I was on The Cleveland News, YES Network, ESPN First Take, and Sportscenter! (MI) “DAY 25” – 7/29/10

July 30, 2010 - 10:00am - (MI) “DAY 25”

Cleveland Skyline

Cleveland Indians vs. NY Yankees - The Chase for 600!
If you read yesterday’s post, you would know by now that I didn’t get lucky and catch A-Rod’s 600th home run because... he didn’t hit it!  What I did do at the Cleveland vs. Yankees game was... everything else!

My whole day consisted of making a sign for the game, driving back and forth (Ann Arbor to Cleveland - 3 hours each way), and being at the game.  Sounds like a simple day... baseball fan goes to game.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s rare that I have a simple day :).


Let’s start from the beginning.  I finished writing “DAY 24’s” post around noon and that’s when JT got home.  He had a friend with him, Beauty (that’s her name).  They were studying for finals (Law stuff), so I left them to go to Kmart and get the supplies for my new sign.

While I was at Kmart, I noticed a pretty girl (Jessica) working in the computer area.  There was a cash register there so I brought my stuff (cardboard paper, ink for printer) over to her to pay.

I started up a conversation and before I knew it... we had a date planned for the weekend (maybe Friday night).  She seemed real cool and down to earth, if we actually go out, it should be a good time.  We’ll see!

After I left Kmart (1pm), I headed back to J.T.s to make my new sign for the game.  I had to print out letters off the computer, cut them up, outline them in black, and finally tape them to the sign.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it does take some time.  I finished around 2:45 pm but still had to get my personal belongings together (Tums, camera, cards, wallet, phone, etc..).

I hit the road around 3pm and arrived in Cleveland at 6pm sharp.  As I was driving in, I took a picture from car of the Cleveland Skyline (first pic).  It’s not the New York skyline but it’s a nice city none-the-less.

The new "Golden Girls"

F.Y.I. - From this point on, every picture you see was taken by a stranger who I asked for help.  I couldn’t take picture’s of everybody, so I only took a picture of the first people who helped.  It was three nice older ladies (Carol, Judy and Mary) who took a picture of me getting my ticket.  Thanks Golden Girls!

And to everybody else who lent a hand, THANK YOU!

I was now in front of the stadium so I did my thing and talked to everybody and anybody who would listen.  I found out that the only people who liked me weren’t real people at all.  So who were they? They were the mascots!

So first, I hung out with Ketchup Hotdog for awhile.  Then, I spotted mustard Hotdog and that immediately changed my tune, so I dissed Ketchup Dog to chill with yellow mustard.  I prefer yellow mustard (spicy) on my hotdog anyway.

I didn’t think it could get any better but then to my wonder, a beautiful chick mascot appeared... Onion!  Wow! Could a mascot be any hotter!  Obviously... I ditched mustard so I could get some action with Onion, come on... a hot onion... who isn’t turned on? 🙂

Oh baby!

I made sure it was a chick under the Onion suit and made my move.  She wasn’t as easy as I thought an Onion girl would be, but I did get a little something something! 😉

I must have been dreaming because at that moment, I spotted my favorite animal to eat walking around giving away free hotdogs.  Yes!  A giant pig was giving away free hotdogs!  Am I on acid :)?  I pinched myself, checked my eyes, and realized this was really happening!

I found out it was $1 hotdog night, so they were promoting it outside the stadium with all my new friends!  To Ketchup and Hotdog... be good!  Onion... I left my cell number in your pocket, and to Mr. Pig... I’ll be eating your friends regularly!  🙂

At this point, I realized I had handed out all my Rooster cards and I hadn’t even entered the stadium yet.  (When you hang with mascots, people want your card evidently.)

It was 6:40-ish when I made the decision to head back to my car for more Rooster cards.  I was only parked 5 minutes away, so I knew I could get to my car and back without missing any of the game.

I was just about to my car when I spotted the Cleveland TV host (John Kosich) and camera guy (Tom)

John, Me "Rooster", Tom

who interviewed me on Tuesday.  We started talking and they decided to interview me again.

I asked them if they thought I would make the cut AGAIN and they said I would if A-Rod didn’t hit it. (If he hit it, the story would be the home run.)  I told them if he did hit it, I would still be the story... because I’m catching it!

This is the link to channel 5’s (Cleveland) website.  I’m only in the video this time, a little over 1 minute in. ( www.newsnet5.com)

Thanks again guys! I wish you both good luck in life!

It was now time to find my seat.  I intentionally bought my ticket for the right field-outfield seats because on Wednesday, A-Rod was driving the ball in that direction.  I was seated in section 108, row K (about 10 rows from the field).

Between the signs I had and my natural loud voice, I garnered the attention of everybody in my section.  Luckily for me, most of the people there were Yankee fans so I was in good company.

Me "Rooster", Sarah, Matt

In front of me were the only Indians fans for rows.  They were good natured people and they said if I put them on my website, they'd go there every day for the whole year.

Here ya go Matt and Sarah.  Remember... next season is always Cleveland’s year! 😉  And Matt... Nice job!  Your girl’s hot!

Front- Nick, Me, Vinnie, Back- Jack, Lenny, Russ

Behind me was a great group of dudes.  They came down from Buffalo just for the game and if I didn’t know better I would have thought I was at a Yankee game in NY with all my Jersey friends!  (And guys... I never miss when chocolate covered ice cream is thrown in the air!)

They invited me to stay with them when I go though Buffalo.  I will take you up on that.  See ya in 40 or so weeks!

YES Network

I don’t want to leave people out, so... to the couple that was sitting to my left... It was nice meeting you and to Don... Let’s go Yanks!  ( I don’t have pictures of them).

As far as my chances at catching A-Rod’s 600th home run, he had a few hits to right field but none left the yard!  His first at bat of the game, the cameras picked up on me as I was shown on the YES Network.  Woo Hoo!  My brother as well as others text and sent me pictures.

F.Y.I - The buffalo guys behind me loved it!  All there friends back home were texting them too.

Damn you Slider!

Before I left the stadium (bottom 9th), I saw Slider again (mascot).  He was dancing on the right field wall so I approached him and tried to jump on the wall to dance with him.

He stopped me, so I posed for a picture standing in front of him.  You can vaguely see it, but what Slider did was put his shirt over my head!  If you look closely, you can tell he’s picking up his shirt as the picture was snapped.

It was a great night even though A-Rod didn’t make baseball history.  The Yanks won 11-4 and I made a lot of new friends.

I woke up this morning (Friday) to a text that said I made Sportscenter (24 minutes in)!  I then watched ESPN First Take and I was in the intro to that as well.

F%&king Great! 🙂

Today (Friday), I will be working in a Detroit Soup Kitchen serving dinner.

I will be going to play poker after I’m done with my charity work.  MGM Grand is a just a few blocks away. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Good stuff Dave.

  2. Dad says:

    We just spoke,WOW !!!what a day you had yesterday.
    Do you think it’s fair, that your having soooooo
    much fun? Can we trade places for a while??


  3. G says:

    Did YES bring up old footage of you for opening day shirtless in the snow?

  4. dave says:

    I wish they did! I’m trying to get that video.. LOL

  5. Don says:

    You’re the man Rooster… It was great meeting you and hanging out at the game! Too bad we didn’t see history! If you’re ever around Syracuse, hit me up! We have a cool casino near by (Turning Stone) and some of my buddys are poker dealers there, and private games too.

  6. dave says:

    Yeah… It would have been nice to see history! But it was cool enough meeting everybody we got to watch the game with. Good luck in life Don.

    Keep in touch!

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