Kira’s 4th Birthday Party, Bowling, & The French Experiment! (AZ) “DAY 139” – 11/20/10

November 21, 2010 - 3:42 pm - (AZ) “DAY 139”

I woke up this morning at 9 am even though I went to bed late last night.  I had to get up because Curt’s daughter (Kira) asked me last Wednesday to go to her 4th birthday party.  She’s so cute... I had to go!

The French Experiment
C is an early riser, so she was already up and wanting to drink tea.  (We didn’t have any though.)  I asked her if she wanted to go with me to the party and she said, “No, I don’t like kids.”  Now, I don’t like kids either (big picture) but... sometimes you just gotta say... what the F&$k!

This obviously wasn’t one of those times for her, because she said,” If it will look rude, I will go because I don’t want to seem like I’m being rude to you’re friend.”  I just looked at her and said no problem as I gathered my stuff and left without her.

F.Y.I. - At this point in our friendship (mine and C), I already know it will become nothing more.  I do not have that vibe for her and I think the feeling is mutual.  Text messages can be very mis-leading! 😉

I actually knew it last night after the comedy show when we were driving home.  She (C) mentioned to me how she was so embarrassed with the way I walked us in to the comedy show.  (Basically, I walked by the door seater because I wanted to see a friend who was performing on stage, Reggie.)

It was such a non-incident, I didn’t even know what she was talking about when she was telling me (not-to-mention, our language barrier was becoming a problem.)  She said, I was rude to the door guy (which I wasn’t) and that she was so uncomfortable.

F.Y.I. - That door guy told my comic buddy later that, “Rooster was a trip, he really wanted to see Reggie perform.”  That’s how much of a non-incident it was, that the guy who she thought I was being rude to, thought my actions were OK and even comical. 🙂

Anyway, back to the Saturday morning.  After all that stuff had already transpired in just 4 hours of being awake with C ( Friday night & Saturday morn combined), I knew had to find a way to break it off between us without making her upset or disappointed.  But that would have to wait because I had to leave for the party.

Kira’s 4th Birthday Party

Kira’s birthday party was starting at 11 am and I still had to get her a present, so I left Joe’s place (without C) around 10:45 am and headed off to Curt’s house (well the park around the corner from his house).

When I got there, everybody was outside at the park having a good time.  It was a kids party... as there were little monsters running around everywhere.  (Curt wasn’t there when I arrived, he was out getting children’s crack (pizza). 😉

Since Curt wasn’t there, I hung out with Breanna (Curt oldest daughter) until he got back to the party.  Breanna is an awesome person!  I’m so impressed with what a great girl she has grown into.  (She was cool when she was young too. :))

Curt eventually showed up with the pizza and since he got 6 of them, I was immediately put to work. 😉  I didn’t mind, anytime I can lend Curt a hand... he knows he will have both of mine at his disposal.  🙂

General Party Stuff
The party seemed like a success to me as all the children were having fun and... I didn’t even hear one kid cry the whole time I was there!  That’s amazing!  The pizza was good (real good for AZ), the cake was good, and Kira’s seemed to enjoy opening her presents. (What 4 year old doesn’t!?)

RB Arrives... (Fashionable late to 4 year old’s party.) LOL 🙂
About 2-3 hours into the party, one of our friend’s (RB) finally showed up fashionably late.  (In his defense, his drive was about an hour but I still have to bust his balls.) 😉

F.Y.I. - Curt and I met RB almost 10 years ago while doing or radio show together.  Man... time flies when you get old!  RB might be one of the coolest guy’s in the world.  He’s charming, smart, generous, witty, and... do I sound gay right now... LOL  Anyway, you get my point, a real great dude!

RB is a very busy guy as he is involved with many projects and because of his time schedule, I usually only hang out with once or twice on each trip I take out here.

The Rest Of The Party
For the rest of the party, Curt, Val, RB, Amanda (RB’s girl), and I just hung out and shot the shit about life, etc...  It’s feels so good to be around such good friends, it’s truly hard to even explain without getting to mushy!

It was about 2 pm when the party started to break up.  Hey, it was 4 year olds party... what do ya expect! 😉  So I said my good-byes to everybody and headed back to Joe’s house to see what C was up to.

