Is There Anything I Didn’t Do Today! (OH) “DAY 19” – 7/23/10

July 24, 2010 - 9:25 am - (OH) “DAY 19”
What a action packed day!  Here’s the rundown of what I’m about to write.  I went to the cities biggest event (Jazz and Rib Fest), did my charity work, went to a Triple A baseball game, drank with Matt & Pratt, found a date, and crashed a party!  Whew!  

Let’s start... where else... the beginning of the day.  I woke up around 10 am (wrote my post) and then hit the phones trying to find an organization that I could volunteer for.  This state (Ohio) is making it very difficult to help out, I know there are people in need, heck there are 30-40 homeless people living right down the street from where I am staying (for real).

After realizing nobody was calling me back from the places I have tried all week, I decided to call the police department and ask them if they knew somewhere I could help out.  The dispatcher was nice but didn’t have many suggestions.  The one place she mentioned was “Hands On Central Ohio”, a charity organization of some kind.

Matt - Bacon

(Matt made me bacon for breakfast. Come on now! These guys are too much!)

I called there and spoke with a lady named Candy.  I explained to her my situation and she said the only volunteer work she could find for me (this weekend) was working at the “Jazz and Rib Festival”.

Now, I like Jazz and I LOVE RIBS so it sounds like it should be fun but how I am really helping out here?  “Excuse me sir... but the beer tent is over there”, “No Sir, you can’t eat ribs while playing with yourself in public!” ... You get the idea.. 🙂  I want to really help out in a city, the people that can’t help themselves.  Not the people, like me, who are out for a party and a good time.

Anyway, it was all they had to offer me in OH, so... I accepted and called a lady named Courtney (Volunteer coordinator).   I got her voicemail and realized since the festival started, she was probably there.  So I asked Matt if he wanted to go with me to check it out and eat some Ribs.  He said “Oh yeah!”.

Cities Biggest Event
Matt had never been to this Festival, so neither of us knew what to expect.  When we arrived it was over 95 degrees and humid (1pm).  Stupid Hot!  When we first entered the area we could see a bunch of food stands (funnel cake, fries, corn dogs, etc..).  To the right was a huge field with a big stage being set up (for Jazz bands).  There were are least 5 different stages across the festival.

This seems like a real cool place to be for the day.  As we walked into the heart of the Festival, I thought I died and went to heaven cause next thing I notice... is award winning BBQ restaurants/cooks lined up as far as the eye can see complete with trophy’s, “1 sauce this, #1 Rib that, it was beautiful ;)!

One of the many stops

I know realize how many ribs I’m about to eat today :).  So I tell Matt, I have $40 and we are going to sample as many ribs as we can until the money’s gone.  Matt was a little apprehensive because he had to work at 5pm as a Valet for a nice restaurant.  Running around for hours with 30 ribs bones in your stomach would make me nervous too.

Megan, Me "Rooster", Ashley, Alexis

None-the-less he was in.  So we hit rib joint after rib joint until we saw 3 hot girls working at a stand called “Texas Outlaws”.  Truthfully, it was the girls that got us to that stand (good marketing).

We chatted with the girls for a bit and they loved my Jersey accent and talked about the “Jersey Shore - MTV”.  Who would have ever thought that “Mike -The Situation” could be a good wing-man even if he wasn’t there ;), but he was!

Matt and I took the ribs we ordered from the hot girls and ate them in front of the main stage area (nobody was playing live music yet).  As we were slobbering down tasty BBQ, a crazy older dude (Papa Chu) was dancing in the middle of the field for everybody to see.

Papa Chu

Ya know, the dude who doesn’t know everybody is laughing at him so he performs like he’s Michael Jackson at a sold out concert.  (I have a video of this with commentary, it should be up shortly).

Courtney and Me "Rooster"

After that, it was time to find Courtney (“Hands On Central Ohio”) so I could see how I could help out.  When I met Courtney, she wasn’t what I had expected.  She was young and pretty, nice!  She then explained to me (after I hit on her), what I would be doing for the day.

She said I would be working with a newly formed charity organization called “Hero USA”.  Hero USA’s motto is Health, Education, Recreation, Organization.  Basically, what they do is provide instruction, equipment, and forums for kids to participate in “X-Games” type sports (snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, etc.).

Hero USA

Courtney said I would be volunteering with them, working on the river, teaching kids how to kayak.  Sounds like fun and yes I am doing charity work that I can be proud of instead of helping drunk jazz fans find the bathroom!

