An Irish Festival & A Little Roostertime! (WI) “DAY 48” – 8/21/10

August 22, 2010 - 2:34 pm - (WI) “DAY 48”

Friday was such a busy day, that this morning (Saturday), it took me almost 6 hours to upload all the pictures, write the post, and put it up on my website.  This is a job and a lot of work regardless of how much fun I’m having! 🙂

Anyway, while I was writing, I did my laundry.  I had almost no clean cloths left and next week I don’t where I’ll be staying so I had to get it done when I had a chance.  Thanks Riccio!

It was almost 5:30 when I finally finished, whew!  Our plan for the night was togo to the Irish Festival.  Each week during the Summer, Milwaukee puts on a different festival at the Summer Fest Grounds.

Melissa and Jean

F.Y.I - This week is Irish, but they have had German Fest, Polish Fest, Italian Fest, Indian Fest, etc...  It runs all summer long, really cool!

The Girls
Riccio called a old friend from High School (Jean) and invited her to the Irish Fest with us.  She came by at 7 pm with a friend of her’s, Melissa.  Nice!  The three of them, had a few pre-game drinks at Riccio’s before we left (except me).

Melissa, Me "Rooster" Jean

Good job Riccio, a night out with some good looking women, this should be fun!  The problem was... there always is... I was exhausted from Friday (I didn’t get much sleep) and I had eaten all day.  So... I was hungry and wasn’t myself yet.  I had no energy!

It was now 7:30 pm and before we left for the Irish Fest, we went to the bar across street (Moct) to get some food and have a few more drinks (I still wasn’t drinking though, I needed to eat first).

Somebody paid for our meal, I”m not sure who... but thank you to whoever it was!  Then, we walked to the Festival (1 mile away).

Irish Fest
When we got there it was a massive place.  It had to be a mile long (the festival grounds)  and there were multiple stages, beer tents, food stores, and merchandise everywhere!  It was a FESTIVAL!

It cost $15 just to enter, but there was no I was paying that to get in!  I didn’t know it at the time but the girls were gonna pay for me to get in but I didn’t know that, so I worked my magic.

Sneaking In
As we were walking up to where we had to pay, I was people watching and noticed nobody had a wristband, so I figured they must be using stamps for re-entry purposes, NICE!

The three of them walked over to the ticket booth while I walked to the re-entry line.  I didn’t have stamp (obviously) but it was late in the day and the festival started at noon-ish, so I knew I could talk my way in.  

The only problem... as I’m talking my way in, Jean keeps yelling my name and walking toward me.  I’m ignoring her for obvious reasons, but she isn’t catching on as she walks all the way up to where I was.

She starts saying... “Rooster, did you pay?  You know you have pay here?”  She then asks the ticket lady who was letting me in “ Did he pay, you know he didn’t pay.”   Really!  Is anybody this unsmooth!


Despite her oblivious nature to what was happening... I still got in for free as I told the ticket lady... “I don’t know who that is... she must be some crazy drunk chick.  I’m from NJ and truly have no idea who that is!  And Rooster???  My name is Dave.”

Exploring The Grounds
Since I got in first, I waited for them to enter. 🙂  Melissa and Jean wanted to see a band they knew of, but I wanted to check out the grounds, so they went to the main stage area, as I walked around by myself and took in the atmosphere.

There must have been at least 50,000 people there and everybody was having a good time.  There were people in kilts and everywhere I looked the Irish jig was being jigged!  So much energy and fun!   But again, I still wasn’t myself yet.  I needed to get my second wind!

I checked out a few different bands (all of them playing Irish music) then hit the food area to see what they had to offer.  

F.Y.I - I didn’t want to spend that much while I was there.  Festivals can get expensive in a hurry, $6 this, $8 that, and I need to make sure I have money as I head off into no-man’s land... (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, etc...)

After carefully accessing all the option I had to choose from... and there were many.  I decided on a .75 cent cookie.  The perfect price and it tasted great!  I did want to have corned beef, sausage, potatoes, and even some broasted chicken but I didn’t want to spend the money so... Irish sugar cookie it is!

I had now explored the whole fair grounds and started looking for Riccio and the girls.  Believe it or not... I found them in a crowd of over 50K without using my cell phone!  Ahhh, the old-school method... just look around.  Refreshing. 🙂

They were having a great time and had already sucked down a bunch of drinks.  We were at the Irish Festival... what’d ya expect! 😉  I was finally starting to feel like me again as 10 pm approached.  Nice, it’s about time! 🙂

The last bands of the night (5 stages) were going on from 10:15 pm - midnight.  John got in touch with an old friend who was working there and she got us backstage seats at the main stage, for the last band.  (I don’t know there name, maybe it was..”The Drunken Fighting Irish Leprechauns”???)  JK, I don’t know.

