I’m In The Guinness Book Of World Records! (Vegas) “DAY 153” – 12/4/10

December 5, 2010 - 10:26 am - (Vegas) “DAY 153”

I woke up this morning after just 5 hours of sleep so I could be apart of a 5K Santa Claus Charity Race.  Yes, a 5K Santa Claus Race!  Everybody who registers gets a Santa Claus suit and wears it during while they run,  before the event, and as I found out... after the event too. 😉

The race was 4 miles away at the Town Square Las Vegas.  I left the hotel at 7:30 am because if you weren’t pre-registered, there had a “day of” registration that started at 8 am. (It was $45 in stead of $35 for adults because of the same day registration.)

Arriving  AT Town Square
When I arrived there, I was amazed to see so many Santa’s already there and in costume (It wasn’t even 8 am yet and these people already have Santa suits! ;))  I laughed to myself at how crazy of a scene this was gonna be.  Santa’s were everywhere! 🙂

F.Y.I. - Town Square is a mall type area with a village atmosphere as well.  There are stores on the roads in between the big stores so it’s a little a bit of both.

Anyway, where I parked was as far away from the registration area as possible, so I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of this crazy scene as I walked to where the late registration was.

Like I said, as I was walking there, I saw so many Santa’s but that was nothing like what I was about to see when I walked to the parking lot where the event was set-up.  😉 (You have to see it to believe it!)

Finding The Registration Area
After walking through a sea of Kris Kringle’s, I finally reached the registration table.  Adult registration today was $45, kids were $35 but I knew just yesterday it was $35 for adults and $25 for kids so it was time to negotiate.  😉

It was charity event and since I wasn’t volunteering today (I tired this morning but it was to late), I still wanted to give back but... I don’t have $45 to run around in a Santa suit so... I had to strike a deal where I would still be donating but at a price I can afford. 🙂

The lady working the registration table where I was at seemed real nice, so I told her my story and that I could afford to pay just $25 (which was yesterday’s kid’s rate).  She smiled at my enthusiasm and said OK Rooster, I’d do that for you. 🙂  Thank you!

Getting The Santa Suit
When you register you get a ticket so you can get your Santa Suit, so I headed over to the Santa suit line and waited for my turn to become Santa Claus! 🙂  The line wasn’t bad and when I got to the front they said the suits were running small, so I got a 2X.

It was only 8:30 am and the race didn’t start til 10 am, so I had time to walk back to my car and put on the Santa outfit.  Also I could put away the cloths I had on AND... one more thing...

Turning Santa Claus Into... Dun... Dun... Dun... “Rooster Claus”!
Yes... I was gonna be the first ever Rooster Claus to run in the Santa Claus 5K. 🙂  (I decided to do this last night after I found out about the race, well kinda.)

I’ll explain, I was talking to Jeremy about it on the phone (around midnight) and he suggested I pull out the Rooster suit one more time.  I was 80% in then, but after seeing this scene in person...  It was a must!

Different Types Of Santa’s
For the most part, everybody there was just your regular standard issued Santa but some people add a little flavor to there Santa suit.  While I was there, I saw a Ram Santa, a knight Santa, some real looking Santa’s, and of course... the Grinch!

But no doubt about it... I was only the “Rooster Claus” around.  Although, to be honest, just like at the Oregon St. football game (on 10/30), I was mostly called “Chicken Claus”.

But I’ll take it, as I chanted, “Chicken Claus, Chicken Claus!” while I walked around the masses of regular Santa’s.  LOL 😉

Oh yeah, there were also a bunch dogs there dressed up as Santa Claus or reindeer's or some kind of X-mas festive companion. (I'm not sure.)  My favorite was a lady walking 5 dogs (greyhounds, I think) all dressed up to the max.  (I used Max there as reference to my Dog back home.) 🙁

Enjoying The Pre-Event
Now, granted I’m walking around as a giant chicken dresses as Santa Claus but as I looked around it is just so ridiculous to see all these people dresses up as Santa walking around.  Not to mention, at 10 am we are all going to be running a 5K. 🙂

Anyway, I found again (as I did at the Oregon St football game) that people love someone who is dressed up as a giant chicken. (I know it’s a Rooster Suit but everybody thinks it’s a chicken so... it’s a chicken suit.  Close enough! ;))

If I didn’t know better, you’d a thought the President of the United States was under this Chicken Santa Suit because I must have taken at least 200 pictures with different people (groups of people) during the event.

Also, just like at the Oregon St football game, children are completely enamored with a giant chicken!  Then, add in the fact that this giant chicken is in a Santa Claus suit... and what you get are... very confused yet intrigued kids!  It was hysterical!  🙂

On Stage Events - Pre-Race
As I wandered around the parking lot talking with well... Santa ;), I found my way over to the Stage area where they had a few bands singing different X-Mas songs.

