I Sang With “The Roosters” & Saw Some Bull Riding! (ND) “DAY 63” – 9/5/10

September 6, 2010 - 3:30 pm (ND) “DAY 63”

I woke up this morning knowing I had a full day ahead of me.  First, I had to write my daily post (time consuming...), then I want to play in a poker tournament (4 pm), followed by hitting the bull riding event (8 pm), and I still haven’t seen “The Roosters” sing more than one song yet... so I have to see “The Roosters!”

Poker Tournament
I finished writing my post at 3 pm, so I headed over to the poker room to sign up for the tournament.  This tourney is a $60 buy-in, no re-buys or add-ons, 5,000 in starting chips, and there is a $10 bounty on each player.  (If you knock somebody out you get $10 regardless.)

This tournament (they said) usually has a lot of people in it but since it may interfere with people making to the Bull Riding event on time... only 21 people entered. F.Y.I - The poker room got me a free ticket to the bull riding event!  Thanks!

That’s fine by me, I don’t care how many people enter... you still have to win for it to matter. 😉

Anyway, I played real good poker for most of the tourney but again... I didn’t get any cards for the first hour.  Needless to say, I was short stacked going into the break.  After the break, I hit a run of cards!

I went from under 2,000 chips to over 20,000 in a few hands.  I was chip leader with 10 people left.  Then... I hit a bad run of 2cd best cards until I was eliminated in 7th place.  If I had pocket Q’s (Q, Q)... somebody had pocket K’s (K, K).

My final had I lost with was pocket 7’s (7,7).  I had just 4,000 in chips in the dealer button and somebody raised ALL IN.  The blinds were 2,000- 4,000 so I had to call, it was a the best hand I had seen in awhile but the ALL IN had pocket 10’s (10, 10) and it held.

Rick "Rooster", Dave "Rooster"

Meeting “The Roosters”
It was 6:30 pm-ish when I when I got knocked out so I headed over to the bar where “The Roosters” were playing later to see if I could find out when time they went on.  I didn’t want to miss them tonight for it is my last night to see them play.

As soon I walked into the bar I saw a member of the band on stage setting up for later.  I approached him and introduced myself.  It was “Rooster” (Rick) and he was as excited to meet me as I was him.

Ya see, when they arrived one of the band members noticed my car in the paring lot with my Rooster logo’s all over it and immediately sent Rick a picture of my car.  They even went to my website to check it out and see what I was all about.

Anyway, Rick and I talked (Two Roosters) about Rooster stuff for a little bit but he had to get ready for his show and... they (“The Roosters”) were also signing the National Anthem at the Bull Riding event so he was busy.

None-the-less, he was super cool and made sure I would be at the bar later to see them play.  Also, before I left, Rick handed me a CD (for free)... people are so awesome!  Thanks Rick!

Bull Riding (CBR)
It was getting close to 8 pm so I went back to room to change for the Rodeo.  It was cold out!  Winter comes early in these here parts.. ya hear! LOL 🙂  Truthfully... it was about 55 degress out and drizzling so I put on hooded sweatshirt and hit the rodeo.

Now, I have never seen a rodeo, bull riding, or any other animal related event live (except horse racing) in my whole life!  There aren’t many rodeo’s or bulls in North Jersey! 😉

Also, the dynamic that was real interesting to me was that when me and friends from NJ watch bull riding on TV we route for the Bull!  Out here in North Dakota... they actually route for the bull rider!  Interesting... huh? 🙂

Anyway, I watched the whole event (I took lots of videos) and really enjoyed it although nobody got mangled by a 2000 lb bull.  Damn!  JK, these guys are athletes and like football players... I wasn’t routing for anybody to hurt... well... maybe gored once or twice! 😉

I don’t remember who won and I couldn’t tell who was better than the next... they are all crazy to me but I did enjoy it.

One dynamic of the rodeo I never knew about is the real job of the rodeo clown.  The head clown is basically an entertainer for the crowd.  He tells jokes, dances, talks about the event, and anything else that will make people smile! 🙂

If I ever join the rodeo... I think I could be head clown.  It’s my kind of job!  The guy who was head clown was funny, entertaining, and it definitely helped the flow of the event!

The Bull Riding event ended around 10 pm so I hit the bar where “The Roosters” were playing.

The Roosters
Before I went to the bar though... I went back to my room and changed into my new Rooster t-shirt I just bought at Spencer’s in Fargo.  It’s cool for me because I’m the Rooster... and it’s also cool cause I’m going to see “The Roosters”.   Ahh... double cool! 🙂

I showed up just as they started to play and got a drink at the bar (captain and coke).  (F.Y.I - This is

Rooster Chicks 🙂

the first drink I had in N.D. by the way.)