It was 2:30 pm-ish and I didn’t have to help out until 5pm so Matt continued on with our day.  Next we saw a “Lunchables” area, ya know the company who packs those little kids snacks.  They were giving away free snacks and I struck up a conversation with the guy in charge (forgot your name, my bad).

I'm perishing... I guess!

He could tell I was a little nutty and asked me if I wanted to learn and perform (in front of everybody) the Turkey and Cheddar dance. (I have a video of this too, it should be up shortly, Jeremy (my BF and web guy) is on vacation.)

We put on a great show and it was funny!  Thanks Lunchable dude! (I only have the video, I forgot to take a picture, so to the right is a lunatic preaching to me about salvation!)

Charity Work
It was so hot and Matt had to be at work( 5pm) so we left the Festival at 3:30 pm and headed back to our place. (I love how it’s our’s now 😉 ) Thanks again Matt and Pratt!


Actually, all of us had to be at work at 5pm, Matt - valet, Pratt - waiting, Me - charity work.  After getting ready, I drove Matt to work as I headed to help “Hero USA”.  Again Matt came through... he gave me a valet ticket so I wouldn’t have to pay for parking downtown.  There were events everywhere, it would have cost me at least $10.  Nice!

Mike and Me "Rooster"

I headed over the area where I would be helping and met Mike, one of the founders of Hero USA.  He was a real cool dude.  A guy just like me who decided a year ago that he should be giving back somehow.  So he and two of his close friends, Dom and James started this charity.

He told me what I would be doing, which was basically helping people in and out of kayaks on the river.  It was slow, so I jumped in a kayak myself and hit the water.  Even though I was kayaking I was still helping out because I was a team member on site (in the water) there to help anybody who needed it.


While I was kayaking around I realized I couldn’t take a picture of myself so I paddled over to a area where I could see people walking above.  I yelled out to what looked like a nice family (Dad and kids).  I told them what I was doing and asked if they could take a picture of me and send it to my phone.

They agreed and not only sent me the picture but went to my website as well and left a message!  Jeff, Aaron, and Chris... Thank You!

I will be working with them (Hero USA) again on Saturday, it was fun and who doesn’t like helping unfortunate kids. 🙂

Baseball game
It was 7pm and there was a triple A baseball game (Columbus Clippers) being played with-in walking distance.  It’s a farm team of the Cleveland Indians although they used to be a NY Yankee farm team.  The ticket only cost $6.  The ball park was new and filled with affordable entertainment.  Right up my alley!

The first thing I did was sit behind home plate to get a good picture of the stadium.  I stayed there a few innings and enjoyed the actual game.  Around the 4th inning, I started to move around the ballpark.

Me "Rooster" and LoeSeal

The Clippers have two mascots for some reason, LouSeal and Krash.  At some point during the night, I ran into both of them (separately) and got my picture taken.   Krash seemed a little startled cause I bum

Me "Rooster" and Krash

rushed him as he tried to enter the elevator... Even in his mascot suit, I could see the fear in his eyes.. 😉

I was starting to get hungry so I headed up to “Rooster’s on the Roof”.  I’m the Rooster...where else am I gonna eat! 🙂  It was a three flight walk to the top and when I opened up the door all I could see was gigantic Rooster pictures everywhere...

I wanted  to be buried here.

I ordered some boneless wings and struck up a conversation with the two hot Rooster Girls.  Really... by now you should know that’s what’s happened next ;).

Chelsea, Me "Rooster", Mercedes

I tried to get one of them to break-up with her boyfriend and date me instead but she was persistent in her claim of “true love” for her boyfriend (both 20yrs old) and KNEW he was the one for the rest of her life! 🙂 She’ll find out the hard way!  Ahhh... to be young and naive... Refreshing!

It was really cool hanging with you girls and I enjoyed the conversation, good luck in life! (You have a 2 year window. ;))  Oh yeah, I bought a Rooster T-shirt as well.  My money is dwindling but it’s a Rooster T-SHIRT ($12)!

Then, I went and got another caricature of myself.  This time it looks a little more cartoonie and it didn’t have as much color but it was only $13.  The best price yet!

The game was almost over by now, Columbus was winning 6-3 in the 9th when Pratt called to see where I was at.  Perfect timing!  I told him where I was at and he said he’d come get me.  Nice!  Did these guys fall out of heaven?

