Leaving Anna’s, Staying At John’s, & Kickball! (TN) “DAY 280” – 4/10/11

April 11, 2011 - 10:45 am - (TN) “DAY 280” - Week 41 - State 37

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s already Sunday!  Time flies bye when you’re having fun I guess. 😉  And the crazy thing is, when I left North Carolina for Tennessee I had no idea what I would be doing or where I would be staying.  Now, I have friends in Nashville and don’t want to leave.  This trip is awesome! 🙂

My Morning
I got up today around 10 am so I could get some writing done before I left Anna’s and headed to John’s for the day. (John was in Atlanta yesterday watching the Braves play but today (Sunday), he told me I could crash at his place after we play kickball again.  Sunday Funday!) 🙂 (Left: Leo Mazzone at game, John took that pic for me.)

F.Y.I. - John text and then called me while he and his girlfriend were driving back from Atlanta that the plan I just mentioned was still all good.  Nice! 🙂

Anyway, now that I had a time to meet John at his place (12:30 pm), I bunkered down and wrote as much as I could before I had to leave. (I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish my post because Anna didn’t have Wi-Fi and I wouldn’t have time to go to a Starbucks or whatever.)

Leaving Anna’s House
Before I knew it, noon rolled around and it time to say good-bye to Anna and leave.  The problem... I think Anna’s still sleeping and I don’t want to wake her.  And since we’re not lifelong friends, no way am I not walking into her room upstairs to find out.  Makes sense.

My next problem... her car is blocking me in in her driveway.  Ahhh!  Looking at the situation, I realized I could back out anyway if the neighbor doesn’t mind me driving over a part of their lawn.  Then, by chance, the neighbor was outside so I asked her if she minded.  She was cool and said no problem.  Thanks!

Thank You Anna! 🙂
After successfully negotiating the car situation, I left Anna’s to head to John’s house which was about 10 minutes away.  And since I didn’t get to say good-bye to Anna, I’ll do it now. (I did leave her a note in my chicken scratch hand writing, but this is better.) 😉

I could write a whole post on Anna and how cool she is but I’ll make it short and sweet. During my stay in Nashville you made me feel welcome, showed me a great time around the city, and treated me like a friend!  (As well as teaching me some Southern culture: Girls like guys in big trucks, country singers are cool, etc...) 😉

Anyway, like I said, I could go on and on and on... but let me end by saying, I am forever grateful and sincerely appreciate everything you did for me! 🙂  Take care and good luck in life Anna!

Meeting Up With John
I arrived at John’s place around 1 pm and when I got there, he was outside waiting for me. (Our kickball game starts at 2 pm, so he was getting everything in his truck he needs.)  Also waiting with him outside was his girlfriend Leslie and dog Max.

Once we got all situated, we jumped in John’s truck and left for the kickball field which was about 15 minutes from where he lived.  F.Y.I. - It’s a beautiful day out as the sun is high in the sky and hot, mid 80’s.) 🙂

Arriving At The Kickball Field

What’s cool about playing kickball today other than the fact that it’s Sunday (which means nobody has anything to do all day long and can party) is that I have already played with some of these people last Thursday, so I kinda already feel like part of the team.

Anyway, after we parked the truck and got out, it was exactly the scene I thought it would be as there were people all over the place having a good time while playing kickball in the sun. (Oh yeah, there were some beers flying around too.)

Our Team Today
Even though I have played with about half this team before (Thursday night), this is a different team so there are new players for me to meet as well.  The cool thing is... one of the guy’s on the team (Left: Chris), I met last night at a bar.

So when I saw him today, at the game, and on our team, I felt like I live here in Nashville.  (I’m already running into people I’ve met here at different places, so cool!) 🙂

Other than Chris, there was a few other guys I hadn’t met yet but the girls were mainly the same ones I played with a few days ago.

Jackie And Patty
Let me tell you this, these girls can play kickball.  Jackie is as good or better than any guy I have seen play as she is the real deal.  Heck, she ran 15 miles yesterday and is training for a marathon.  She also pitched some today and was hurling the ball faster than the guy who pitched against did.  Woo hoo!  She can play!

And Patty is no slouch either as she can play as well or better than men do too.  Not to mention both of them are good looking. (Hey, I’m still a guy!) 😉  Anyway,  can you say athletes?  I know they can.  You go girls! 🙂

John A.K.A. - “Mr. Awesome”, Newly Nicknamed: “The Mayor”

After hanging out with John for not even 2 full days, I already have a nickname for him.  Yes, his old kickball nickname is Mr. Awesome and it is semi-appropriate because he is one of the best players I have seen. (Other players have even come up to him and said he’s best 3rd baseman in the league.)

But, the nickname “The Mayor” is so much more appropriate because he runs the show at the fields.  Everybody knows him, everybody either loves or hates him (80% for, 15% against. 5% undecided ;)), and he’s the best at what he does.  Thus... “The Mayor”!

The Actual Game
Today we were playing some team (I don’t remember their name) and since we had more than enough players, I started the game on the bench (I still got to kick though).

Anyway, as was the case in Thursday’s game, our team is very good.  I think the main difference in why the teams I have been on are better than the other teams we have played is the girls on our team.  They are real good!

I already mentioned this but the girls on our team don’t make errors, kick the ball hard or strategically, and have a serious kickball I.Q. when it comes to making smart decisions with-in the game itself.