Joe’s Place
I was dreading my drive back to Joe’s because well... when I got there, I would have to deal with C.  I didn’t (and don’t) hate her or dislike her, I just already knew I didn’t want to spend 24 hours a day with her.  (Again, I think she felt the same way.) (Left: Tim and Leroy)

I got back to Joe’s and to my delight she was already out for the day with one of Joe’s temporary roommates (Tim).  Tim took her out sight seeing, to lunch, whatever.  I didn’t care, I was just happy it wasn’t my problem for the time being.  Thanks bro! 🙂 (Right: A pic of a full moon.  Not bad! ;))

During this time, I caught up on my writing and started to plan my evening.  Now, I knew C doesn’t like to drink or stay out late or eat bad food or well... almost anything except for tat’s, nature stuff, tea, and chocolate.  Ahhh... What did I do!

Then, one of my best friend’s (Cooper) text me and asked me if I wanted to go bowling with him and his girl later (Erika).  Ah!  That’s a perfect evening!  Nobody hates bowling, you don’t have to be good at it, and it’s an evening that isn’t an all night event.  Perfect!

I got done writing about 5 pm and C got back with Tim about an hour after that.  I asked her if she wanted to go out with me and my friends later and she said yes.  Cool... maybe this thing will turn around and we can have some fun together.

Even if I think at this point, we do not have a connection, I still want her to have fun and enjoy herself.  She’s from another country and doesn’t know many people, she did fly from Portland, Oregon to hang out with me, and she is a nice person with a good heart and demeanor.

F.Y.I. - I just wouldn’t feel good about myself if she was unhappy, regardless of our relationship status. 🙁  When I left NJ 140 days ago (WOW), I did not want to encounter one person’s life who I made worse, I only wanted to spread a little laughter, excitement, and happiness to everybody I met along the way.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is... I would feel bad and responsible if C had bad memories of her trip to Arizona or a bad impression of me when she left.

Mike’s Place
It was after 8 pm when C and I left for Mike’s house. (We were getting him and meeting Cooper and his girl Erika there, before bowling).  We got there and I introduced C to Coop and his girl (she already met Mike) as I again was hoping for a fun evening. 🙂

It didn’t take long for me to know it was gonna be a bust as well because when Cooper asked C about bowling, she responded, “I don’t like bowling and I’m not gonna bowl.”

Coop tried to charm her into wanting to bowl but even the glowing smile of Ryan Cooper couldn’t change C’s mind.  The French must be strong willed! 😉

After taking a few pictures at Mike’s and opening a present my Mom sent me for Thanksgiving (THANKS MOM! :)), we left for the bowling alley which was just a few miles away.

We arrived at the bowling alley just as cosmic bowling was about to begin.  Basically, all that means is you are bowling in the dark to music for $17 per person (shoes and all you can bowl).  We got a coupon, so it was $10 each. 😉

After finding alley balls and putting on our shoes, Coop put our names into the computer.  Erika was first, Coop second, Mike 3rd, and I was last (Rooster).  C stuck to her guns and people watched while we bowled.   Unreal!

It was all good by me but it was just another thing that had me thinking we might have made a wrong decision.   But, I wasn’t gonna let it ruin my night so the 4 of us bowled while she watched.  (She didn’t want a drink of anything either, not beer, wine, or even water!)

Game 1
Since it’s bowling for fun, there are no warm-ups, no personal bowling balls or shoes, no nothing.  So, it’s just a grip it and rip it type atmosphere at the alley on Saturday night!

F.Y.I. - I used to be a real good bowler back in the day and bowling is a skill you don’t really lose.  Maybe you miss a few more spares than you would like but other than that... it's bowling as usual.

On another note, I’m concerned with my shoulder.  I haven’t done the necessary rehab Strengthening), so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to bowl or if I’d be able to bowl at all.

After my first ball, I knew it was OK and that put me ease.  Cool, let’s bowl!  Erika was first and to my surprise... she was a good bowler.  She threw a real good straight bowl and hit the pocket on most first throws.  You go girl!

Cooper bowled real good in the first game, I think he even had two turkey’s in that game.  If he would have made his spares, he would have bowled a great game!  Still, he threw two turkey’s in the game and I didn’t have one turkey all night!  Nice job Coopertime! 🙂

Mike’s style was to bowl as fast you can and hope the pins fall down.  He didn’t bowl that well the first game but... he had the best score in the second!  The madness!!!