Anyway, while I waiting for him out front of the stadium, a sexy tatooed chick walked past me.  I normally don’t like that look but man she was hot!  I had to talk to her.  As soon as I approached her, Pratt pulled up and honked.  I didn’t even hear him as I was focused on the prize, he honked again when I realized... I had limited time.


I spoke with her a few seconds and who knows if she was telling me the truth, but she said for me to meet her at a bar tomorrow night (Sat.) 11pm.  I’m finding out the Jersey accent doesn’t hurt in the Ohio.  I’ll give it a 5% chance if I ever see her again but it was cool to flirt with a hottie!

By now, Pratt was shooed away by the police so I had to run down the street to get into his car.  He had a good night waiting tables and wanted to go out but he had to change so we headed back to the place.  I needed it too.  It was still so hot out, air conditioning was the only thing on my mind (well.. women too!).   I do still have to find a date.Jeremy

A friend of Pratt’s (Jeremy) met us at the pad and we chilled until almost midnight when Matt called me to pick him up from work.  My car was still downtown so Pratt drove us (Me and Jeremy) back downtown to get Matt.

Funny Story that ends with a Date!
We needed to get gas so we stopped at a gas station a few blocks away.  Pratt and Jeremy went into the store while I waited in the car.  As they walked in, a hot blonde girl walked out by herself.

She had six 24oz cups in her hand as she walked over to a gas pump a few feet from me.  There was no car there...  She must have run out of gas and just walked... god knows how far to fill up gas in soda cups! lol  Opportunity knocks in many forms!

Jeremy was just getting back to car as I walked right past him and said “A Damsel in Distress!”.  Pratt was still inside paying for gas.

I headed over to the girl (Lana - Russian) and found out obviously... that her car broke down and she had walked to the station.  There she was with 6 cups of gas... how was she even walk with this?  I offered her a ride to her car and help getting the gas in.

Pratt and Jeremy joined in on the situation as all four of us piled into the car and headed to hers.
We didn’t have a funnel to pour the gas, so Jeremy MacGyver’d it up and turned one of Pratt’s many coke bottles into a make shift gas can.

During this time, I was doing all I could to make this girl smile, for I could tell she was having a tough day.  We found out she had already run out gas once earlier in the day and missed work.  She was stressed!  I keep making her laugh as she admitted she liked my Jersey accent!  I knew it had be something, I’m still fat!

MacGyver Time!

We arrived at her car which was on a four lane busy road.  The four of all worked together to get the gas in her car.  Lana held the soda bottle in the gas tank, Jeremy held the hole open with a wrench, Pratt was making sure none were killed by passing traffic, while I poured the gas and attempted to get a date with her. 🙂

The mission was complete and she agreed to go out with me on Sunday (she works on Sat).  We exchanged numbers and I gave her $10 bucks to put gas in her car.  She had no money on her.  I know... but she was filling her car up SODA CUPS of gas!  (I hope somebody will do the same for me if I need down the road!)

Party Crashing - Kinda

Left-party..right-Our place

We were real late to get Matt by now so we headed off.  When we picked him up he was tired from running around all night in the heat (Valet) and wanted to relax so we headed back to the crib (1 am).

Next door to our place, there was party going on.  I asked the guys if they knew the neighbors, they didn’t, so I walked over and introduced myself.  One by one, the guys followed as we partied with the neighbors (Jeff and Mike) until 3 am.  They are musicians and so is Pratt, I think these guys will party together after I’m gone.  Nice!

Rob, Jeremy, Jeff, and Me "Rooster"

Pratt and I stayed up until 5 am-ish (Matt went bed earlier, he has work at 10am).

It was a wild, fun filled, rewarding day in many ways!  I hope to have more days like this during the year!

F.Y.I - It's 2:15 pm (Sat) and I just got done writing, gotta get to charity work :)!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. shane&nicole says:

    A tip to help you find a couch to crash on….. also, give me a shout when you head to Minn…. I will connect you with a cool host…. about as crazy as you….:)

  2. dave says:

    Thanks guys! I will definitely hit you up when I get toward Minnesota! Sounds like fun… Sounds like somewhere I wanna be! 🙂


  3. Matt Miller says:

    Just got home from a Russian speaking part of Ukraine. Call me if you want some quick Russian words phonetically. You just might impress your date. Dos vie dania (good bye)!

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