I Won My 1st Poker Tournament! Woo Hoo! (NE) “DAY 78” – 9/20/10

September 21, 2010 - 12:44 pm - (NE) “DAY 78”

I woke up this morning at 9 am with no money in my wallet!  I lost the remaining cash I had on me last night, so before I do anything today... I have to hit an ATM machine. 🙁

On my way downstairs to get cash, I remembered the free continental breakfast, so I stopped there first, ate some food, and then... even took some food/drinks for later. 😉

By the time I was done eating and squirreling, it was almost 10 am.  Time mattered this morning because I got up early in order to enter the 10 am ($60) NL poker tournament at the Horseshoe.

Poker Tournament
As I just told you, the tournament started at 10 am but by the time I arrived, it was 10:15 am (ATM and walk over).   It didn’t matter that I was late because they allowed late entries until the first break (about an hour).

F.Y.I.- They were 4 tables playing (38 people), $60 buy-in, 3,500 in starting chips, and the top 5 got paid.  I need to cash!!!

Anyway, I arrived late (missed a few hands) and was seated at table 8 in the 10 seat.  I decided to give the bull one more shot... maybe he’s a tournament bull! 😉

Thanks John!

Seated next to me was a guy named John that I talked with the whole tournament.  He was a regular there and a good player but even more so... he was really cool nice guy!  During the first break, he pulled me aside and gave me a $10 donation toward my trip.  Thank you John!  (He didn’t want his picture on the internet.)

Tournament- Hour 2
The first hour of the tournament for me... was mostly uneventful.  I played a few hands and did double up once but that was the most action I saw during the few levels.  the second hour however was when I made a move! 🙂

I played real good poker today (meaning tight) and kept increasing my chip stack steadily through the second hour.  By the time the second break arrived... I was in the top 5 in chips. 🙂  Nice!

Hour 3
By the time the 3rd hour arrived, we were down to 14 or 15 people.  Just a few more knock outs and I’ll be at the final table.  I kept playing tight and then was forced with a decision...

I had (A, Q) off-suit and some body raised ALL IN in front of me.  He had 4,500 in tournament chips and there was 13 people left.  I checked my chip stack to see what kind of dent it would have if I lost (I had 9,500 in chips), and realized I would still have 5,000 if I lost and... if I won i would close to the chip leader.

I called and he had pocket 9’s (9, 9).  Fine... it’s a coin flip.  The problem... I haven’t won a coin flip all trip, at least it seems that way ;).   The flop... (J, 8, 2).  The turn... 7.  Then the river... Ace!  Woo Hoo!  I sucked out and won a hand I needed!  I’m almost chip leader.

A few hands later, we were down to 10 players left, so the final table was seated.  When you get to the final table everybody receives a new seat as I was moved to table 8, seat 7.  I was already at table 8, so all I had to do was move seats.

Final Table
Again, only the top 5 were getting paid so I had to play smart not to get knocked out after playing for almost 3 hours.  I looked over everybody’s stack and realized I was about 4th or 5th in chips.  If I play tight... I’ll be good.

A few hands into the final table, the short stacks got knocked and we down to 6 players.  Nobody had a short stack, so I asked the table if they wanted to chop $60 out of the prize pool for 6th place.  They agreed.

F.Y.I.- I did this because if I was the unlucky player who took 6th, at least I would get my buy-in back.  It’s smart play in my situation, at least I think so.

Anyway, a few hands after the agreement, I was the player ALL IN against another.  If I win this hand... I’m 2 cd in chips.  If I lose, I’m out and I’ll take 6th.

Anyway, I had pocket 9’s (9, 9) and raised to 7,000 chips.  The player in the button pushed ALL IN.  I only had 8,000 more in chips so I called.  He had (A, K) suited- spades.

The flop, turn, and river came but none of the cards helped him, so my 9’s held!  Woo hoo!  I won another race!  Maybe it’s my day!  There was now 5 players left and one of them was very short stacked.  He was knocked out a hand or two later and we were down to four players.

Negotiating A Four Player Chop
There were four players left and nobody at the table was truly short stacked.  Yes, myself and another player had more chips than the other two but any one hand would have reversed that in a second.  So I checked to see if they wanted to split the pot four ways.

First place was $723, second was $445, third was $279, and fourth was $219 ( I may be off a little).

Larry, John, Me "Rooster", Chris

Anyway, broken down completely even, each player would have gotten $420.  Not bad for a $60 buy-in... 😉

But then, each player counted their chips and we realized that myself and the other chip leader had almost 15,000 more chips than the other two.  I continued the negotiations as we settled on $440 for myself and the other chip leader, as the other two gentlemen each received $400.