And then there was me, a has-been bowler with a French non-bowling sidekick.  The first game, I bowled about as well as I could (given the circumstances, alley ball etc..) and wound up with a 202.  I had the game high score as I was cheered by... well nobody! 😉  It’s just Saturday night bowling! 🙂

Game 2
By game 2, my shoulder was already sore, so I took it easy and stopped putting any lift on the ball.  The result was as expected, a real bad game (125 I think).  I was still having fun though as I was with my boys having a few beers and laughing.

Even though C wasn’t bowling, she seemed to be enjoying herself as she was following our games and who was winning, etc.  She was also people watching as she said. 🙂

F.Y.I. - She is very pleasant and cool but we are not connecting at all.  We aren’t fighting either... it’s just a lot of nothing.  It happens, not everybody is meant for each other even if they don’t fight. 😉

Anyway,  the game ended with a surprising outcome... Mike who took last in the first game, bowled a 170 something and won the second game.  You go Mike!

After two games, Erika and I were done but Coop and Mike bowled one more game as a grudge match.  It’s uncertain who won because Mike bowled a strike for Coop and Coop got a spare for Mike... I’m not really sure... Beer was involved and they were bowling out of turn.

Back To Mike’s
After bowling, we went back to Mike’s to decide what we were gonna do next.  It is Saturday night and all. 🙂  Coop’s girl wanted to go dancing and the guys (Mike and Coop) wanted to keep partying but I could tell C had had enough and wanted to go to sleep so we left and went back to Joe’s.

Joe’s Place
On the ride back to Joe’s, it was clearly evident that we had made a wrong decision.  I say wrong decision and not mistake because we aren’t arguing, we don’t hate each other, we just have very different schedules for life.  (A mistake would also mean I regret it and I don’t, we went for it and... it didn’t work out.)

I’ll explain further, I’m a night owl who loves to be in the middle of everything and she prefers the morning and being low key.  I’m a very aggressive person (even in my mannerisms) as she is more reserved and for lack of a better word, polite.

Anyway, the whole 40 minute ride back to Joe’s place, we didn’t say a word to each other.  Again, it wasn’t because we were fighting... I just didn’t have anything to say to her.  When you don’t do much together... what do you have talk about?

When we got back to Joe’s, she went to room while I stayed in the living room and hung out with Joe.  At some point, I asked her if she wanted to watch football tomorrow (Sunday) with me and my friends but she didn’t seem to interested.

F.Y.I. - OK... that’s it!  I know have to find a polite way to end this traveling friendship and turn it into just a friendship.  I don’t want her to be unhappy, feel bad, or anything like that but something has to be done and soon!

Instead of discussing it with her right then and there, I figured it was best to wait until the morning when I could have some time think about what I was gonna say.  Again, I do not want to be mean or make her feel uncomfortable, she is a nice person! 🙂 (Right: Tim, Leroy)

So, I just said OK and pal’d around with Joe and Leroy until about 2 am.  I didn’t sleep in the room with her, I stayed on the couch for I didn’t want to wake her up or make her feel uncomfortable.   I don’t mind the couch anyway, I actually prefer couches to a bed!

A guess today was a very revealing day in the French Experiment.  And after doing extensive research on the topic for 36 hours... my final analysis is... I need to find a new experiment because this one is over! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    It was a good experiment, just don’t repeat it again.

  2. Big Brother Adam says:

    You’re starting to give me a complex…first you go watch a volleyball game for your buddy’s daugher and now you’re not only attending – but helping out – at a 4 yr old bday party??? You have 2 nieces & 1 nephew who have had a total of 19 birthdays and how many parties have you been to and helped out at? Think Hard…ready for the answer…ZERO!

    Good thing I don’t let them read the blog or else the psychiatrist bills would start piling in.


  3. dave says:

    You’re reading into it way to much Ad… I’m on vaca and these are good stories for the book. Plus, I only get to see certain friends at certain times and since I’m on a tight time schedule and they have lives too… I take what I can get. Also, pictures only tell one story. I hung out with Curt and RB for the whole party talking football and whatnot. I wasn’t the pizza server, or guy who ran the duck duck goose game, or the ring leader of the happy birthday song. I carried 3 pizza’s 35 feet. 😉

    Love ya brother and my nieces and nephew too,
    Uncle Dave

  4. Gene says:

    Adam, you won’t believe it but I have Dave babysitting tomorrow so my wife and I can hit the town. He changes a mean diaper.

  5. dave says:

    F&$King Gene! To funny! lol 🙂

  6. Big Brother Adam says:

    just make sure he plays hide & seek with them too…Dave loves a good peek-a-boo game

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