I Could Get Used To Chicago! (IL) “DAY 38” – 8/11/10

August 11, 2010 - 8:57 am  - (IL) “DAY 38”

Today was about as normal a day as I’m gonna have.  I almost feel like an actual Chicagan! 🙂 (Is that right... Chicagan?)

Anyway, I woke up this morning and had nothing planned.  First thing I did, was the same first thing I always do, write yesterday’s post “DAY 37”.  I went back to the coffee shop and used their wi-fi again.  There are a lot of girls that go to coffee shops, I never knew that.  Huh?  Well, I don’t drink coffee so how would I...

After I finished, I went back to Toby’s to do my laundry.  Toby has been so cool and generous (as has everybody so far, THANK YOU ALL!), he even left me his laundry card so it wouldn’t cost me anything.  Nice!

While I was doing my laundry, I decided I would hit the gym.  The building’s gym is right next to laundry area.  If I’m on the treadmill, I can see inside the laundry room, that’s how close it is.

It isn’t a full gym, they only have 5 cardio machines and 2 pieces of Nautilis equipment.   None-the-less, I got a good workout.  I don’t need much right now, I just have to be doing something and I’ll be sore and exhausted the next day.

So, I did a chest and triceps workout on the Nautilis machines, about 15 sets total.  Then jumped on the treadmill and ran for a little over 2 miles.  I was sweaty mess when I finished but it felt good!  By the end of the year... I hope to have abs again!

I got done working out, as my laundry was coming out of the dryer, perfect timing (4:30 pm).  I headed back up to the place and waited for Toby to get home.

He was playing softball at 6 pm and I had asked (yesterday) if they needed an extra guy for the game.  He said they didn’t, they usually have to many already.  Damn!  It didn’t matter, I was gonna go and watch the game anyway.

Right before Toby walked in, the girl I have been speaking with (Dana), called to see if we were still gonna get some dinner tonight.  Since I wasn’t playing, I said sure.

I eat Roosters for breakfast!

We decided I would meet her at her place, she lived only a few blocks from the restaurant we talked about going to.  When I got there, it was very nice but I couldn’t even focus because she had a huge Doberman Pinscher running around like a lunatic!

He was sprinting back and forth, jumping up and down, and acting (in my opinion) very unpredictable.  F.Y.I - When I was a kid, I was attacked  by a Alaskan Malamute.  He ripped off most of my lip, nose, and ear.  So, even though I own a dog... I am still a little apprehensive around big aggressive ones.

Instead of waiting inside, I told her, I would wait on the front porch.  It’s more relaxing that way.

She came right out, but instead of walking to the restaurant, we drove my car because she had to be home by 9 pm-ish. (She has 2 kids that will be home then.)  This only matters because I got a parking ticket while we were eating!  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Dana and Me "Rooster"

Dana looked great, a sexy little redhead... who doesn’t like that? 🙂  We arrived at the “Tiny Lounge” around 7:30 pm-ish.  It was a cool place where they only serve tiny food.

F.Y.I - I love tiny food!  Tiny food always taste’s better than the bigger version for some reason.  Sweet! (Maybe big egg rolls taste better than little one but every other food... tiny is better! :))

Anyway, the place wasn’t that big and was mostly candle lit.  It had a relaxing ambience about it.  First, we ordered a few beers, she got an Italian beer an I got... a tiny beer.  We’re in the “Tiny Lounge”... I had to get a tiny beer. 🙂

Then, we ordered some tiny food.  As an appetizer, we ordered the tiny jerk shrimp. For dinner, she ordered the tiny muscles, and I got the tiny burgers with fries.  At this point... I’m just hoping she orders a tiny penis for desert!  LOL 🙂 (I couldn’t resist, it was just to set up!) Just kidding!

The food was great, the company was better, and the price turned out to be right (she insisted on paying, Thank You!) but it was time to go because she had to get home by 9-ish.

My First Ticket
When we got to my car, there was parking ticket on the windshield.  F$$K!  We had put change in the meter that lasted until 8:39 pm.

Parking was free after 9 pm and I got the ticket at 8:42!  Really!  What, were they (parking person) waiting by car until the minute my meter ran out!  So ridiculous!  So even though I didn’t pay for dinner, I do have a $50 parking ticket to take of.  

I guess that’s the karma I get for letting a nice girl pay on a first date.  (Even if you’re traveling the country like a hobo on less than 2 G’s for the year, karma will get ya...)  Just ask Earl or Carson Daly! LOL :))

Although the ticket sucked (plainly enough), I still had a real good time.  She must of had a good time too, because she invited me to a block party this Saturday (on her street).  Unless something crazy happens... I’ll be there, it should be fun.

Thanks for dinner again Dana :)!  (Like I told you, if this becomes a best selling book... I’ll take you to dinner on me, anywhere in the country!)

Wrigleyville Bar Scene
As I was leaving, Toby text me and said he was at a bar called Merkel’s by Wrigley Field. (Toby lives blocks from the field.)  I was free, so I headed over there.

Colonel Sanders

The first thing I saw when I walked in, was a statue of Colonel Sanders!  I thought he was in Kentucky and dead?  Obviously, he wasn’t... so I took a picture with him! 🙂

Then, I found Toby and friends having a few beers at a table.  He friends were real cool
and they were having a good time.  The music was from the 80’s and early 90’s, perfect for a old guy like me :).

We stayed until the Yankee game ended (they won 6-5).  Although, I’m sure Toby and all his Chicago boys didn’t even notice that game was on,  the Cubs were on too.  It was a little after 11 pm when we left the bar.

Today (Thursday), I am heading Elgin, IL to play poker up there.  It’s an hour drive north, but luckily for me I have a good friend (Wallace) who lives right by the casino. 

Now... to describe Wallace could be a book in and of itself, but simply put... he’s a real cool guy who has lived more than full life already.  Hanging out with him, will no doubt be a good time!  (We met on the reality show “Forever Eden”, he won it!”)

F.Y.I - The pictures are dark because I don't have a camera with a working flash.  Hopefully poker will provide one soon!!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:


    The tiny penis line was great! I guess you won’t kiss and tell until this becomes a book. Then, all bets are off. One part of your post really got me scratching my bald head. You said: “Right before Toby walked in, the girl I have been speaking with (Dana), called to see if we were still gonna get some dinner tonight. Since I wasn’t playing, I said sure.” It is that last sentence that got me — C’mon!! IF you were playing softball and she called, are you saying you would’ve NOT gone out with her??? I think if that had happened, I would have to fly out to Chicago this weekend to kick your ass.
    One last thought: “appatiser” WTF is that?? I thought you graduated college. Have you ever even looked at a menu? Oh yeah — KFC doesn’t really have appetizers; they only have sides. Ha! You know I love you, man!

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