I Was At A Bar With Karaoke, You Do The Math! (VA) “DAY 9” – 7/13/10

July 14, 2010 - 8:27 am - (VA) “DAY 9”

Yesterday, was a great day!  I worked out, played softball, sang karaoke, and as it turned out...got rip roaring drunk! 🙂


I’ll start from the beginning.  I woke up at 8am to post “DAY 8” and after 3 hours of writing, pictures, etc... I finally finished and went back to sleep! I needed it, I’m run down from Week 1.

I got up at 2:30 pm from my nap/sleep, refreshed and ready for a new day.  So the first thing I did, was go for a run.  It was hot and humid out but it didn’t matter because I’m chunky and chubby 🙂 .  After a 6 song run, not sure how long in miles (2-3?), I got back to Kim’s place where she had just arrived home from work.


I am still a fat sweaty mess but the run was a little easier today 😉 inspite of how horrible I look in this picture.

Then, I took a shower and asked Kim if she had scale for me to weigh myself on, she said she didn’t.  (She gauges her weight by how her cloths fit.)  Actually I’ve done that too, and then next thing I knew, I didn’t fit in anything except sweatpants!

So I had to go find a scale to check my weight lose progress but I don’t wanna pay $20 for a new scale.  What to do?  I can find a gym near by, walk in and weigh myself but Kim said there wasn’t any gyms that close.

Man, my feet are ugly! And I have to cut my toenails!

Then, I figured it out!  I’ll go to Walmart, buy a scale and then return it later, it will cost me a little time but no money.  Nice!  When I got to Walmart, I found the scale area and came to another revelation, why even go through all the buying and returning, so I pulled a scale out of the box, stripped down to just my shorts, and weighed myself in isle 15.

I weighed 206 lbs, which means I have already lost 14 lbs since my trip began. Woo Hoo! You go hot yoga and no junk food.  I haven’t had a sweet snack (Entenmann’s, Reese’s, etc..) or fast food since the trip began.  It is working!


After getting to play softball yesterday (“DAY 8”) for the first time since I lived in Florida (3 yrs ago) as well the first the activity since my shoulder surgery, I was anxious to play again.  I really do love playing softball.

White House.

Washington Monument

The game tonight was being played right in the heart of Washington, D.C.. The fields were right behind the White House backyard, across from the Washington Monument, and we played right next to where Jenny ran to Forrest in “Forrest Gump”. By the way... Jenny you’re a no good whore who only used Forrest!

The team I played on this time was different except for Kim and the guy she dates (Singk), obviously, it’s a mixed league.  Again, I played 1st base but his time I batted 5th.  Also, there were a lot of hot girls on both teams, nice 😉 !

Damn You Jenny!

The rules in this league were more relaxed as beer was allowed, no... beer was almost mandatory.  Ha Ha!  One of the girls on our team played right center with a glove and 16 once beer!

Anyway, it is still competitive league where both teams want to win.  My first at bat, I was talking some shit ( about hitting a home run) as I had regained my softball confidence from the day before.

Back, back, back.. It's gone!

The bases were loaded and I hit a grounder for a single.  Not bad, but I wanted to hit a grand slam.  My next at bat, I hit a home run so far, it may not have landed yet!  The picture to the left is the field we played on and I hit the ball into the top of the trees, a monster blast!  My next at bat, I homered to center.

I ended up 3-3 with 4 RBI but I did make a fielding error or two.  I guess I still have some rust to get off.  The game ended in 11-11 tie cause it started to pour.  It was the rain storm of all rain

Thanks Guys/Girls!

storms and it last for at least 30 minutes.  I got separated from Kim somehow and she didn’t have her cell phone on her.

So there I was in this monsoon, trying to keep my camera and cell phone dry.

Olen and Eric - Blurry pic. but it was pouring!

It was impossible, there was no where to hide from the rain so I ran to the WW II monument and tried to stay dry under a pillar.  The funny thing was,  it was me and two real big dudes stuffed face to face to face in an area big enough for just one of us.

We laughed and talked until the rain settled, Olen and Eric... thanks for the laughs!  Unfortunately the picture I took of them is blurry cause it was pouring on us, but you get the idea.


Kim and I eventually found each other, I called her boyfriend Singk and waited with him to she showed up at his car.  Then, the three of us headed to Crystal City Sports Pub to get drinks with the team.

Wild Thing... She loved to do the wild thing!

My cloths were so wet, it was if I had jumped in a pool, so Singk gave me a dry t-shirt to wear into the bar.  It was a big sports bar with 3 different levels.  We sat on the 3rd floor and ordered some wings, beers, and shots!

My shot of choice is Rumplemintz (100 proof peppermint flavored liquor).  I always get made fun cause I do a shot and have to chase it with water.  Hey, it works for me.

Rock on dude!

Anyway, after a few shots I became aware that karaoke was being sung on the 2cd floor.  It was a new thing for the bar so the crowd was smaller on that level and you could sing almost anytime you wanted.

I took advantage of having a mic in my hands.  I proceeded to sing Tone Loc (Wild Thing), followed by Scorpion (Rock You Like a Hurricane), and eventually the 2cd floor area began to get

Curtis, Me "Rooster", Blondie

into mood.  Before I knew it, some drunk dude started to sing with me  (he didn’t sound half-bad) followed by a bunch of hot chicks!

The truth is, I sound like I swallowed glass but I was having fun and so was everybody else around me so who cares if I sound like a dying whale.  There was a nice couple there that could actually sing and they broke up the madness of my enthusiastic (bad) voice.

Brie and Me "Rooster"

The last song I remember singing was “Summer Loving”.  It’s a duet, so I sang it with this super cool girl Brie.  She sounded good, I sounded well... like me.  I don’t know why or how it happened but sometime during the song, I ripped my shirt off (Hulk Hogan style) and continued to sing to Brie.

Cav, MJ, Kim, Me "Rooster, Brie, Singk

The whole place was going nuts and after we finished, the owner of the bar ( Thanks Artie) bought Brie and I shot.  Followed by the karaoke host (Thanks Jenny) buying me a shot, followed by me buying a round of shots.  You get the picture, I was smashed!

It was a awesome night, but it’s a terrible morning.  Right now, I’m wondering if somebody kicked me in the head at some point because that’s what it feels like right now! 🙂


I'm trying to find a home game but if that fails I just realized there is a casino 65 miles away in Charles Town, WV.  I have another softball game tonight (Wed.) and I play again Thursday so Friday will be the day I go and play in West Virginia if I haven't found a home game yet.

Thank you for reading!


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  1. pat says:

    Who is that Anthony Munoz? Dave before the game you need to get to the grocery store to get your PED’s, Twinkies.

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