It Was Bound To Happen Sometime! (CT) “DAY 338” – 6/7/11

June 8, 2011 - 6:00 am - (CT) “DAY 338” - Week 49 - State 46

If you read yesterday’s post you’d know that I didn’t get much sleep last night as I kept getting woken up by the security guard on duty in the area I was in. (I was trying to sleep in the hotel lobby.)

So, around 6 am the sun was coming up and since I had had enough of the peek-a-boo wake up game I was playing with Foxwood’s security, I walked back to my car to find a better place to hang out for the day.

Going To The Beach
Knowing I don’t have much money left as well as having nowhere to stay, I figured I’d drive to nearest beach where I can hang out for free while getting a tan and maybe I can even get a nap in. (It’s supposed to be gorgeous out today with highs in the upper 80’s or at least that’s what the forecast is.) 🙂

Arriving In New London
Since I don’t know where to to go in Connecticut to find a good beach, I just looked through my GPS for beaches and found one in New London (30 min away).  I was lucky because this was an actual beach with a small boardwalk and stuff.

F.Y.I. - It could have been anything (meaning not a public beach or not a beach at all), but since I had nowhere to be I gave it a shot and it worked out.  Nice! 🙂

Also, since I got there so early I didn’t have to pay for parking because they weren’t open yet.  I’d say I was one of 5 or 6 cars in the lot this early.  The other cars seemed to be locals who were either fishing or walking the beach to start their day.

Checking Out My Home For The Day
Since this was gonna be my home for the day, I figured I might as well walk the grounds to see where I was gonna be living for the next 10 hours or so.  So, I started near the carousel and kept walking until I hit the end of the boardwalk area. (It was about a 1/4-1/2 mile long.)

Then, when I got the end of it I walked into an area where there was a sign that said “Danger- No Trespassing- Keep off Rocks”.  But, since I live here now that can’t be for me ;), so I kept on walking out onto the rocks to get the best view of the Ocean I could.

Gathering My Thoughts
When I got to the end of the rocks, I sat there at the edge and thought about all that I have done and all that I have accomplished this year. 🙂  Then... reality hit and I started to contemplate what I’m gonna do right now because I have no where to live for the next 13 days and I only have $110 to my name.  Ahhh!!!

It’s hard to even explain how it feels when you have nothing and nowhere to go.  Not to mention, I’ve come so far it’s even harder to imagine this trip ending before I accomplish my goal of making it a whole year. (I didn’t do it, but at that moment I felt like jumping off the rocks into the ocean, essentially giving up.)

But, it is what it is.  I can only do what I can with what I have and since I currently have next to nothing, I guess that’s what I gotta do to continue this journey... next to nothing.

Or... I can take my $110 back to the casino and try an build an empire after I leave the beach with the possibility of being dead broke by the end of the day.  I know that sounds like a very desperate degenerate gambler but... that’s what I am right now.  I very desperate man. 🙁

Watching A Guy Fish
Now that I had a plan (desperate as it may be), I sat there peacefully as I watched a man fish in the ocean.  I must gave been good luck for him (or it’s just an easy place to catch fish) because it wasn’t more than 5 minutes before he caught a pretty good size fish for me to see.  Nice catch dude! 🙂

Back To My Car To Write
It was now close to 9 am and since I had all day to kill, I just sat in my car wrote my “DAY 337”.  It wasn’t that hot out yet, so sitting in my car with the windows down was actually refreshing as I got my work done.  Not bad for being homeless. 😉

Then, when I finished writing, I sat outside of my car and talked on the phone with Dad as well as a few friends to regather my thoughts.  Hey, this new plan may be my last of the trip so I had to a get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinion.

Sleeping On The Beach... Oh No! 🙁
It was close to 11 am when I grabbed everything I needed and hit the beach for the day.  Now, my plan was to get some sleep while I tanned, but I had to be careful not to get to burned because there’s a reason you see homeless under the boardwalk instead of tanning on the beach.  And that reason is... being sunburned and homeless really sucks!

So, I set my alarm on my phone for an hour from my when I laid down and immediately fell asleep. (I was tired!)  Well, this part worked out perfectly because an hour later... I woke up and flipped sides.

I’d like to say this plan was flawless but when I set my alarm for an hour when I laid down on stomach... I didn’t hear it and slept right through the beeping.  Oh No!  I woke over 2 hours later knew I was in trouble.  My back was already hurting as well as the inside of the back of my knees.  Damn!

Getting Off The Beach
Knowing I had to get out of the sun, I put on a t-shirt, grabbed my stuff, and went back to my car to decide what to do.  The problem now... it’s so hot out that sitting in my car without the A.C. on is brutal.  And since I can’t waste gas without driving, that’s not an option right now.  Not to mention, I’m real hungry.

Knowing I can’t really afford beach food (priced to high), I walked over and got a cup with ice in it for .27 cents.  It’s not food but it’s still refreshing on such hot day when your burnt to a crisp!

Driving Back To Foxwoods
At this point in the day it’s around 4 pm, I’m still broke as a joke, and now... I’m also as red as an apple!  LOL  Hey, it is what it is and unfortunately for me... this is how it is. 😉 (Left: Picture of my back over a day later!)

So, I drove back to Foxwoods after putting some gas in my car ($10) because if I’m about to be dead broke I definitely need a little gas in my car. (Currently I have over a half tank.)