During this time, I began drinking.  The girls we were with, were super cool and generous.  They told me, I wasn’t paying for anything, as it was their treat!  People are great!

OK then... let the beers flow like fine wine (or shots of “Black Haus” in my case).  We stayed and watched the band until a little after 11 pm and then the bars.  It was Irish night... so we hit a Irish bar.  Makes sense. 🙂

At this point in the night, Melissa and I are kinda going off on our own as is John and Jean.  We are all hanging out together... yet separate.

Lost Cell Phone

We arrived at the bar and before we walked in, I saw a cell phone sitting on a table (patio) with nobody around it and no drinks on the table.  I knew somebody had left their phone and is freaking out wherever they are.  I know... I’ve been there.

So, as I was looking through the phone to call the last number dialed... it rang.  It was a friend of the girl who’s cell phone it was.  I told the girl, I had her friends phone and would wait outside of the bar for you (girl I was talking to) or her to get it.   She said she’d be there in a few minutes.


As I waited out front, the girl who’s phone it was showed up.  I obviously didn’t know her, but I could tell by the look in her eyes, she was looking for something.  I said “Did you lose your phone?”  She said yes, as I handed it to her and told her what was going on with her friend coming here for it.

The girl who’s phone it was, was named Gayle and she was super happy! 🙂  She told me, I made her day.  She was real hot but before I could do anything (ask her on a date)... she said my boyfriend must be pissed, he probably thinks I’ve been avoiding him all night. 🙁

Regardless, I did the right thing and she thanked me countless times as I walked away and entered the bar.

The girls and Riccio were already buying drinks when I approached the bar.  Melissa asked me what I


wanted and I said a shot of Black Haus.  She had never had it before and started doing shot for shot with me the rest of the night.  She’s gonna be trashed!  I know I’m gonna be!

Cab Ride
We stayed there until almost 1 am and then got a cab back to the bar by Riccio’s (Moct).  Our cab driver was a madman!  As soon as he realized he had a east coaster in the car, he unleashed his personality!

Melissa, Me "Rooster", Nabih

He was cursing and flying around in the cab as he said ruthless and crude things to the girls we were with.  But he did it in a way that made everybody laugh.  He would say something crazy then make a noise like a Muslim battle cry, AHHH AHH AHH AHH!  It was funny! 🙂

The owner, bartender, Me "Rooster"

Moct Again
It was now the time of the night where everybody is trashed, and we fit in perfectly!  So we ordered another round of drinks and shots (the girls paid) as we took it to another level. 🙂

The Irish Bar - Almost A Fight
Riccio and Jean were doing there own thing, so Melissa and I left and went to another Irish Bar around the corner... it was named appropriately enough... “The Irish Bar”.  We did a few more shots as I almost got into a brawl with a few drunk German guys (from Germany).

I don’t start fights, I’m a old man now... but in the same breath, I will never let anybody disrespect me or make me look like a bitch!  For all he knows... that’s my girlfriend/wife.

Let me explain, Melissa and I walked in together and were sitting together, (although we are not together :)), when a drunken German dude took her hat off her head and started wearing it and passing it around to his friends.  He then made a few stupid comments.  That was enough!

So, I went up to him and his buddy to let them know it was about to go down.  I think I said “If you f$&king look at her, touch her, or disrespect me one more time... I’m gonna f&%k you up!”  He immediately apologized and offered to buy us a round.

We left soon after and headed back to Riccio’s.  On our walk home, we decided to detour and check out the boats on the water.

The alley! 🙂

Melissa has wild side, I can tell because she suggested we hop onto a boat, that could have been anybodies.  What?  Are we 12?

No... we’re just drunk as we attempted to make it happen.  We couldn’t get by the locks so we just walked  in an alley by the bridge on the water.   We were so drunk!  🙂

Why did I drink!? 🙂

We got back to Riccio’s after 2 am.  It was a great time and I had a great night.  But like any night that involves a lot of drinking.... the morning was terrible!  But at least I didn’t hurl... I must be getting my drinking legs back! 🙂

Thanks for a great night girls!

Thanks for reading!


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