Anyway, I started talking with locals around me as I bounced around the bar and had a few more drinks.  About a 30 minutes into their set, a girl approached me and asked me where I got the Rooster shirt at.  She was one of the band member’s girlfriends or wife?.

We talked for a moment and then she invited me over her to their table (Band and girlfriends wives).  The band was playing so it was me, Carrie, and Lori sitting at the table.  Both of the girls already knew a little about me but I filled them in on the journey and what I’m doing.

The Roosters finished their set and came over to the table...  It was if we have been friends forever, I guess Roosters just have kinship I can’t explain! 😉 LOL

Really though, they were all super cool as we talked and laughed before they were to go back on stage.  At the time, Rick decided I would go on stage with during their next set and sing with them.  Rooster with The Roosters!!!  PERFECT and AWESOME!

Singing With The Roosters
Now, The Roosters mostly sing country music so we had to find a song I knew.  I though we gonna sing a Kid Rock song but when they called me up on stage during their second set, it turned out to be a different song.  Oh no!

It was cool though as they gave me just 3 words to say and told me when to say it.  BABY I”M READY!  It was so cool I can’t find the words to explain!  F$&KING GREAT!

And then if one song wasn’t enough... they asked to stay for one more song and this one I knew.  The next song we sand together was Jimmy Buffet’s, “Friends in Low Places”.  The crowd was great... the band was great... I was fair at best! 😉

After two songs, my time as a honorary member of “The Roosters’ was over and I went back to the table with the Rooster Chicks. 🙂  Thanks girls for taking pictures and a video for me!

The Roosters and Rooster

After the show (1 am), I hung with the band for a few more minutes as we said our cock-a-doodle-doos and took a farewell picture.  The guitar has Rooster written on it.  Sweet!

Thank you so much guys for a great time and great night!  I promise if I make it through the whole year and anything comes of this (book, tv, movie) I will be throwing a huge a party in NJ where... “THE ROOSTERS” will be invited and paid to play!  Your Rooster chicks too. 🙂

Little Kenny

Picture With Bull Rider- “Little Kenny”
It was almost 2 am and as I walking back to my room I spotted somebody that looked like one of the bull riders from the competition.  I only recognized him because they said he weighed like 80 lbs and this guy weighed like 80 lbs.

Me "Rooster" and Jen

I was right... it was Little Kenny and he was cool enough to take a picture with me.  Good luck... your sport is crazy!

Missed Opportunity
During the time of this picture, a girl (Jen) that was flirting with me in bar walked by and  we

The Situation...

started talking.  She was with a friend, and her friend was with a dude, and that dude was with a dude who wanted to hook up with Jen.  Get that?...

I could tell the situation was gonna be messy so I bailed and went to play poker.  We exchanged numbers and she did text me but... it never materialized.

Poker Again
I was surprised to see a table was gonna on this late, but happy... so I bought in for $200 and sat down.  I was a little drunk and I never play drunk but it didn’t affect my play... I didn’t get any hands.

I played until the room closed at 3:30 am and really only played a 4 or 5 hands.  I lost a $100 but had a great time at the table.  Let me tell you why.

Rich - I'll Fu$King kill you!

A big burly dude (Rich) was there playing next to me.  He was drunk, funny, and east coast acting.  I don’t know how to explain it but he didn’t seem like was from North Dakota.

Anyway, the table has the two of us, 5 Bosnian guys, and a woman.  Rich kept saying things to Bosian guys the whole time I was there.  Things like... “I have never killed a Bosnian yet... but I’m only 61”, “I want that Bosnian money, they never earn it legally anyway”, and on and on and on...

He was a real cool guy and believe it or not... one of those Bosnian guys actually drove Rich home from the casino.  I know... I can’t make this stuff up! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Your having way too much fun. Kickin back with Bull
    Riders, PLAYING FOOTBALL, singing with the ROOSTERS,
    playing cards. Where can I sign up?

  2. Lori Morse says:

    Hey Rooster, it was great meeting and hanging out with you on Saturday night. We will be keeping track of you and your adventures. Good luck and we hope to see you in Jersey!
    Lori”Rooster Chick”Morse

  3. Gene says:

    This is definitely the weirdest, most unpredictable part of the trip so far. Rooster and The Roosters with a rooster shirt to boot. I just emailed you a picture of a rooster wine I found in the store.

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