Cha-Ching!  I won a Tournament!  Yes... it was a chop but none-the-less... I took 1st place and I needed it!  I took picture with the guys (Larry, John, and Chris) for the website.  It was nice playing everybody!  Good Luck!  The Bull is a Tournament Bull! 🙂

Writing My Post
By the time the tournament ended, it was almost 2 pm and I hadn’t written my daily post yet.  Time to go to work, so I headed back to my room where I wrote “DAY 77”.

Me "Rooster" and Cory - Taylor creeping

While I was writing, Cory called me and told me he was headed to casino to play some poker.  Nice!  I’ll hang out with him when I’m done.  But, by the time I had finished writing my post, it was close to 5 pm and I still hadn’t done everything I needed to do.

Sunday - Sept. 26, 8pm ESPN Game

Yankee Tickets For Sale (Sept. 26. - Yanks vs. Red Sox)
I still had to mail my Mom the Yankee tickets I am trying to sell for Sunday (Sept. 26) but before I do that, I’m gonna post them on Stub Hub as a back-up plan.  I have never used Stub Hub, so between that and my lack of computer knowledge... it took forever!

By the time I had finished doing everything I needed to do, it was almost 7 pm.  So I called Cory back but he had already left the casino and headed elsewhere to watch the Monday Night Football game.  I guess we’ll meet up another night.  Sorry pal!

Monday Night Football & Poker
I was just sitting my room when the game started so I headed down to the poker room to watch it instead.  When I got there, there were no 1-3 NL seats so I settled for a 3-6 limit game.

Now, I used play 3-6 limit all the time (AZ) and win but since I have been on this trip... I haven’t had any luck in these low limit games.  This attempt was no different!   I bought in for $100 and by halftime... I had nothing!


The only good thing about playing was at least I was getting comped and maybe it will get me another room for this week sometime.  Or at least... I hope so!  And the Bull... will never be at a cash game again! ;(

Oh yeah... there was another Rooster at the table playing across from me.  This is at least the 4th or 5th Rooster I have met.  There are all cool guys... it must be the nickname! 😉

After losing my $100 at poker, I decided to take a another shot at blackjack.  I know it’s a bad idea but I’m a gambler and sometimes my urges are stronger than my brain! 🙂

I bought in for $100 and 1 hour later... I was up $150.  Nice!  A winning session at the blackjack table.  I had won back the $100 I lost in the poker room plus another $50.  Nice!

The game was still on, so I found slot machine underneath a TV and played while I watched the end of the game.  Again, I’m building comp credit which I need for here and future Harrah’s properties down the road.

I played until the game ended and when I cashed out, I was down $20.  Not bad, but seriously... does anybody ever win in slot???  I know I never do.  I’m never even up at any point.  Hey.. that’s slots!

My Room
It was after 11 pm, so I decided to go back to the room and get another good nights sleep.  Heck... I’m homeless again starting on Wednesday morning... I’ll take all the good sleep I can get! 😉

Before I went to bed though, I ordered a Papa John's pizza and when it came... it had a fly in it! 🙁  Damn!  It was to late to call back so I'll have deal with it today sometime (Tuesday).

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    Dude! First of all, congratulations! I knew you could do it with tourneys. Glad you are back on track.

    You know what’s really weird about following your blog — it is the time lag thing. So, when you wrote Day 77, you already knew that you won the tourney, but gave no indication of that. Strange. Like at the end of your Day 77, post it said:

    Monday’s Schedule
    Tomorrow (Monday), I have to go to the ATM machine because I am out of cash on hand. Then, I plan on playing in the 10 am tournament ($60 buy-in), followed by… who knows!

    BUT you already knew that you already played in the tourney that you said you were going to play in tomorrow. OUCH. My head hurts.

    Hey, I have WPT Boot Camp (Cash Camp) this weekend. It is Friday and Saturday all day at the Trop. I am heading down Thursday night after work. I will try to call you on the ride to AC…somewhere between 7 and 9 p.m. probably. That’s NJ time. Not sure where you will be.

  2. dave says:

    I write it as happens to me in the moment. So yesterday is yesterday even if I’m writing it today… It’s confusing… like the Matrix or Back to the Future if you think about it to hard… 🙂

  3. DAD says:

    Your both making me dizzy!!
    As a reader who also get’s the updates on the phone, it’s really confusing sometimes, but Dave does write

  4. Matt says:

    hell yea well done rooster…i take back my nasty comment on the bull, even if he’s only a tourney bull. Keep up the good work man….I’m glad i’m not saying to stay away from BJ today cause you came out on top..this is the beginning of a good streak i know it. call u butter.

  5. dave says:

    Thanks brother… And I felt the same way about the bull as you did! lol

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