One guy sang a song where the crowd had to yell... Ho, Ho, Ho, as we jumped up and down and threw our arms in the air.  Again, it was so funny to see all these normal people dressed as Santa doing well... anything!  This many Santa’s doing anything is funny as hell to me! 🙂

F.Y.I. - The charity who puts on this event is called Opportunity Village and they help needy kids with intellectual disabilities.  After the songs somebody presented them with a huge donation on stage.  Nice!  I’m glad an event can be this much fun and helpful at the same time! 🙂

The Guinness Book Of World Records!
During the madness, somebody mentioned to me if I had signed in to be part of the Guinness Book Of World Records.  Yes, this event has officials from Guinness here to verify if we break the record for Santa’s jogging at once.

Am I gonna be in the Guinness Book of World Records???  LOL 🙂  This just got even better! 🙂

So, after wandering around the parking lot like an “Abominable Jesus Claus” (I thought that’s what I looked like in some pictures), I found my way to an official with the Guinness Book of World Records.

You had to sign in on a sheet with your printed name, signature, and race number.  Then you also had to fill out a tag that was attached to the race number and hand that in too.  These Guinness people play no games, this is serious to them... which even made it more funny! 🙂

Breaking The Guinness Record For Santa’s Running (I think that's what's it for.)
It was just before the race was about to begin when some lady on stage announced that we had broken the record and that all of us were now in... The Guinness Book of World Records!  🙂

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be in this book but I never would had guessed in a million years... that it would have been for wearing a Rooster Claus suit and jogging in a 5K. 😉 LOL

The Race Begins
There wasn’t a starting gun to signal the beginning of the race but there was... a Santa Claus in the back of a Pick-up truck yelling,”Merry Christmas!” to everybody signaling the race was about to begin.  Pretty cool!

I waited about for about 5 minutes to try and let the initial crowd die down before I started running, but it didn’t matter... Santa’s were running around mad everywhere!  It was just inescapable!  🙂

My Race Begins
Now, as far as the actual running was to go... I wasn’t sure how would I do because A.) I’m fat!, B.) I haven’t ran in well over 2 months., and C.) I was in a Rooster Suit covered by a Santa Claus outfit!  Enough said? 🙂

None-the-less, my plan was to run the whole thing from start to finish!  I started out quickly because the energy of 12,000 Santa’s is surprisingly overwhelming as it propelled me into a good starting pace.

F.Y.I. - During the entire 5K, I only stopped to get water once but I stopped about 5 0r 6 times to get people to hold my camera as I ran by.  So, even though I stopped a few times, I also added about another 1/4 mile to run from all the backtracking I was doing. 🙂

Running As “Rooster Claus”, Better Known As... Chicken Claus!  Like I said, a man in a giant chicken suit is a big attraction evidently, then add in the fact that it’s a Chicken Santa... and you tend to draw a crowd!  During my run, there were so many pictures taken of me running, I couldn’t even put a total on it.

On top that, I must have heard, “You go Chicken Santa!” or “Chicken Claus” or the standard.. bacock (rooster noise) at least 500 times!   It was an amazing feeling to have all those people cheering you on even if it’s because you are the only man in a Chicken Santa costume!

Now, there are 12,000 + Santa’s running around a mall area and to be honest... the people holding the signs telling you where to go... weren’t informed properly or just didn’t know, because it was chaos figuring out which way to run.

Since the sign holders weren’t to busy, I asked one of them to take a few pictures of me as I approached them again (I have to retrace my steps). 😉  As I was leaving them, they did a honorary chicken dance to help boost my tired spirits!  Thanks guys!

Finishing The Race
As I approached the finish line, I knew I was gonna do it twice, so the first time in, I ran as hard as I could.  The second time in (when I got a picture), is a different story as I coasted in with my Rooster Claw raised in the air!  (A little showboating when you are Chicken Santa is OK.) 😉

I was absolutely exhausted, hot, and sweaty! (Not only I was in a full Santa suit but the Rooster costume is so warm... I wore in Portland, OR when I slept in room without any heat and I was as snug a Rooster in a rug!)  So, you can imagine how hot I was.

But the energy from the crowd was so contagious, I crossed the line and still had more to give.  Luckily I did, because at the finish line is where I took at least 100 different pictures with people who wanted a snapshot of them and “Chicken Santa!” 🙂

Dueling Piano Players - Stage
As I was wandering around the venue taking pictures of things, as well as still taking many pictures with others, I stumbled upon a stage with dueling piano players singing sing-along songs.  The crowd of Santa’s loved it!

I was so tired and sweaty that I wanted to leave, but again... the energy of 12,000 Santa Claus’s is something you just can’t explain!  It’s like New Year’s Eve when the ball drops times 20!  😉 LOL

Plus, when I saw an older lady (dressed as Santa) on stage with the piano players dancing it up like a 20 year old ho, well I couldn’t refuse but to join in on the fun!

Rooster Santa, Well... Chicken Santa Gets Called Up On Stage!
Like I said, the old lady dancing drew me closer to the stage so I could get some good pictures, but it also did another thing... it alerted the dueling piano players to the fact that “Chicken Santa was in the house”!

