Chicago Style Pizza and The Funniest Story Yet! (IN) “DAY 36” – 8/9/10

August 10, 2010 - 9:43 am - (IL) “Day 36”

Today... there wasn’t a huge adventure, there wasn’t any TV interviews or anything like that, but... today I saw the funniest thing I have seen since I left New Jersey!

I’ll get to that funny story in a bit, let’s start from the beginning of my day.

Lollapalooza was such a blast yesterday, I almost felt young again! 🙂  The problem is... for as young as it made me feel yesterday... is as old as it’s making me feel today! 😉

My body feels so beat up from not stop walking, moshing, and drinking.  I wouldn’t even call it a hangover because it’s not my head that hurts... it’s my whole body!  I guess I’d call it... a body-over :).

F.Y.I- Today is my last day staying at Keith’s.  His parents are coming into town tomorrow (Tuesday), so sometime after 6 pm I’m heading over to Toby’s for the rest of the week.

Writing A Post

Anyway, I got up around 10 am and starting writing “DAY 35”.  Keith doesn’t have wireless internet and there isn’t signal I can steal, so I have to go back to the coffee shop again to upload my post.

It took me almost 5 hours to post “DAY 35”.  There were just so many pictures I had to sift through and upload.  Ya see, each picture I have used is taken from my cell phone.

It takes a while because I have to email each photo to my yahoo account, then open each file, save it to my computer, name it, and finally decide which ones to use and where they will go in each post.  (If I’m not emailing photos throughout the day then I have a day like today, 5 hours to write a post!)

Chicago - Deep Dish Pizza

Moving on, I got done around 4 pm and headed back to Keith’s to pack up my stuff.  He was home from work when I got there and since it was dinner time, we decided to get some Chicago- style deep dish pizza before I left for my new home, Toby’s. 🙂

Me "Rooster" and Keith

We got to Giordano’s around 6 pm and ordered a 12 inch 2 topping deep dish pizza (half pepperoni/sausage - half green peppers/meatball).  It tells you right in the menu that it takes 35 minutes for the pizza, so we had a little wait before our food arrived.

When the pie came out, it looked great, but looks don’t have a taste... so I had to dig in to find out for myself!

F.Y.I - I’m a very picky eater and if I don’t like something... I won’t eat it.  Even being on the tightest of budgets (which I am), I do not and will not eat certain things (mayo, cream sauces, any foo-foo food with eccentric flavors, etc...)  Basically, I’m a meat and potatoes guy.

Anyway, I dug into the pizza not knowing what to expect and... it was very good although it’s not like pizza from home :), I am Jersey boy at heart!   I ate 2 slices (which is my normal amount) , one with Keith and one with the Blues Brothers.

Who knew Belushi was still alive... he lives on at Giordano’a eating pizza with the Rooster :).

After we ate, I asked the manger if I could take a look at the operation and see how they make a deep dish pizza.  As a kid, I worked at a pizzaria for a few months in N.J. (Phil’s, forgot the name), so I was curious to see any differences in how the pizza was made.

The main difference was an obvious one... the deep dish itself.  Wow, I’m a genius huh.  Other than the dish, the manage told me the oven they use is a very old and the style of it is unique.

Lastly, not that NY/NJ pizza doesn’t... but they (Giordano’s) uses only the freshest of ingrediants for all their pies.  After my tour, I got back to the table to see Keith had paid for our dinner.  I’ve already said it before... but Keith Rocks!

Thank you!

Thanks you so much for everything!

As we were ready to leave, a different manager (Nick) walked over and asked me about my story.  I told him the whole speel and he just couldn’t understand how it could be done on just $2,000.  I told him how I play poker but more so... the kindness of friends and strangers.

As we were leaving, I took a picture with Nick (it got erased by accident) and he told me if I came back in before I left, the pie is on him!  Ya see Nick... that’s how I’m gonna make it!  Thank You ! 🙂

The Funniest Story of My Trip!

I drove Keith and I to the pizzeria because after wards I was going to Toby’s for the week.  My car was parked right out front of the restaurant and Keith lived only a mile or two from where we were.

I tell you all these details because this is part of what makes the story so funny (hang in there, it’s worth it).

Anyway, we got into my car and I had to get gas.  The closest gas station was 2 blocks away in the opposite direction of Keith lives.  The streets are one way so we had to drive 2 blocks down a street, make a left, and then head 2 blocks back to the gas station.

As I was driving and we were only in the car at most 1 minute at this point, Keith looks at me dead serious and says “Rooster, hurry up and get to that gas station... I may shit in your car!”

I thought he was just messing around, so I kept driving at a normal speed.  Plus, the gas station was within eye sight, we were only seconds away.  He says to me again “ Speed up Rooster, I’m gonna shit right now!”