What I Have To Do
When I walked into Foxwoods I knew what I had to do, win!  But, poker is poker and sometimes the card Gods are on your side although most of the time... they’re laughing at you as tell a bad beat story walking home broke. (All gamblers know that.) 😉

Also, before I even played I got my laptop out and put up a post (Canada Weekend) because I know how I’ll feel if I lose today... terrible and not wanting to do anything.  I better get this done now. 😉

The Poker Room
It was close to 6 pm when I sat down to start the only poker session that really matters to me this year.  And that’s because it’s the first session I’ll have every dollar I have left on the table.  What a tough way to play cards. (I do still have $1.25 in my Bank account.) LOL

Knowing this could be my last session of the year I had a tough decision to make.  Do I play 1-2 NL which is a better game as far as skill goes or do I play 4-8 limit so I’m not forced to lose my life saving in one hand?  Huh???

Playing 4-8 Limit
I choose 4-8 limit so I wouldn’t get bullied out of a hand, but on the flip side... I can also get run down much easier in a limit game because it’s only $4 or $8 more to call.  Well, it is what is either way and with just $100 to play with, I’m gonna have to be lucky anyway.

I don’t remember most of the hands I played because the only one that’s sticking in my head is the last.  So, If you’ve been routing me on this year, than this is a sad story.  But, if you’re like Mike (internet reader) this is the story you’ve been waiting for all year long.

The Hand That Broke Me
I could go into the whole story but instead I’ll just get to the nitty gritty of the hand.  I had (K,9) of diamonds and since it’s a limit game with a bad beat jackpot of close $200K, you play suited cards that can make straight flush for a $4 flop.

The flop came 9,8,5 with one diamond.  The little blind lead out for $4, the big blinds raises to $8, a few callers, and I raised to $12. (I was in the button as well and wanted everybody to check to me on the turn.)  Everybody called the raises..

The turn... A of diamonds.  The original better checks and the big blind now bets $8.  Nobody calls and I raise to $16 which puts me All-In. (I had watched this guy bluff at a bunch of pots and was a bad player.)  Everybody folds and he calls.

We both flip over our hands and I have a big lead because he has 9,6.  Yes, he has a straight draw but it can’t be a diamond cause I’ll win with a flush, so only a 6 or 7 non-diamond takes the down the pot for him alone. (We’d chop with a 8 or 5.)  Anyway... the river... 6 of clubs.  F%&K!  But that’s how it goes and now I’m broke!

What To Do Now???
Let me start by saying that for the rest of this day there is no pictures because I could barely get up the strength to breath let alone take pictures of everything I’m doing.  Heck, I have a $1.25 to life and I can’t even get it. (ATM’s don’t let you withdraw change.) LOL 😉

Watching Yankees vs. Red Sox
Since I have no money, I had to find something do.  So, I walked to a casino bar and luckily for me the Red Sox were playing the Yanks on TV.  Nice!

At least now I can watch my favorite baseball team play against my most hated team in one of sports best rivalries and forget about life. (That’s what sports is for anyway, an escape from reality and boy do I need that!) (Right: It's an old pic but you get the point.)

Well... my luck isn’t good at all today because the Red Sox jumped out early on the Yankees (3-0 in the first) and never looked back.  So, I sat there and watched my favorite team get worked as I contemplated my next move. (I’m as homeless as it gets right now!) 🙁

Sleeping In My Car
Since I knew I couldn’t get any sleep in the hotel lobby, I went to my car after midnight sometime to try and get some sleep.  But the truth is, I’m so upset, depressed, deflated, and a million other adjectives that I couldn’t get much sleep if any all night long.  Not to mention I’m so burned, I can’t take it! 🙁  And I haven't showered in 2 days.

In My Opinion My Options Are...
Now that I’m officially broke broke, I have only a few options available to me. 1.) Live homeless homeless with a massive sunburn for the next 12 days. 2.) Go beg for money and food and see what happens. 3.) Get in the Rooster mobile and head back to NJ.

My New Plan
After thinking about it, I’m deciding to take a modified version of option of 3. Here’s the plan.  I’m gonna head back to NJ where I can get a good night’s sleep for a day or two while healing my badly burnt fat. (As I write right now (Wednesday) I’m in serious pain!)

Then, I’m gonna go to a Pawn Store and pawn anything I have that has value except for my car, camera, or laptop. (That leaves a radio, some speakers, and other a few other things I can get cash from.)  Hopefully that will net me a a hundred dollars or more.

Then, come Friday morning I’ll be off to Rhode Island somewhere so I can spend a few days there before I head back to Connecticut to finish the week I’ve already started and am leaving.  Got it.

So basically, what I’m doing now is whatever it takes to finish this year long journey.  Heck, I’ve come so far I can’t quit now and will do almost whatever it takes to get it done. (No Z-J's or O.T.P.H.-ers for me.) LOL 🙂

F.Y.I. - If I would have been dead broke a few months ago or further back I would have called it a day and said I’ve came so far and did so much it’s OK.  But since I’m less than 2 weeks from my NY/NJ weeks, I have to find a way to continue!

That’s All For Now
There is so much more I’m feeling right now and could write about, but I have to move on and start this plan I just came up with so I continue on with my journey somehow.  I’ll keep ya posted but for now I’ll just write what I have for the last 337 days and that’s....

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Dad says:

    Glad you made your decision. We support your efforts
    and wish you the best. The car in the Pawn Shop photo,
    is a Chryler Imperial convertible. It’s so weird you should show that photo, Just the other day I visited my Uncle who sold those cars.
    It must be an omen that your travels aren’t quite over yet !! See you when you get back.

  2. Matt says:

    That sunburn look so brutal. You look like a lobster!

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