Next thing I know, over the mic is one of the piano players saying, “We need Chicken Santa on stage for this next song.”  I was next to two ladies who loved the Chicken suit and were petting me (for real), so I asked them to hold my camera and take pictures of me on stage.  Thanks Chicken Lovers! 🙂

Chicken Santa Does The Y.M.C.A. - (Re-read the title and sing it YMCA style.)
I got up on stage to a big ovation from the crowd of huge Chicken Santa supporters! Who knew they existed? 😉  Then, the piano player called more people up on stage to join in with “Chicken Santa!”.  So funny! LOL

F.Y.I. - During my older brother’s (Adam) college years, he was in a fraternity talent show where he and 4 other friends impersonated the Village People while singing “YMCA”.  (They were real funny, and No... my brother is married with kids!) LOL 😉

I can remember his performance vividly (he had a tape of it), so even though he wasn’t there, I impersonated him, impersonating the Village People.  There you go Ad, a shout out to my older brother!

Leaving The 5K Santa Claus Charity Run
It was only slightly before 1 pm but I was in real need of getting out the Rooster Claus outfit and into a shower.  Plus, I hadn’t even started writing my “DAY 152” yet and I also wanted to bet on some college football games.  Needless to say, it was time to go. 🙁

To get back to my car, it seemed like I walked through something out of the “Twilight Zone” because seeing Santa’s everywhere all across the entire Mall area was as freaky as it gets!  In my life, I have never ever been apart of something so random and awesome! 🙂

The last thing I did before I left for my hotel was to take one last picture of myself as Rooster Claus in the parking lot on my cell phone.  (This was so I could immediately send it out to people via text message.) 🙂

Imperial Palace
When I got back to the Imperial Palace, I was still dressed as Rooster Claus. (I was to tired to change.)  So, I did what any Rooster Claus would do and walked right through the Hotel and Casino back to the room yelling, “ Merry Christmas - cock-a-doodle-do, Merry Christmas - cock-a-doodle-do”.

When you look like that, you either have to be ready to be talked about quietly behind your back or do as did and... relish in the moment while putting a smile on everybody's face around you! 🙂  ( I don’t have pictures of this because I was the one doing it.)

Sports Betting & Writing
After getting to my room and showering, I placed a three team $100 teaser (Oregon -10.5, Auburn +.5, V.T. +1.5) and started writing “DAY 152”.  I finished writing around 5 pm as I won the first two games of my teaser (Oregon and Auburn).

Then, I went downstairs to the sports book and bet $100 against V.T. (on Fla. ST) giving me a 6 point middle.  Ya see, I can’t lose anything and if the game is with-in the 6 point middle, I win both bets.  It’s a can’t lose scenario.

During this time, I got a call from a girl (Liv) who is friends with my friend Cooper (from AZ).  She lives in Vegas and he told her I was in town.  So cool!  Thanks Coop! (right: Liv)

Anyway, she asked me what I doing for the night and since I had nothing planned, we decided to meet up and go to a club later (9 pm-ish).  (It turned to be her and her friend Phala-something.)  Sorry, but it’s a tough name! 😉

Clubbing With The Girls
The girls picked me up at the Imperial Palace as the three of us drove to a club called Eve in the Aria (I think).  The Aria is a newer mall/casino/nightclub spot/... a few other things too. 🙂

The girls had a hook up so we didn’t have to wait to get in or pay any cover.  Nice!  Thanks girls!  But we got there real early, so instead of going in right away, we walked around the mall as the girls did some browsing.

Wolfgang Puck’s Pizzeria & Cucina
After checking out a few stores and seeing one of Liv’s friends, we stopped at Wolfgang’s place for a pre-evening drink.  The girls each had a drink but I didn’t get one because it’s just to pricey for something I don’t enjoy to much.

Back to Eve
It was close to 10:30 pm, so we headed back to the club and after getting our I.D.’s checked, we entered with no problem (no wait, no cover). 🙂  The girls and I found a cool spot by the bar as Liv bought a round of drinks for us.  Thanks Liv!

The music was loud, as it is in every club and since I don’t dance or really drink, there wasn’t that much for me to do there except sit there and watch the girls dance.  Now, I wasn’t having a bad time, just the opposite... it was nice to just sit back, relax, and watch somebody else have a good time.

But, after a hour or so of just sitting around, I started to feel tired and the loud bad music was getting to me, so I said good-bye to the girls and headed back to the Imperial Palace.  I did have fun though, thanks again girls!

Imperial Palace
By the time I got back to Imperial Palace (I walked), it was after 1 am.  There was still a lot I could have done, it is Vegas... but I had a lot pictures to upload and file, so I just went back to my room and worked until I feel asleep around 3 am.

Oh yeah, I didn’t middle the college football bet I made, V.T won by 11 and screwed me by a touchdown!  None-the-less, I made $40 on play because the 3 team teaser paid $140 and I only bet a $100 on Florida St.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Where do you begin. Glad to see the only number under
    your picture is 2425 and from SANTA. You’ve done a lot of HoHo Hoing around.Did you meet up with the friends who told you about the 5K run?
    Looks like you had another great day and evening.
    Winning in Vegas and having fun !!!!!!!

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