I Saw 61 “Roger Maris Museum” On Day 61! (ND) “DAY 61” – 9/3/10

September 4, 2010 - 1:18 am - (ND) “DAY 61”

I woke up this morning and had something to do other than play poker.  Nice!  Today, I was going to Fargo, ND to see the Roger Maris Museum.

F.Y.I - If you aren’t already aware, I am a huge Yankee and have been my whole life so seeing this museum is pretty cool to me. 🙂

Traveling to Fargo
Fargo is 70 miles north of where I am and as far as I can tell... the closest place to civilization around.  The ride there wasn’t bad as the speed limit is 75 mph.  Of course it is... there is nobody as far as the eye can see.  Really... the roads were empty.

It took me a little under an hour as I arrived at West Acres Mall.  (That’s where the museum is, in the mall).  The mall was nice and had all the regular mall stores.  (Surprising for North Dakota ;))

While walking through the mall on my way to the Roger Maris Museum, I stopped in “Spencers”.  (I have always like this store since I was a kid.)  I looked around at some t-shirts (buy 1 get 1 at half price) and then saw a T-Shirt I had to have...  A Rooster shirt!

The t-shirt was of a Rooster with a saddle on his back and it say...” Free Cock Ride!”  I know it’s a little crude but hey... I’m the Rooster, I should be able to get away it! 😉

The second shirt I bought (half-price) has a huge smiley face on it and says “ Boobies make me smile :))  Well... they do... 🙂

Roger Maris Museum
When I finally arrived at the museum, I was happy to find out it was free but not so happy that it wasn’t that big.  Basically, the museum is the size of a few store front windows.

It is packed with cool stuff but you can see the whole exhibit in under 30 minutes and that’s if you really take it all in and watch the entire video they have.

The first area of the museum (store front window) I saw was Roger Maris’s locker (replica).  There was one of his jerseys’, bat, ect... and it was cool to see.

The next thing I saw was a revolving mantle with a bunch of the different home run ball’s Maris hit during his magical season in 1961, where he hit 61 home runs.  And here I am unplanned... on “Day 61” of my trip.  Pretty wild how things work out! 😉

Then, there was a bunch of trophy’s, plaques, crowns, cups, etc... that he was awarded during his baseball career... or after he passed away in 1985.

The last part of the museum and to me... the best part, was an area they set up where you could watch a video they put together of Maris’s life as a ballplayer and person.  The cool thing was... the seats you sat in were from Yankee Stadium in 1961.

I sat there and watched the whole video (with the crowd).  Next to the video was a comparison of Ruth and Maris respective seasons.  There’s really no comparison... Ruth was a legend... Maris had a great season.

I left the museum at about 3:30 and headed off into the town Fargo.

I drove around Fargo looking a laundry mat and a place to get an oil change.  The plan was... while I wash my cloths, I’ll get my oil changed.  Two birds... one stone. 🙂

I got real lucky because I found laundry mat run by retired Fargo Sheriff (my cloths won’t get stolen) right next to a Jiffy Lube.  I knew my cloth would take longer than the oil change so I put my cloths in washing machine as I headed of to Jiffy Lube.

F.Y.I. - This is when I found out the guy who ran/owned the laundry mat was an ex-sheriff.  I asked if my stuff would be safe and he showed me his badge on the wall behind him.  (forgot to take a pic.)

Oil Change
I drove next door and asked how much it was and was shocked to find out it was $35 plus tax.  What?!  That is to much.  So I got into my car and drove around Fargo looking for a better deal. (I had 40 minutes til my cloths were done.)

I went to 2 or 3 other places and found a place that would do it $19.99.  This is more reasonable. 🙂  The problem... there always is... they couldn’t take fit me in.  They were all booked up.

It had been about 30 minutes so I headed back to laundry mat.  I decided to get an oil change another day because I wanted to be back to Dakota Magic Casino by 6:30 pm for a tournament they were running.

I finished up my laundry and headed back to Hankinson.  I got back to the casino at 6 pm and signed up for the tourney.

$60 Poker Tournament - $10 Bounty
I haven’t had that much success in tournaments so far and I’m hoping tonight will be different.  Here are the need to knows.  Each player started with 5,000 chips, no re-buys or add-ons, a $10 bounty on every player, and there were 41 people registered.

I played up until the first break and only won one hand.  I was getting hands like (8, 3) off-suit, (9, 4,) off-suit, etc...  If there was a positive, it was at least those type of hands can’t get you in any trouble.  They are unplayable.

After the break, the blinds were getting higher while my chip stack was getting lower.  A bad combination.  Anyway, I was in the big blind and got pocket 3’s (3, 3).  Somebody min raised and there were a few callers.  I called.  The flop... (8, 6, 3).  Nice!  I hit a set!  I checked and after the better bet, I went ALL IN!  He called and I tripled up with all the pre-flop money.

There were now 20 people left and I and some chips.  I played tight and made it to final table (there were paying the top 5).  I still wasn’t getting any hands as my chips were depleting quickly.

I didn’t get impatient as I let my stack get all the way down to less then 2,000 chips before I played a hand.  (Chip average was about 12,000 with one guy with 80,000 or so.)  I quadrupled up with pocket Q’s (Q, Q) and had over 10,000.

At thins point, I wasn’t to win, I was playing to cash.  I played tight and folded my way in 5th place ($130.)  I never got a playing hand and finally went ALL IN with (A, 3) suited.  Nothing hit and my was over.  Not bad though... I won $70.

I wish!

Poker - Cash Game
After I got knocked out, I got into a cash game (2-10 spread limit Texas Hold’em).  I bought in for $200 and after a few a hours and some bad loose play... I lost it all.  I guess I was tired and was trying to make it all happen at once, I don’t know.. but I played bad.

I decided not to buy back in and take my minus $130 for the night.  Hey, I’m playing poker all year long.  Sometimes you just have to live for another day.

My Hotel Room
I got back to my room around 1 am and talked to Jeremy (Cali friend and website guy) as I do every night.  After we got off the phone, I wrote what you are reading now...

The Roosters (Band)
Oh yeah!  I didn’t get to see The Roosters play tonight as I was playing poker the time they were on.  I stopped by during one of the poker breaks but they were on break too.  I took a picture of the stage and their sign but will have to see them play tomorrow (Sat.).

Luckily for me, they play all weekend long! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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