F.Y.I. - I think at least three of them could have beat me up if they wanted to but not because they were biker tough, they were like the superhero girls in the movies, bad-ass chicks who look good too! 🙂

My Performance
Today I started the game on the bench but eventually got to play SS and catcher. (Both are demanding positions in this game.)  Anyway, even though I was in a spot to make plays, I never got to make one as again, the ball was never kicked my direction (same as Thursday).  It happens.

At the plate though, I was much better today as I kicked the ball hard 3 times into the outfield.  My first AB was kicked so far that it scored a player of ours from 2nd on a sacrifice (it was caught).  Damn!  But OK, I got a rbi.

My 2nd AB I kicked a hard liner to left for a single and ended up scoring on a home run by none other than... John, A.K.A. “Mr. Awesome”, A.K.A. “The Mayor”.  LOL  He was pumped he scored me because last Thursday he left me on 3rd.  My last AB was the last of the game as I popped up to the center.

We Won A Bunch To A Little
I know we won the game by a lot but I don’t remember by how much because the wind was blowing the scoreboard around day long.  Still, win or lose (although it’s always better after a win) I like to get the whole team I played on together for a team pic.

Just as every other team I have played on across the country, this team was happy to take a picture with me, so we got together by home plate and took one for the memory books!  Thank you all for letting me play!  I had a blast!

Leaving The Field
After our game ended, we found out that The Masters was getting close to ending and that Tiger was in contention.  So being the sports fans we are, we left to go back to John’s watch golf and eat lunch.

F.Y.I. - John is a big sports and golf fan and so is his girlfriend as her father played in The Masters in 1978/1979 (I think those are the years).  Pretty sweet!

Hanging/Staying At John’s For The Day/Night
Once we left the softball field I knew that for the rest of the day we were just hanging at John’s house and since I’m staying here tonight, this is where the rest of my “DAY 280” takes place. (I was happy to just chill at a friend’s house, watch some sports, and get caught up on my writing.) Nice! 🙂

John Makes Me Feel At Home
As soon as I walked into John’s place, he did everything a host could do and more.  He set me up with his Wi-fi connection, he showed me where I can sleep later, he told me to eat and drink anything I wanted, etc...

John even went as far as to make me a home cooked southern meal for dinner after making us (me, him, his girlfriend) brats during the end of The Masters.  But I’ll talk a little more about that in a second.  Actually I’ll talk about it now.

A Southern Cooked Dinner
Since is John is from a small town in Tennessee, he was raised with good manners and southern hospitality.  My point is, he felt it almost necessary to make me a southern cooked meal.  I told him it didn’t have to as he had already done so much for me, but he insisted.

So, for dinner he and girlfriend (Leslie) made us chicken, roasted potatoes, and green beans from his grandfather’s private stash.  Everything was great and we even washed it down with a nice whisky drink. 😉  Thanks for everything John! (You too Leslie!) 🙂

Hanging With John After Dinner
Like I said, John was so nice and hospitable that he even wanted to give me something of his to take with me on my journey to commemorate my time with.  He thought about giving me his prized Michigan hat but no way was I accepting that.  That’s like me giving away my Rooster hat so I can’t take that.

John Gives Me A Present
Since I wouldn’t take the Michigan hat, John looked around his place and found something to give me that I was OK with taking.  Since we are in Tennessee, he gave me a Titans hat.

Now, I am Steelers fan though and though, hey that’s why I’m even here, but this was a appropriate present I could keep as a memory from my time in Nashville.  Also, he said he has never worn it and it was just sitting in his closet collecting dust.  Thank you again John!  (This is getting repetitive.) 😉 (Right: Morning pic, I just woke up.)

Watching The Yanks And Then Playing MLB 2011
It was after 9 pm (central time zone) and the Yanks were getting beat by Boston, so John put on his playstation and we played a game of MLB 2011. (He’s a Braves fan, so we played Braves vs. Yankees).

Anyway, we only played a 5 inning game because it was getting late as John gets up early for work (around 6 am).  Neither one of us knew exactly how to play, so the game was a mess but the Yankee team I managed somehow won. (The computer did most of the work for me.)

Calling It A Night
Before I knew it, the day had turned to night and the night was almost over, so John said good-bye to me as in the morning he will be leaving early.  He then told me to stay up as late as I want (watching or whatever) and that I could also stay as late I needed to in the morning.

Seriously... how cool is that!  How do you even thank a guy who opens his home to me the way John has.  I guess the same way I’ve had to thank the numerous people who have helped me out this journey over the past 280 days... with sincerity and humility.

So to John, I say thank you one last time (in this post) 😉 and wish you nothing but the best in life!  You’re already on the right path to greatness so just keep walking that line and you’ll reach everything you’re going after!  You’re The Mayor, keep it up!

Passing Out A Little Later

After John went to bed, I stayed up for a few hours to get some of the writing done that I’m behind on. (I’m still two days behind as I write right now in Kentucky, well Indiana but that’s another story.)  Anyway, I worked until my eyes tired and then fell asleep for the night around 3 am.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    Rooster when are you coming to Scranton?

  2. Dad says:

    Great kind of day. Kickball, lunch, TV, Video’s and
    new friendS. ” LIFE IS GOOD “

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