I’m In The Big Apple Baby! (NJ-NY) “DAY 345” – 6/14/11

June 15, 2011 - 7:10 pm - (NJ-NY) “DAY 345” - Week 50 - State 48

After not sleeping well for a couple of days it was nice to get some rest yesterday.  So, today I am more than ready to continue on to New York City and experience “The Big Apple”.

F.Y.I. - Even though I was already in NYC for a Yankee game, I didn’t count it as being there yet, so with this trip I will have been each of the 48 continental United States.  Woo Hoo! 🙂

Writing & Packing
During the early part of the day, I gathered up the things I would need (I don’t everything I’ve traveled with now that I only have a few days left) and got ready to leave for NYC.  But, before I hit the road, I wrote my “DAY 344” in my Mom’s living room. (Had to get some writing done first.) 😉

My Finances
Currently, after I stopped at TD bank, I have $64 to my name. (The Paypal donations I received last week came in and the difference of what was left after bills was $55.  Plus, I had $9 in change.)  Thank you again to those who donated. 🙂  So, I have a little bit of money but really not much at all.

Traveling To New York City
For the people that have lived in this area at any point in your lives, you’ll understand when I say that traffic was pain in the ass getting into NYC today.  AHHH!  I only live 20+ miles to where I was going but it took me almost 3 hours to get there.  Ahhhh!  I hate city traffic!

The drive through New Jersey wasn’t bad although there were some delays, but when I got to the Lincoln Tunnel... it was start and stop traffic the rest of the way. (I waited to get through the tunnel for over an hour.) 🙁

Entering NYC
Once you get through the tunnel you are in NYC and even though I have been to New York countless times over my life, I still catch myself looking up every time I am here.  This city is just so massive and full of huge buildings that’s it’s unlike any other place in America!

Once I was in the city, I was only a few miles from where my cousin lives which where I was going. (We were gonna watch the Yankee game on TV.)  Now, I didn’t get any pictures of this because it wasn’t a big thing but I got a street hot dog on the way. (It turns out to be a big deal tomorrow.)  Ahhh! 🙁

Backtracking A Little
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this although you know by now, but I decided to drive in instead of taking the train.  Each method had it pros and cons but I choose to kept the Rooster mobile with me after thinking it though. (Not wanting to carry my bags around the city is why I choose my car, but parking will be my enemy.)

Now, my plan for the week is to stay at one of my cousins friends places (Jonah) who I have known for years.  Jonah is way cool with me staying with him as he offered his place if I needed I place to crash when I got here.  Thank you so much Jonah!

But, the problem is, although it’s not much of a problem, is that Jonah is working real late tonight so he won’t be around until after 10 pm. (He actually worked until after 11 pm.)  So, until he gets out, I’m hanging with my cousin for the evening. (It’s not a problem because I get to hang with my cousin all night which I want to do anyway.) 🙂

Arriving At My Cousins
There aren’t many pictures of this because my cousin doesn’t want to be on the internet, so since I’m respecting his wishes, there isn’t much to show you for this part of the night.

What we did though, was watch the Yankee game while talking about whatever (fantasy baseball, sports, family, etc..) and my cousin also bought us both dinner from a good diner in the area. (The Yankees smashed the Rangers 12-4 on the YES network! It’s nice to be home-ish.)  Thank you Cuz!

Jonah Gets Out Of Work
It was after the Yankee game ended when Jonah got out of work and since he walks by my cousins place to get to his, it wasn’t a big deal to get me along the way.  Thanks again Jonah! 🙂

So, I said good-bye to my cousin (and his fiance) and left to go hang out with Jonah for the night/rest of the week. (I’ll still hang out with my cousin but since he works all week, I’ll just see him here and there.)

Walking Around NYC At Night
Now, since Jonah works again in the morning too, all we were doing tonight was going back to his place to relax.  But, before we did that, we walked around the city a little to take in the fresh air of New York.  Nice! 🙂

He lives right near a few bridges and the East River, so walked to a cool little area they have near both and enjoyed the city view at night.  Also, during this time we were looking for a street parking spot for my car. (The spot my car is currently in I have to be out of by 7 am.)  Ahhh!

Finding A Parking Spot For Me, Kinda...
The good news for me parking wise was that we found a street where I could park all day tomorrow (Wednesday) for free.  The bad news was... that right now (1 am-ish) there aren’t spots available.  So, the plan is for me to move my car at 7 am and wait on this street until a spot opens up.  We’ll see. 😉

Hanging At Jonah’s Pad
It was real late when we got back to Jonah’s for the night. (Well... real late for somebody who just worked a 14 hour day and has to do it tomorrow, that’s Jonah.)  So, after showing me around his place, we both watched a little TV before it was bedtime. (He lives in a studio so I crashed when he did.)

Now, this kinda runs into my tomorrow so I’ll be brief about it, but I didn’t feel to good when I went to sleep.  My stomach was bothering me and I was sweating when it was cool inside.  Ahhh!  I don’t want to be sick now!  So, I tried falling asleep but didn’t sleep well all night long as I was fighting feeling ill.  Oh no! 🙁

Thanks for reading!


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