It’s 80 Degrees… So Tennis & Then Poker, Again! (So-Cal) “DAY 129” – 11/10/10

November 11, 2010 - 11:33 am - (So-Cal) “DAY 129”

As I have written before, after a great night (like the Lakers game), I have a lot to write the next day, so I knew today was gonna be a lot of work.  So... I got up and instantly started writing/ uploading pictures (283 of them).

During this time, Matt asked me if I wanted to play tennis again.  I had revenge on my mind as I jumped at the opportunity to redeem myself from the embarrassing display I put on Monday. 😉  You’re going down Matty boy! (Truthfully... I’m a 20-1 dog today. ;))

Tennis - Rooster vs. Matt Quinn II
We got to the courts around noon and after warming up... we started the second match of our soon to be life-time rivalry!   During warm-ups, I was hitting better than I did the day before.

Mainly, this was because I knew my shoulder would hold up. (It wasn’t sore at all after playing the other day.) This is good news!

Set 1
The first game of the set I was up 40-30 and about to take a 1-0 lead when Matt hit a few nice shots and took the game.  The second game was more of the same as I had a chance to win it but again... Matt fought back and won that one too.

Before I knew it... we had played 4 very competitive games but in the end the score the was 4-0.  Ahhhhh!  I’m even playing much better!  Much better!  At this point, I’m getting tired (I’m so out of shape), so I saved my energy and lost the next to games without wasting any.

Needless-to-say... he won the first set 6-0.  I can’t even remember the last time I was bagel’d in a tennis match!  Ahhhh!
Set 2
Going into this set, I knew I had to start off hot or else it would be more of the same.  I had saved some energy for this set so... it was now or never for the “Rooster”!

As I had hoped, I won the first game and was up 1-0.  Nice!  At least, I won’t get donuted this game. 😉  Then, I kept playing well as I won the second game too.  Just call me butter.... cause I’m on a roll!

Unfortunately for me, I used all the energy I had and wanted to quit the match up 2-0 and take the small win (although technically it would be a lose).  But... that’s not sportsman like so I continued on even though I knew inside... I was done.

Matt was able to sense my lack of cardio.  Maybe it was the sweating, maybe it was the huffing and puffing, or maybe it was that I look so fat... he knew I had to gas soon.  Either way, he started to run me back and forth on every point.

That strategy worked as he won game after game until the score 6-2 Matt Quinn!  When I the match was 4-2 him... I basically gave up because I couldn’t get my feet under me anymore and I wasn’t gonna roll my ankle in old man tennis match.

Again, I had a great time playing and one day... I will beat you Matt!  You can take that to the bank!  You’re very good but... I am determined to take you down before I pass! 🙂

Matt’s Place
We got back to Matt’s (2 pm) and again... I immediately started writing.  As I was finishing up my post (5 pm), Matt’s girl Nikki came home from work.  She is so cool!

Anyway, they were going out to dinner and I was suppose to hang out with Peter, so we said our good-byes as we parted ways for the evening.  F.Y.I. - I’m leaving Matt’s place tomorrow and going to Steve’s for the rest of the weekend (unless I go to Vegas again).

Waiting On Peter
Peter and I were supposed to hook up early, but he had a few meeting that kept getting pushed back so it wasn’t until sometime after 11 pm that we finally got together for the night.  It’s no biggie to me... where do I have to be??? 🙂

Commerce Casino
We both decided that we had the poker itch, so we went to the Commerce Casino to get it scratched.  Our plan was to play together (meaning split profits) at the end of the night.  Nice!  I have two chances to win.

We got there and both of us were sat into different games immediately (no wait).  The game we choose was a 200 NL game (you can only buy-in for $200, no more no less).

We both played for about 2-3 hours and when it was all said and done... both of us left up for the night!  Sweet!  I won a little over a hundred and Peter did better than that.  He tripled up with pocket Aces (A, A) as we were getting ready to leave.

I don’t have many hands to write about because my night was basically slow.  I won some small pots and didn’t lose any big ones.  I’ll take it!  Peter on the other hand, was involved in many big pots as when I watched him play for 20 minutes, there were numerous huge hands!

That’s poker... two different tables... two completely different games.  But the bottom line is... we both won and that’s all that matters!  We left shortly before 3 am as I got back to Matt’s and went to bed around 4 am.

I had another great time as I even picked back up a little money that I lost the other day.  Nice!  I need it... it’s getting to a hairy point in my trip financially and I need to start a run!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Poker runs are like a box of chocolates, you never know what’s inside until you take that first big bite.
    Your big bite is around the corner.

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