I could now see it in his eyes... that he meant business.  To want to use a gas station that bad... when you only live 2 minutes from where were, told me this was a serious situation.  Heck, I don’t use a gas station bathroom unless I’m dying on the inside!

I speed up and pulled in 10 seconds later.  He rushed out of the car and into the store area.  I followed him in to pay for my gas.  As I entered, all I saw and heard was the forgeign worker motioning with his and saying in broken English.. “bathroom out of order.”

Keith looked white as a ghost as I started to laugh out loud.  Before I knew it, he rushed out the opposite door and left the building.  I went to fill my car with gas and when I was done Keith wasn’t back yet.

I pulled my car around to the side he ran out off and he wasn’t there.  So I waited in my car right there him.  A few minutes later, out of nowhere, he jumps in my car looking terrible.

I asked him where he just was, I figured he ran into another store or something.  He told all the stores around were closed so... he had no choice... he ran into an alley near by and took a shit in the street!

What!  I starting laughing aloud then realized he hadn’t wiped yet, so I handed him a roll of toilet paper and sent him back to the alley.  (Luckily, I’m traveling and have all the essentials in my car.)

At this point, I realized I had to go see it for myself, so I followed him down the alley to see how bad it was.  When I got there, I thought a bear and elephant had just escaped from zoo and lived in this alley.

I say 2 different animals because there was 2 huge piles!  (I’m crying laughing as I write this right now! :))  I asked him... 2 piles?  He told me, a girl was walking down the alley so he had to pretend like he was peeing, then when she was out of sight... he finished his business.  LOL

Anybody who judging this situation right now, whether you are a guy, girl, old, or young... REMEMBER... you have all been there.

Everybody at some point or another has been in a situation where your stomach is grumbling and there is no bathroom around!  That’s why this so funny!  Everybody, regardless of how gross it is, can relate and should see the humor!

Or.. I’m just a guy who thinks shitting in an alley is funny! 🙂

My New Place for the Week

After that fiasco :), I headed over to Toby’s to check out my new living situation.  He lives right on Lake Michigan overlooking the city and water.  A perfect view!

Parking is crazy everywhere around here (like NYC), so as I was searching for a spot, Toby called me and said he had to leave to get his girlfriend.  I waited for him downstairs and took the spot he left from. Nice!  He told me his apartment number and that he left door open.  He said he would be back in about 20 minutes.

I forgot for certain which number he said, so I walked into 11B and hoped for the best.  I entered and nobody was there.  Ahhh, I found the right place.  About an hour went by and Toby wasn’t back yet.


I started to think to myself..  am I in somebody else’s apartment right now???  As I was searching around the the counter... I heard a door open... it was Toby and his girl.  Whew!  I am in the right place (he got stuck in traffic).


The rest of my night was as normal a time as I have had in the last month.  The three of us hung out and watched a funny movie, “The Invention fof Lying”.  It's worth watching if your looking for a laugh from a different style of comedy.

Adam, Poppy Ted, Dad, Rooster

Toby and his girl went to bed around 11-ish and I feel asleep around 2 am.

Today (Tuesday), I’m going to the Chicago White Sox game at 7:05 pm.  My brother (Adam) paid for my ticket and even sent me some hot dog money to boot!

Thanks a lot Ad!  If I catch a home run ball... it’s yours!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Now that I’ve stopped laughing and I can see the screen,and everyone else has stopping laughing who has read this, are you “SHIT’N” ME !!!!!!!!
    THIS IS HILARIOUS. Nice Rooster !!!!!
    1 Question, when do we play POKER?

  2. Dad says:

    It’s been 10years since Pop’s gone. Nice photo, thanks.I remember that day like it was yesterday.
    We should look that good now!!! Love Ya

  3. Gene says:

    As I’m reading, I was hoping you didn’t – or maybe you would – post a pic of a pile of shit. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to see it, and I’m still unsure if I’m satisfied that I did. That was two of the nastiest piles of shit ever. The whole time I’m reading I’m remembering a girl who shit at the Towers PRT station in front of hundreds of people. Disgusting, yet you can’t turn away. Good shit Dave!

  4. dave says:

    I couldn’t agree more and I rememeber that day too.

  5. dave says:

    I’m laughing as I read your post.. so funny! 🙂

  6. John says:

    Holy Shit (literally, I guess) you almost made me throw up my lunch. Hilarious story though…

    Ironically, you spelled ‘genius’ wrong! 🙂

  7. tom buckley says:

    ive never heard or read a shit story that i didnt laugh at. no different here. great shit. very good belly laugh for 5 minutes.almost had a story like that at the black whale in lbi while on vaca this past week,but things panned out clean.

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