat ($1000.)

Pat's team

I got him in the league and we were the only two people in the league not from NY.  Sorry NY league! 😉

Anyway, Pat also decided to donate some of his winnings to me.  Thanks Pat!  Go WVU!  LSU’s quarterback still sucks!

Back To My Day
I told you all that baseball stuff because A.) It’s money that will help fund my trip. B.) I know had to find a way to get the money without using Paypal (didn’t want to give away 25+ dollars). and C.) It was a big of my life the past few days, hoping I’d win something! 🙂

Possibly Riding A Horse
It was 2 pm and I still a hadn’t done much today so I looked into riding a horse.  I have never rode a horse before and really have never even been around horses (except at the track ;)).  So this should be interesting...

The place that gives horse rides is within walking distance of where I’m staying.  F.Y.I - I have seen the horses everyday since I arrived here in Teton Village.

Anyway, I walked in and started to tell the people inside about me and what I was doing.  Basically,

They are cut out of the pic! Damn!

that I’m a city slicker who has never been on a horse. 😉  I also told them about my para-flying disaster story (from yesterday).  I told them it because I didn’t want a Horse Riding disaster story for today...

They laughed at me but said, I would be fine and should come back at 3 pm.  Nobody was scheduled for 3 pm, so it would just be me and a guide.  That means my ride can be aslong or short as I want it to be.  Nice!

Wells Fargo
Wells fargo happened to be right across the street from the horse place and since I had a hour to kill, I decided to get a Wells account.  I did this so I could get my AZ fantasy winning quickly.  With a Wells account, Curt can just deposit it right into my account.  Cha-ching!

Me "Rooster" and Ron

F.Y.I - My original bank account is only in the east coast and I haven’t seen a branch for many states.

I got to Wells Fargo and the guy (Ron) who helped me out was real cool.  He was from another country (couldn’t place it) and worked at the bank here in Teton Village, but his real passion was being a photographer.  I’ll have a link up to his website shortly...

Anyway, I got everything I needed easily and professionally then Ron even agreed to take a picture with me.  We did outside for security reasons but he set it for the girl who took the picture.  A professional shot!  Thanks Ron!

Riding My First Horse
By the time I had finished getting a new bank account, it was almost 3 pm.  So I got changed and headed back to the stable.  Is that what you call it?

Anyway, I got there and everybody was waiting for me in the office area.  I guess I was the laugh of the day. 🙂  At this moment, it started to drizzle out and looked like it would pour soon.  Damn!


Wes, the guy who would be guide said to me, “Are you gonna make me give you a tour in the rain? (playfully)”  I told him, I may not get further than sitting on a horse, as I laughed.  He didn’t know my story yet. 😉

While I was in the office, I told everybody I didn’t need an hour ride. (That’s what they sold, a 1 hour ride $35 or a 2 hour ride $55?.)  I again told them this may only last for a minute.  I may get on the horse and then want to get right of the horse. 😉

The lady who ran the place then said, “Rooster just go out there and we’ll figure out your payment when you’re done.”  Thank you for being a fair place! 🙂


Actually Riding A Horse
I went outside and “The Colonel” got me a horse and saddled me up.  He was a real cowboy looking guy.  Super cool!  I felt like Billy Crystal when he met Curly in the movie “City Slickers”! 🙂

I was know saddled up and ready ride. Hee haw!  Is that what they say?... Anyway, Wes was my

On My First Horse!

guide and he told me what to do and what not to do before we took off.  Thanks Wes, you were a great guide and will definitely be in the book!

Then, the horse started to walk and I couldn’t stop smiling! 🙂  We only took a 10-15 ride, but I enjoyed every second of it.  I can now see how people fall in love with horses.  I won’t be loving a horse anytime soon but I would ride one again! 😉

I decided to end my ride after just 15 minutes because A.) I didn’t want to walk the mountain, the mountain still has me scared! and B.) It was starting to rain harder and I wasn’t such a horse lover that I need to ride in the rain.

It was a good decision because about 5 minutes after I got in, it poured like cats and dogs for the next hour!  It would have made a great experience, not as good.  I made a good call!

Since I only rode for about 10-15 minutes, the lady inside gave me a deal.  It only cost me 10 bucks for a memory that will last a life time!  Thank you all!

Monday Night Football

After I got done horse riding, I relaxed at a Hostel for bit before I went to town (Jackson Hole) to watch the Monday Night Football game.  I went back to the same bar I went to yesterday to watch the Steelers at (Cutty’s).

I liked Cutty’s because it was a local bar with regular people, fair prices, and good food.  Not many out of towner’s in here. 😉  I bellied up to the bar and ordered a beer and wings (beers were half price and wings were $2.50).  Nice!

Travis and Liz (Bartender)

I watched most of the first half by myself but the second half I spent talking to a real cool guy named Travis.  Travis was from Seattle but moved down here to work on the mountain.  Yes... the mountain that I fear so!

Anyway, we bull shitted for the rest of the game and he even gave me some traveling advice for the next two weeks.  Thanks Travis and it was cool hanging with you!

I left as soon as the game ended and went to McDonalds.  I went there because they messed up my order last night and I was gonna get my money back or the right order for free.

They wouldn’t give me my money back but that was OK because they gave me a new meal for free.  Justice!  They really did screw me last night though.  I ordered a 2 cheeseburger meal with 2 apple pies and got a Big Mac meal with no apple pies.  I hate mayo, so the burger was useless!

Back To The Hostel
I got back to the Hostel a little after 10 pm and watched some Hulu.com on my computer before I went to bed.  That’s all Folks!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ron Davison says:

    Hey Rooster- good meeting you. Glad you liked the horse ride. I’m from jolly old England (you know, where the history comes from). Good luck on your travels.

  2. DAD says:

    First, Congrats on your Fantasy wins. As we spoke, I think you were on a pony once or twice at the hot dog truck off Inman as a baby. With that said, you look good on a horse. Glad you didn’t embarress the family and had fun.

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